valentine's day 2014


a tradition older than man

older than the skies and the seas

older than the universe itself

nobody knos where these elusive images come from,,,, some say they are the remnants of an ancient society,,,,,,,,,,others, communication from a faraway galaxy,,,

So I signed up for Tinder on Valentine’s Day 2014 which kickstarted my slutty phase aka my Junior year of college. Things progressed and I met some okay guys and even one I fell for and dated for 6 months. Turned out he had a pregnant girlfriend at the same time…. awkward.
But I guess it was for the best because I matched with an awesome guy that summer and we now live together with two kittens and will be celebrating our 2 year anniversay in a couple months!

Me on my way to steal your g1rl. 




Forgetful Valentine - Natsu x Lucy

Valentine’s Week


Three ficlets about forgetful boyfriends and how they make up for it. [NaLu] 


“Happy Valentine’s Day, Natsu.” Lucy hugged her husband when the man appeared coming from their bedroom and rubbing his eyes.

“Huh?” the blonde woman knew he had trouble focusing in the morning and giggled with his response. “Happy did what? Do I have to pay for it?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day, silly.” She kissed his cheek.

“Oh.” Natsu nodded. “Is it?”

“Yes.” Lucy handed him the package that was on the table. He accepted it without thinking too much. “Here’s your gift.”

“Gift?” The man frowned and then started to sweat a little bit. “Oh… we had to… exchange gifts, right…”

“You… you didn’t get one for me?” Lucy’s shocked expression made her husband feel even worse. “You forgot… every year you forget!” She hid her face on her hands and her shoulder started to shake. “I thought th-th-that now that we-we-we are married you wo-wo-would reme-me-member.”

“You know I am not good with dates. I will make it up to you. Whatever you want.” Natsu panicked as he tried to comfort his wife. Damn him to forget about the stupid Valentine’s Day! “Lu, please don’t cry.” The pink haired man frowned when he paid better attention to the sounds his wife was making and thought it was strange: it sounded a lot like her laughter. “Are you laughing?”

“You should’ve seen your face.” Lucy raised her head as she laughed and Natsu stared at her in disbelief. “We have been together for almost three years, Natsu. You forgot the first and I was sure you would forget this one’s too.”

“Sorry about the last one: I forgot about the date and went on a mission. I know that you like this things.”

“It’s alright: I knew whom I married.” She wrapped her arms around his shoulder. “And during these seven months as your wife you’ve made me very happy.”

“Right back at ya.” He kissed her lips. “I still need to get you something, don’t I?”

“I know where you keep the savings you think I don’t know about, so you already did.” She beamed at him. “I loved your gift for me.”

Natsu’s smile grew. “Really? What did I get you?”

“A very beautiful dress – which I will wear tonight when we go out to dinner.”

“Was it expensive?”


“And you tell me I can’t get nice gifts for you.” He scoffed. “I treat you right.”

“Yes you do.” She kissed his cheek and then clapped her hands in excitement. “Now, your gift.”

Natsu smiled and grabbed the gift and after unwrapping it, he frowned. “Erm… Lucy… you messed up: I don’t think that this lingerie is for me.”

“Yes, it is.” The blonde woman bit her lower lip, expecting him to get the reason behind the gift.

“Look, I don’t know what kinda kink you have right now, and I am willing to try anything, but I just want to say that this is weird and I don’t think I’ll look good wearing this.”

“What? Natsu!” She slapped his shoulder playfully. “That is for me to wear.”

“Then why did you give it to me?” Natsu asked, confused.

She sighed. “Because I will wear it for you.”

“So…?” Sometimes being married to Natsu Dragneel was exhausting, Lucy thought.

“The real present is me wearing that, stupid!”

“Oh. Oh.” He understood, finally. “Hm… These are very nice. And small. And you know I love you in red: looks like you’re on fire and just waiting for me to eat you up.”

The woman blushed deeply. “Don’t say stuff like that.”

Natsu chuckled and kissed her. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Lucy.”



Ok since Godzilla is feeding from the Earth’s core’s radiations (so he doesn’t need to pray on living animals except maybe mutos n shit) AND that he uses echolocation wich means he is an acoustic creature, he can take free time to take care and communicate with other creatures right? LIKE WHALES MAYBE? Imagine humpback whales rubbing on his skin, orcas bow riding in front of him, or Godzilla diving with sperm whales and Cuvier’s beaked whales, or, my favorite, putting back big stranded whales in the water. Why not?


December 14th, 2016 was Flynn’s birthday! My silly baby turned 3 years old on Wednesday.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I met this little guy. He was tugging at my winter boots as if I (and everything I owned) already belonged to him. And he was 100% right about that because it was love at first sight!! From the first picture I saw, I knew we would be best buddies. It was around Valentine’s Day 2014 that I actually brought him home to live with me, and now it’s almost 2017. It’s wild how fast time flies, isn’t it?

I honestly can’t imagine not having him around every day at this point. Flynn has brought so much happiness and fun to my life. He’s always there to cheer me up, to cuddle when it’s cold, or to just be silly with me. Seeing him happy or excited about something makes me feel so warm inside. I would do absolutely anything to keep him safe and loved for as long as possible because he deserves the best.

Happy Birthday, Flynn!!

(P.S. I know his paws are a mess!! He’s actually getting groomed as I’m writing this post. We got his nails trimmed already by the vet, but Flynn wasn’t able to get groomed entirely until he fully recovered from surgery!!)