Guess who saw the Lego Batman movie on Valentines day.

This was the best Batman movie that there will ever be.They’re not going to outdo it ever. It was beautiful. It was about how important the Batfamily is and Robin being adorable and Babs being awesome and Alfred being a Dad and Bruce being a Younger Dad and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IS MY JAM.

Also like, weirdly followed the trajectory of most Batfamily arcs I have read in the comics. (Batman has a family, Batman pushes said family away bc he’s afraid of losing them. Batman realizes he is wrong, they get back together. It just didn’t have the essential Bruce-Dick yelling match and a fight where they break Jason’s case and then stand around feeling guilty but you know. other than that exactly the same.). 

The only thing I didn’t like was ship-tease between Bruce and Babs because NO WHY DO WE KEEP DOING THIS. Though at least this version of her seems to be the same age.And it was entirely onesided. Babs didn’t seem interested. She’s hooking up with Black Canary in every universe we all know this. 


I’m going to see that multiple times. I. LOVE. THE BATFAMILY.