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[Request: Min Yoongi 5 please :3]
5: pick up lines

Coffee shop AU!

“Come on! Come on!” My friend, Taehyung, or V, as everyone calls him in the university drags me off of campus and down the block.
“Where are we going, Tae?” I ask exhausted. I really shouldn’t have worn these shoes today… I wasn’t expecting to walk off of campus and back from who knows where Taehyung was dragging me to.

“To a coffee shop, Noona! My friend works there, he makes really good coffee!”
“How about food?” I head Tae laugh,
“My friend, Jin hyung, baked the pastries there.”
“is it–”
“Delicious? YES!” He grinned at me. We proceeded to walk forward until we saw a small coffee shop with the name of “Coffee’s Seoul”. We entered the coffee shop to find it practically empty with the exception of two other university students chatting away at their own table.

“Hyungs!” Tae called out, I saw a guy with mint green hair emerge from the back of the room as another guy with brown hair emerged from the kitchen.

“Taehyung!” The brown haired man greeted with a smile,
“Yo!” The mint haired one greeted,
“I brought one of my friends! Are you guys on break?” Taehyung exclaimed a smile plastered on his face, the mint hair looked at me and smirked.
Tae went ahead and ordered his drink and sat down at a random table. I looked at the menu and ordered a caramel cappuccino. He entered the amount and I payed. Before I could go to Tae, he had stopped me. I looked at him then searched his apron for a name tag. Min Yoongi.
“Yes?” I stayed out at my spot near the counter,
“Mind asking a few questions for this survey?” He smirked, I shrugged
“Sure, why not?”
“What’s your name? What’s your phone number? And are you free next Saturday?” He asked rather too quickly, I look at him shock trying to process what he had just said.
“Did u just-?”
“Please answer the questions?”

He just used a pick up line on me! Never thought people actually used those…

I took a good look at him and found out that he was actually cute. I guess a cute barista like him wouldn’t hurt to give a chance…right?

“Um, you got a pen & paper?” I ask, he searched through a drawer and found a pen and gave me a white napkin.
“What’s taking so long, noona?!” Tae whined exaggeratedly,
“You’re older than him?” Yoongi ask,
“Y/n Noona is the same age as you, Hyung!”
I quickly wrote down my number and gave it to him.
“Well you already heard my name from Taehyung. But yeah, I’m free this Saturday. Text me whenever~” I smiled before I left the counter to go to Tae. I looked at Yoongi to see him smiling. I chuckled.

“Wow, smooth, Yoongi.” Jin hyung commented as he brought out two cheesecakes,
“Who are those for?”
“Tae and your girlfriend.”
“Hey, at least I got one now, unlike you. Oh and you might as well bring them their drinks too.” I stated as I brought two cup to the counter, he sighed as he put the drinks on the tray and headed towards Tae and Y/n.
Hey anon! Hope u like it!^~^
I apologize for it being short :(

I really should be studying for my upcoming tests as well as be doing homework… But OH WELL XD too busy on tumblr :D LOL
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What Card Should You Have For Your Center

These Cards are Most Effective for this Event

Important Notes:
A R Level Visual Up Center is Better than a SR Level Appeal Up Center and is equal to a SSR Appeal Up Center.
Life Recovery Teams should have a Visual Up Center. The rest of your team can be life recovery.
The Higher Your Visual, the Better Your Score

Visual Up Cards (Highest Visual)


“Lazy Kingdom” Anzu Futaba
“Self-Proclaimed Perfection” Sachiko Koshimizu (Appeal Up)
“Stage of Magic” Uzuki Shimamura (Appeal Up)

“Noble Venus” Minami Nitta
“Endless Night” Kanade Hayami
“Stage of Magic” Rin Shibuya (Appeal Up)

“KiraDeco Parade” Rika Jougasaki
“Heart Overflow” Mika Jougasaki (Appeal Up)
“Stage of Magic” Mio Honda (Appeal Up)

* If you have a SR with Visual Up then prioritise that card over Appeal Up centers; however, if you don’t have a Visual Up SR but an Appeal Up SSR, then using your Appeal Up SSR is most beneficial.


“Sweet Christmas” Kyoko Igarashi
“Pastel Pink na Koi” Sae Kobayakawa
“Fighting Cheer” Yuka Nakano
“Sexy Cat” Miku Maekawa

“Black Cat Cheer” Honoka Ayase
“Halloween Nightmare” Koume Shirasaka
“Mysterious Goddess” Kaede Takagaki

“Dangerous Adult” Sanae Katagiri
“Fluffy Maiden” Aiko Takamori
“Sweet Valentine” Airi Totoki
“Steam Psychicer” Yuko Hori
“Tough Girl” Takumi Mukai

* It’s worth mentioning that the girl with highest Visual Stat in Cool is actually Asuka Ninomiya’s “Invitation to the Abyss” Card. However it’s an Appeal Up Card so while it is good to have in your team, it’s not wise to have her as your center.


Sachiko Koshimizu
Kotoka Saionji
Uzuki Shimamura

Asuka Ninomiya
Kanade Hayami
Aki Yamato

Nina Ichihara
Hinako Kita
Mika Jougasaki

**Bolded = Highest Visual of That Level/Attribute

Some fanaccounts so far:

Fan: YUKO~~~ Your short bangs are really cute
Yuko: En~ for a role
Fan: Oh~
Yuko: En.

Fan: Good morning~!
Yuko: Good morning~
Fan: The new hairstyle is so cute!
Yuko: But I hate it!!! (Messes her front bangs)

Fan: I love Kojiyuu!!!!!!
Yuko: Wahh~ Thank you! I love everything about Nyannyan a lot too!!!

Fan: Have fun on Valentines!
Yuko: wwww I’m already booked~
Fan: Nyannyan?
Yuko: Nyannyan.♡

Right now:
Other than Yuko’s lane, all the other lanes and members are resting/lunch. Yuko’s lane still stuck at 3500.

Mobile Mail From Yuko 2014-02-14

[ハッピーバレンタイン??/Happy Valentine??]




Yuko’s Mobame Translation

I didn’t make any chocolate yesterday, but I did went out to eat with Tomochin~(*^^*)
A meet up after such a long time!
After Tomochin graduated
This was the first time I met up with her∑(゜Д゜)
She looks great, and we talked about what’s been happening lately
We talked about a lot of things while we had hot pot(o^^o)

Even with graduation, it seems we have a bond that’s tied together for life☆
A huge fortune to have in life

Yuko’s Ameba Blog 2014-01-22



Yuko’s Ameba Blog Translation

Recently Jurina,
What kind of sweet stuff do you like?
She asked me
I told her

Today she came and gave me one that she had made(OvO)!!

I shall take a bite now♡

A swee~t present before Valentine♪(´ε` )