valentine polish

Valentine’s Day hearts inspired by @laurenslist. I used SpaRitual’s Splendid and Deco Miami’s Don’t Call Me Baby Girl and Petite Palm. I also used Maybelline’s Ice Queen and Sally Hansen’s Lemon Shark and mixed both polishes with Essie’s Blanc. I finished the look by applying a matte top coat!

Pink Galaxy nails! ✨ Partially inspired by Valentine’s Day, partially because I’ve always wanted to try pastel galaxy nail art! 🌌

I don’t need a Valentine; I have holo nail polish! Lol

Used in this mani:

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Painted Polish - Drunk On Holo

Sally Hansen - Intimate

NCLA - Macaron Bloom

OPI - Suzi Nails New Orleans

HK Girl Topcoat

Straight vinyls, Sketched Heart Vinyls from @Twinkled_T

Polish vocab: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day - Walentynki
Gift - Prezent
Love letter - List (liścik) miłosny
Jewellery - Biżuteria
Candy - Słodycze, Słodkości
Chocolate - Czekolada
Flower - Kwiatek
Bouquet - Bukiet
Poem - Wiersz
Rose - Róża
Perfume - Perfum
Kiss - Pocałunek, Całus
To kiss - Całować, Pocałować
To hug - Tulić, Przytulić, Przytulać
Heart - Serce
Angel - Anioł
Cupid - Kupidyn
Date - Randka
Couple - Para
Relationship - Związek
Love - Miłość
Flirt - Flirt
To love - Kochać
Girlfriend - Dziewczyna
Boyfriend - Chłopak
Wife - Żona
Husband - Mąż
I love you - Kocham cię
Romance - Romans 

Inspired by this post by @langrecs and since I haven’t seen one in my native language, here it is.

These came out much better than I expected! Someday I will visit the city of love…

Used in this mani:

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Love Sprinkles

Essie - Groove Is In The Heart, Now And Zen

HK Girl Topcoat

Eiffel Tower stencils, Written With Love stencils, Open Heart stencils from @whatsupnails


It’s almost Valentine’s Day so I thought I would share with y'all one of my favourite beauty recipes - a moisturising lip scrub! This scrub is very similar to a scrub you will find at a very popular natural soap company - but at a fraction of the cost! Plus because I can’t give you all a present individually, I’m going to gift you some very cute Valentine’s Day stickers - perfect for decorating your scrub pots (just print them on sticker paper and go crazy!)


- 3tbs of castor sugar
- 1 ½ tbs carrier oil
- a few drops of flavour oil
- food colouring 

- mixing bowl
- spoon
- little tubs to hold your balm. These are 10g screw top jars found at the craft store.

A few notes:
CARRIER OILS: Some good carrier oils to use for this project are: Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil or Macadamia Oil. It’s up to you and your budget - I love Sweet Almond Oil because it makes my lips silky smooth. Jojoba is used in a lot of beauty products but can be quite expensive, especially if you’re wanting to make this on the cheap!

FLAVOUR OILS: I bought my flavour oils from the local craft store because they have an excellent range - look in the cake making section! Alternatively you can look in the baking section of your grocery store. Alternatively, you can order flavour oils from places like Bramble Berry who have a huge range. If you’re going to colour your scrub, only use a very small amount of food colouring as you don’t want to stain your lips. I used a lip safe colour from a beauty & soap store. If you’re not sure, then you can leave it out to be on the safe side!

OK, on to the recipe!

Pour your sugar, oil, flavour oil and colouring (optional) in to your bowl.

Start stirring people! Please take note of my very cute spoon.

And… hey presto, you have a scrub! Yep, it’s that easy! 

Spoon your scrub in to your little jars. I wrapped washi tape around mine and stuck some of my Valentine’s stickers on the top:

To download, click on this link!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this DIY. If you have any questions please ask!

So I did a thing: I chopped the claws. It was kind of an impulse & I just felt like I wanted a change. I may very well regret it soon, but you know what? Nails grow! And I’m really loving these shorties right now

Used in this mani:

OPI - Flip Flops & Crop Tops

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Essie - Sugar Daddy

HK Girl Topcoat

Straight vinyls from @Twinkled_T

Rose Petals stencils from @whatsupnails