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The Count of Monte Cristo: Valentine de Villefort [ENTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Valentine is the queen of run-on sentences and rapid subject changes; she’s constantly jumping from point to point in her conversation, making guesses about what will happen, then speculating about something else. She approaches much of her life in an intuitive manner; she just somehow understands her mute, immobilized grandfather, in a way that no one else seems able to; she just instinctively knows that things will go on the way they always have, she makes fast connections but doesn’t pursue any specific ideas. She asks questions upon questions and then follows them up with more.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): She is generally prudent, cautious and practical, trying to handle her love affair with logic and control. She calls a spade a spade, tells it how it is, and frequently states blunt truths in ways that make others around her uncomfortable. She’s highly resourceful and utilizes what she can in order to get what she wants. She may obey the orders of the Count, but she doesn’t listen to instructions she doesn’t understand or agree with. She tends to be philosophical when she has the chance to muse on the events around her.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): She wears her heart on her sleeve and expresses her genuine emotions frequently. She senses how other people feel easily and regrets when they don’t approve of her, regardless of what she thinks of them. She’s obedient to the orders the Count gives her; she senses her Grandfather’s meaning emotionally as well as intuitively. She’s openly affectionate and very forward. She shows general concern for others and fears for their moral fates, and frequently sacrifices for them despite her own wants.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Valentine is certain that things will continue to go on the way they have because they have done so in the past. She refers to her past experiences, if not in perfect detail all the time, at least quite subjectively. She usually does as she is told and follows the rules.


Initial character designs from the Count of Monte Cristo. These are far from final and are subject to change but for now HERE HAVE A THING.

hippothebrave  asked:

fandom meme, The Count of Monte Cristo

  • How I entered/learned about the said game/show/movie/etc of that fandom: I read it for school when I was fifteen actually. Didn’t really have any major impressions at the time aside from being madly in love with Eugenie; and I guess permanently imprinting on the revenge quest narrative. 
  • Fave character: who could it be!!!! a mystery!!!!
  • Least fave character: Danglars. All his motives can be summarized as “but it will make money sad.” 
  • OTP(s): Eugenie/Louise, Maximilien/Valentine, …..Villefort/Hermine 
  • Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get: see the appeal but am not particularly here for Franz/Albert. 
  • Fave thing about the fandom: …pretty much everything? A huge piles of ridiculous hijinks. Revenge quests are kind of my thing.  
  • The most despised thing: I see vaguely what Dumas was doing with Dantes/Haydee but A World Of No, Alex. Oceans Of No. Galaxies Of No. 
  • If there is something I would change from said game/show/movie/etc., what would it be: Mercedes’s ending!!!!!!!! let her be okay!!!!!!! 

Maximilien: Monsieur, why aren’t you out there with your fiancée?

Franz: How is that any business of yours? 

Maximilien: Don’t you love her, baron?

Franz: *chuckles* I like her. I like her as just another girl.


I love both Franz and Albert like nobody’s business. What confuses me is when people act like Albert was the only selfish person of the Duo Infernale, and as if Franz deserves better.

He’s quite a dick himself, you know.

My wish was not to confine myself to domestic cares, or the caprices of any man, but to be an artist, and consequently free in heart, in person, and in thought.” Eugenie pronounced these words with so firm a tone that the color mounted to Valentine’s cheeks.

The Count of Monte-Cristo Cap. XCIII

Please Valentine, take note.

I must write a post about it… be afraid!

I read for curiosity “Master” by Colette Gale, that is a “particular” version of the count of Montecristo… (erotic XD!!) 


(I can’t resist to image the characters as their gankutsuou’s counterpart)

In the end Edmond go again with Mercedes, like it happens in the 2002 movie, however Albert in this book is not the Edmond’s son (exactly like the original book) but it’s not Fernand’s neither…

Quick Explaination (repeat:BE AFRAID!!!) Mercedes in this version try everything for know about Edmond’s statement, and I mean EVERYTHING!!! So she go to the people that had arrested him, and so in this way she go to Villefort… 

oh… yeah… MY GOD!!!

So Villefort, we have Valentine, Eduard, Benedetto, and then this… you have any other legitimate/illegitimate son XD?  Hope that the count never find out this…

However, Albert life is suffering…