Go on a blind date with a book! Choose a book, check it out, unwrap it at home, and read! 


Yes, we love books. We also love love. At Mrs. Dalloway’s, we’re seeing red, and not in the bad way. It’s already Valentine’s Day here at the shop, and what’s a better way to show you care than with the gift that keeps on giving? A book! <3

(渋谷マークシティのバレンタインは『ベルサイユのばら』一色に!! ポスター&ディスプレイに無料小冊子の配布、グッズが当たる抽選会も☆ | Pouch[ポーチ]から)






1966 Effanbee Doll, Chipper Touch of Velvet with Tags and Box, collectible toy, 1960s vintage doll, NRFB

This is Chipper an Effanbee Doll wearing a gorgeous dress called Touch of Velvet.
She is in pristine, mint condition, has been in storage in her original box and has never been played with.
She has beautiful golden blonde rooted hair pulled back in a ponytail tied with a red velvet bow. (The curls in her ponytail are the slightest bit flattened from being in a box all these years).
Her sleepy eyes are light blue, she has light pink lips and lightly rosy cheeks.  Her long dress is white cotton and red velvet with a ruffled collar and a pretty red velvet bow around her waist.  She is also wearing white velvet flat slip on shoes and white cotton underpants.
This vintage doll is very clean and all of her joints are tight. She is made of plastic and vinyl and is 15 ½” tall. The back of her head is stamped “Effanbee 19©66”.
Her gold heart-shaped wrist tag says “I AM Chipper an Effanbee Doll that will Touch Your Heart, Since 1910” on the front. The back of the tag says “I am just one of the many members of the beautiful Effanbee Doll family, created by expert dollmakers who have been making exquisite dolls like me for over 60 years. Love me, take good care of me and I will love you. And because I am an Effanbee Doll, I’ll be your friend for a long, long time. EFFANBEE ® Doll Corp. 200 Fifth Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10010 Made in U.S.A.”
The box is in nice condition, it is blue and pink striped on the sides and the lid has its celophane intact with blue edges. The lid reads “An Effanbee Durable Doll” and at the bottom “Effanbee means Finest and Best”. In the upper right corner there is a sales sticker that reads “$48”. There are a couple of small tears in the cardboard around the celophane, but it is very clean with major stains or marks. It measures 8 ½" wide, 4 ¼" tall and 17 ¾" long.

Searching for a lovely addition to your c+i Valentine’s Day pop-up display? We’re head-over-heels for these crafty Mason jar vases stamped with sweet sayings! Grab your best buds + give this easy DIY a try:

What You’ll Need

  • Clean, dry Mason jars
  • Acrylic paint in colors of your choice
  • Sponge paint applicators
  • Fine-tipped permanent markers
  • Your best buds (we <3 ranunculus + spray roses!)
  • Your favorite #earcandi


  1. Use sponge applicator to apply acrylic paint to the exterior of your Mason jars. If paint streaks, apply a second coat. Allow to dry.
  2. Once dry, use fine-tipped marker to write sweet sayings on jars.
  3. Fill with your best buds, top with your favorite #earcandi, + put on display at your Valentine’s Day pop-up!

For more pop-up perfect tips that’re sure to make your heart skip a beat, visit our Spring Pop-ups board on Pinterest:

It’s Groundhog Day, the shop is a mess and a HUGE snowstorm is coming any minute…
But we are OPEN!
We are working hard here making changes and creating an awesome Valentine’s Day window display.
So stop down and check it out.
Open 10-??? Depends on how bad the weather gets.
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