valentine's day care package


My Valentines Day package to Brendon!! I’m too excited for this to get to him!! I cannot wait for him to read the journal!!

- It has one of my shirts in that’s covered in my perfume (silly man accidentally washed the one I left with him!)
- A huge bunch of his favourite British sweets and biscuits with cute little messages attached (the biscuits are his absolute favourite thing, he’s been asking me for weeks to send some out to him!)
- My traditional Disney drawing.
- ‘Why I love you - A journal of us’ (I spent weeks writing in this journal. It’s filled with cute questions, old memories, and lots of photos of us.)
- It’s not pictured, but a very British valentines card too…

Sweets + messages:
- Mint Matchmakers - ‘We’re the perfect match.’
- Jelly babies - ‘Your kisses turn my legs to jelly, baby.’
- Haribo hearts - ‘You make my heart skip a beat’
- Jelly tots - ‘I love you lots and lots like jelly tots’ (this is something I say to him all the time!)
- Mars - ‘My valentine is outta this world’
- Snickers - ‘I’m nuts about you’
- Milky Way - ‘I love you to the Milky Way and back’
- Love hearts - ‘Your love completes my heart’
- Fire blasts - ‘You set my heart on fire’
- Kit Kat - ‘Your kitty kat misses you’ (he calls me kitty kat/kit kat)
- Jam sandwich cream biscuits - ‘My love will be there through thick and thin, no matter what kind of jam you are in’


This years Valentines Day package to Brendon is finally good to go! (Just realised it probably wasn’t such a great idea to use those glittery letters on patterned paper, but never mind!)

- He gets two cards because he’s special :p. One is a slushy, lovey dovey card, and the other is something silly.
- Personalised guitar pick
- Personalised leather capo case (he just got a guitar for Christmas so figured this would be pretty useful!)
- Chris Kyle’s autobiography
- A fancy Art of Shaving gift set
- And an envelope of Valentines kisses with sweet little messages