valentine viannay

French designer Valentine Viannay is at the Art For Action roadshow at the Del Rey Chula Vista Costco today through Sunday only.

April 27- May 1, 2011

Beautiful handmade scarves, hp laptop, kindle, ipad cases, pillows, and tote bags.

Original designs silk screened on raw silk, linen, felt and cotton fabrics.

All handmade in San Diego California.

40% off of the retail website and Etsy prices.

One time only sales prices:

Silk Scarves: $48.99 Linen Scaves: $57.99 Cotton Scarves: $29.99

Tote Bags: $59.99

17.3" Laptop Sleeves: $34.99

15.6" Laptop Sleeves: $28.99

ipad Sleeves: $22.99 Kindle Sleeves: $17.99