valentine's day week

Day 7: V

V posing with a ‘V’ sign (◐▽◐)

Guys, he’s not blind…yet. But I made him bump into the glass anyway hahaha

Happy Valentine’s week! ❤

Day 7 of @mysticmessimaginesevent ^^

RFA Valentines Week Day 7! (aww last day … ;-;) 

also when did my art style change what

V’s Pokemon Team: 

  • Meganium: I am 99.999% sure that this man loves plants. 
    • So of course he would choose Chikorita. 
    • (and no, not that kind of plants) 
  • Ampharos: His first Pokemon (as a Mareep). His parents offered to get him something else, but he stuck with Mareep. 
    • It’s a nice flash bulb/lighting source helper when he’s taking pictures. 
  • Solrock: Rika gave him this. 
    • It kind of represented the whole “you are my sun” thing
  • Vulpix (non-Alolan): V got this Vulpix around the time he gave Jumin his Alolan Vulpix. 
    • Unlike Jumin’s, this Vulpix never evolved. 
  • After Rika dies, V does not battle anymore, instead choosing to pursue a photography career. 
    • He changes his trainer class from Pokemon Trainer to Photographer and adds to his Pokemon team. 
  • Gardevoir: It acts as his guide since he can no longer see very well. 
    • It also can psychically project the sceneries and objects he wants to photograph into his mind. 
    • This is very energy consuming for them both, so V usually tries to figure out the camera angles and framing with what’s left of his eyesight. 
  • Reshiram: Mint Eye had started looking for Zekrom (the Pokemon of Ideals)
    • In hopes of countering them, V went looking for Reshiram. 

(V keeps his Pokemon in Heal Balls because that’s his entire mentality - he believes that he can heal and protect everyone.) 


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*~*Mystic Messenger*~* E>~Valentine’s Week~<3

Day 7 - V

Over all of me, you’ve taken a hold-

Your warmth comforted me when I was cold;

They say,“Actions speak louder than words”,

So I hope, with this, my thousand ‘I Love You’s are heard.

- “Thousand” by Nisha N. (n3sh3r0x)

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Character: V/Jihyun Kim

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- Characters belong to Cheritz

- My original writings/fanart have been watermarked as such.

-Stuff related to Mystic Messenger can be inaccurate/not according to the original game story line and that’s ‘cuz I’ve not completed the game myself but just wanna join in the fun. lolol pls have mercy

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V Day

One thing I love about V is his loyalty. Some may say his loyalty ‘wasn’t sincere’ or that he was ‘doing it for his own good’ but I really love that about him. He’s able to keep going and stay determined with the thought of protecting the RFA and saving Rika. Even if people call him the anti-hero, I believe that V really was true hearted. He just wanted to protect everyone and in the end, his loyalty took him away from those he loved.

Roses are red
Jihyun can’t see
Please just let him go
Let him be free

Fun story, I couldn’t think of any jokey poems for him :(
My love for V is too strong goddammit 

Today is the last day of Valentines Week! 
Thank you for letting me participate @mysticmessimagines!
Thank you for reading my dodgy poems and please love the Mystic Messsenger Crew for as much as you can! We can’t let this franchise die off! 


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3

Annabeth’s voice caught on the word friend. Percy was a lot more than that. Even boyfriend really didn’t cover it. They’d been through so much together, at this point Percy was part of her–a sometimes annoying part, sure, but definitely a part she could not live without.
—  The House of Hades, Annabeth XXXIX

Too late…

Dedicated to certain members of the skk discord group (you know who you are) who have been screaming for crying Dazai since weeks ago

p.s. I made my own insta (yulicechan) so don’t repost my art without permission anymore T_T