valentine lane


For Valentine’s Day, Lane got to meet Flynn Rider for the very first time. We learned she is not immuned to The Smoulder. ;)

Killing time before tonight’s Flash, I took another look at the Valentines JL8 creator Yale Stewart made last year and thought some of my followers might like them.

Which got me re-reading JL8 the webcomic. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, a couple of random entries (with Flash) to show you why it’s the best thing ever - and why I’m enjoying it more than pretty much any published comic I’m currently collecting.

Seriously, guys. Go check out this comic. It’s fantastic, and if you love Barry in the Flash, you’ll love him in this. (No Iris and only a cameo of Lois so far, but a gal can dare to dream!)

Also, Yale Stewart occasionally does commissions. Like he did for me with this:

Check out his work. Support it. He’s awesome.