valentine's meal


happy belated valentine’s!

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The Scorpio Races  Valentines

Corr hasn’t stopped moving. His neck is arched, too. I’m sure he looks ridiculous as he preens for them. Uisce stallions generally prefer to view land horses as meals, not mates, but sometimes a particular mare will take a stallion’s fancy and he’ll make an idiot of himself.

So I don’t really do girlie and dressy and when I do wear a dress it tends to be fitted and more ‘sexy’ than’ ‘flowey’ and ‘girlie’ however I’m thinking of wearing this for valentines meal next week. Either this or a tight blue navy dress which is nice but I’ve worn it before a few times and it’s not as much of a change. What do we think? Can I pull of pink and girlie?


So here’s the timelapse of my baby Ball python, Nick Valentine, having his weekly meal 😁
I added in a music piece From Jaws to make the video less boring, and Jaws is my favourite movie so 😍
🐍 The food is frozen thawed, I’d never feed live rodents to my snake 🐍


Imaging having a ‘romantic’ valentines meal with Dean

You stood on the side walk as you patiently waiting for Dean to reappear. You leaned you back against the restaurant wall, the light breeze fanning it’s way through your hair. Seconds later, Dean was in front of you, a huge frown on his face.

“Any luck?” You asked with slight hope, but you already knew the answer.

“No I’m such an idiot.” He sighed shaking his head, you could see how angry he was at himself.

“At least you’re my idiot.” You gave him a small smile as you went in for a kiss but he ducked out of it. “Hey!”

“I don’t deserve it, I should have listened to you.” You couldn’t argue with him there, you’d been telling Dean for almost two weeks that if he wanted a table on Valentine’s Day you’d have to book in advance. Now here you were, 5 restaurants later and no closer to feeding your hunger that was continuing to grow.

“How about over there?” You pointed to the run down dinner across the road, a big neon sign in the window advertising that they were open.

“Don’t joke, you deserve a lot more than some greasy dinner.” He huffed, making his way back to the impala.

“Dean Winchester, stop right there!” He rolled his eyes, turning back to you. “Who said I wanted expensive anyway? Hell we’re hunters, we don’t even do fancy!” You grabbed his arm and pulled him across the road with you. When you entered the dinner you were glad to see it was quiet, only gaining a few stares for your over the top clothing. You found a booth straight away, ordering for you and Dean without even consulting with him. You knew him to well to fuss about with menus. When the food was placed in front of you and you were about to dig in when you noticed Dean staring. “What?”

“I’m just wondering how I got so lucky.” A warm smiled played on his lips as his eyes stared at you with love and admiration.

“Shut up and eat your food Winchester.” You returned the smile before biting down on your cheeseburger.

I Wanted to Surprise You

Finishing this late, I couldn’t sleep without getting it done before the finale @~@ mainly because of the ending.

Sorry that this one is a bit messy and corny. I rushed at a lot of parts but I really wanted to get this one out.

So without further ado, here’s my Fiddauthor Valentines Day fic~

Sorry it’s kinda long.

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EXO reaction ; They forgot to bring you a gift for Valentine's day (pt. 2)

Suho - The moment you sat on the restaurant and finished ordering your meal for Valentines, Suho was staring at you which made you feel awkward. “Okay bunny myeon, what is it?” you asked him. “Huh? What do you mean?” he asked. “Your smile gets creepier than ever. You’re hiding something aren’t you.” He looked down. “Actually…” he looked at you in the eyes. “I forgot your gift…” You slapped your forehead before laughing. “You’re a dork. I don’t need gift. You’re more than enough.” “Really? Should I wrap myself in a nice gift wrapper?” You looked at him. “You ruined the moment.”

Lay - The moment he saw you giving him a nicely wrapped present, he started to space out. Lines formed on your forehead. “You don’t want a gift?” you asked him. He didn’t respond. It was like he’s in a world of his own. You leaned forward kissing his lips, which brought him back to reality. “I forgot mine.” Then he licked his lower lip before scratching the back of his head. You giggled. “You’re adorable Yixing,” you muttered which made him blush harder. “Oh, and I don’t need any gift from you anymore. You’re more than enough. Happy Valentines Day.” 

Baekhyun - You were strolling at the mall with Baekhyun. Hand in hand, you were buying some stuffs. Everything was doing well until you stopped in front of a gift shop. All of a sudden, Baekhyun bit his knuckles… and you copied him. “Yah! Why are you mocking me?” he asked but instead of answering, you pulled him to accompany you inside. “Why are we here? Are you making me guilty for forgetting my gift for you?” he asked. “Well, I forgot your gift too so it’s quits don’t you think?” you both stopped before bursting to laughter.

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Valentine’s Dinner, 02/14/2016

Today was a special dinner day! I got to eat what Mommy and her family ate for dinner. It looked really tasty.

The brownie had nuts in it and I really like nuts. It was the first thing I grabbed off the plate. I picked out the nuts from the chocolate.

Because I was excited, I got powdered sugar all over my nose.

I had a little friend show up after I ate a lot of the nuts in the brownie. I didn’t know what to think of it.

I decided to eat more of the yummy stuff on my own. Some of the bread got all soaked in the sorbet. Overall, I would say it was a super tasty meal!