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14 Romantic Comedies Directed by Women to Watch for Valentine’s Day

Austenland dir. Jerusha Hess
Bridget Jones’s Diary dir.Sharon Maguire 
But I’m a Cheerleader dir. Jamie Babbit
D.E.B.S. dirAngela Robinson
Desperately Seeking Susan dir. Susan Seidelman
Enough Said dir. Nicole Holofcener
Just One of the Guys dir. Lisa Gottlieb
Love That Boy dir. Andrea Dorfman
Obvious Child dir. Gillian Robespierre
Puccini for Beginners dir. Maria Maggenti
Saving Face dir. Alice Wu
Sleeping with Other People dir. Leslye Headland
Something’s Gotta Give dir. Nancy Meyers 
You’ve Got Mail dir. Nora Ephron

Valentines Day: Romantic Comedies

By Teilani (enfjs-r-us), ENFJ Mod.

Does any one remember that dog and his bone story from when we were kids? Years later and I realized the concept kinda stuck with me. Below is a list of a few movies with the common theme of realizing that special someone right under your nose (figuratively speaking).

You’ve Got Mail: ESTJ with ISFJ. What if you got to know a person, the way they really were, not projecting what you wanted others to see, but the real you instead? Kathleen and Joe couldn’t stand each other in real life, but online, fell in love with each others thoughts and company — separate from any personal details.

Clueless: ESFJ with INFP (I think). Consistent with the theme. Cher finally realizes she’s “butt-crazy” in love with Josh, but it takes one of her friends crushing on him to realize the source of her jealousy. How would you act, once you had such a far out realization? I love how awkward this realization made reigning socialite Cher act around Josh.

Only You: ENFP with INFP. Faith is set on finding her soul mate. The guy belonging to the name she got off a Ouija board when she was twelve. She finds him. But, what happens when Faith realizes he lied about his name? How far would you go to make destiny happen.

Laws of Attraction: ISTJ with INFJ. What if you realized you were actually in love with the person you accidentally married at an Irish festival? Might work. Two divorce lawyers get married while investigating opposing sides of the same divorce case. One believes in divorce law, the other doesn’t. I’m glad the ISTJ didn’t win this case.

Merry Valentines Day! :)

I know you prefer your beau a bit ROTTEN,
And since I’m more SPORTY I’m almost forgotten!
But maybe this year on sweet Saint Val’s
I will reach out to my sweetest of Pals.
So why don’t you tell me if you will be mine,
Would you do me the honor Dearest Valentine?

guys… look at this valentine my best and dearest sportabuddy (@this-sideblog-is-mine​) made for me ?? i’m shook

Arashi ships and Valentine mails~
  • <p> <b></b> *MatsuMiya*<p/><b>J:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>N:</b> Thanks. But giving me 200 kinds of chocolate is too much 😑<p/><b></b> *JunBa*<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine (*0*)/**** Hope that you will like the homemade chocolate I made for you!<p/><b>J:</b> Thanks. ….and...keep it…i want to live another year...😣<p/><b></b> *OhBa*<p/><b>O:</b> Happy Valentine!<p/><b>A:</b> Leader it's April😐<p/><b></b> *Yama*<p/><b>S:</b> Happy Valentine!<p/><b>O:</b> 😫<p/><b>O:</b> Sorry, I'm still learning how to use my new phone<p/><b></b> *SakuMiya*<p/><b>N:</b> Where is my chocolate?<p/><b>S:</b> No. Where is MY chocolate?!<p/><b></b> *AiMiya*<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine~!😙<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine! 😚😚<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine!♡♡♡♡<p/><b>N:</b> Will you stop?! Give me some time to respond, dang it!😬<p/><b></b> *SakuMoto*<p/><b>S:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>J*2 hours later*:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>S:</b> Took you some time to answer….🤔<p/><b>J:</b> Nothing about it….it’s not like I was thinking of the best way to answer… or anything….(=3=)<p/><b></b> *JunToshi*<p/><b></b> *three weeks before the Valentine*<p/><b>J:</b> Ohno-san, please send the list of all of yours favorite things.<p/><b>O:</b> Why?<p/><b>J:</b> Just do it.😑<p/><b></b> *SakuraiBa*<p/><b>A:</b> Can you come over today?<p/><b>S:</b> Sorry, I'm busy…<p/><b>A:</b> I have tones of chocolate~<p/><b>S:</b> I'm on my way!<p/><b></b> *OhMiya*<p/><b>O:</b> Will you stop asking me for chocolate?! You're not getting any, and it's already June.<p/><b>N:</b> Dont worry i will. In a few days. Then I can start asking you for a Birthday present instead~😎<p/></p>

Vinegar Valentines.

Beginning in the middle of the 19th century and continuing into the early 20th century many people sent not just traditional valentines to people whom they ostensibly loved, but also insult cards to people for whom they lacked affection to put it mildly.  Most are composed of a caricature drawing and a pithy poem.  Some of these cards are really hateful, and I imagine that was the point, but surely many were given as tongue-in-cheek mementos of twisted friendships.

 I enjoy these artifacts as a countermeasure to the modern hyperbolic consumerist love festival of our contemporary Valentine’s Day.  I’d personally love to get a such cards, and even if genuinely hateful they’re likely less shaming than only receiving a Valentine’s Day card from my mother.


Decided to join the valentine making bandwagon

P.s. I will be continuing to post new Valentine’s Day cards on my blog, so check it out please!


anonymous asked:

Did you guys already have your first kiss?

“I think Van’s the only one who already had it. Eiji and I were bound by the rules of an idol since we’re young, which I found absolutely ridiculous because DAD HAS TWO SONS.”

“People are usually too afraid to even approach Kira and Yamato. I mean, I understand why people would be afraid of Yamato, but why Kira? Though… he does get a lot of fan-mail…”

“Shion is… I guess you could say shy? And Nagi… He’s still a bit too young to have one, right? … Oh hey, Kira’s covering his eyes and ears…”

“To correct Eiichi, I’ve never had one before, but I have gone on a few dates. If you need love advice, I’m your man!”