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I have ignored my blog long enough! I’m starting a comic on how miss Valentine came to her restaurant and met Foxy! updates will be irregular unfortunately mama needs money >.> if you really like this blog and wish to support it please check out my [Patreon]!

Dialog below! (in case you cant read the fancy font or tumblr uploaded the image small)

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“ Je ne suis pas frappée d'incapacité, et je peux me habiller seule, merci beaucoup ! Ne vous faites pas d’ idées non plus, j'ai une aiguille et je n'ai pas peur de l'utiliser !”

“I have no idea what you’re saying but you are adorable.”


I couldn’t resist, someone help her XD you know how some people who speak another language or English is their second language get mad and revert back to their mother tongue? yeah

♥Please do not tag as kin/me or steal my art!! thank you guys I love you all! NEVER EVER USE MY ART FOR RP’S PLEASE!♥


’Je vais trouver celui qui pense qu'il était une
idée mignonne et drôle pour moi de habiller
cette façon , les vêtements de poche polly ??
       ..Je ne peux pas bouger mes bras‘

“Can someone please help me pull this off?”

i dont like how this turned out but i spent too long on it to give up now lol

♥Please do not tag as kin/me or steal my art!! thank you guys I love you all! NEVER EVER USE MY ART FOR RP’S PLEASE!♥

This is our moderate Christmas Tree which I love more than most of my friends.

Since Christmas Eve is actually the “main event” in Sweden, and Christmas Day is spent lying around in your pyjamas doing absolutely nothing at all except munching on the chocolates left over from the night before (cherry - ugh, pistachio - ugh, rum and raisin - UGH) I am officially on Christmas hiatus today. I might pop by for a quick reblog of Noel’s face and some crying just because it wouldn’t feel like a proper Christmas celebration if I didn’t, but other than that I’ll be stuffing myself with food and gifts and so much holiday cheer that it’ll probably start bursting out of my ears.

To all my wonderful followers - I am, as always, continuously baffled as to why you follow me, but I am infinitely grateful that you do. Have a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwaanza/whatever floats your boat, and know that I love you all very much.


On the subway, on my way to the airport. I’ll be on Tumblr on my phone when I’m at the hotel, lurking about, but generally there’s gonna be a mute Bubblewrap this weekend. I’ll miss you all a great big bunch, but if I’m very lucky I might get some Noely goodness to share with all of you when I get back. Until then, keep on missbehaving and creep like pros me pretties!