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what would their valentines gifts be to each other

this is the cutest thing and i am ecstatic to write it. 

okay, so it’s their first valentine’s day together and patton wants to go all out, obviously. so he goes to get flowers from a florist and bakes literally everything in the kitchen — hoping to woo virgil with food as usual. and then roman has a bit of a crisis because his footage in thomas’ video doesn’t look exactly right, and so patton has to spend about an hour calming him down. when he returns to his food, he discovers that to his horror: it’s all burned and totally inedible. distraught, he tries to salvage some of it, but it’s all pretty much hard as a rock, at this point, so he goes to at least get his flowers. however, in all the confusion he’d forgotten to put them in water, and so they’re now brown and wilting slightly around the edges. feeling a thousand times worse, patton can’t help the tears the prick at his eyes as he grasps hopelessly at the flowers, hoping for some kind of miracle. and then virgil stumbles upon him and his mess, and patton just bursts into tears on the floor. through his sobs, patton explains the situation and virgil is quick to reassure him that he doesn’t need anything else for valentine’s day expect patton, which only makes his boyfriend cry harder. 

later that day, when they’ve both calmed down a bit and are curled up together in patton’s room, virgil kicks the four page letter he’d written for his boyfriend under the bed, deciding to save it for another day. it would save him the embarrassment, anyway. 

send me a number and a pairing and i’ll make a headcanon about it


My gift to @iceanimetrash for the @yuri-on-ice-valentine-exchange!

I loved your prompts and at first it was hard to choose one, so I hope it fits in the Fantasy AU because I loved your idea :D my inspiration for this drawing was Swan Lake with Yuri as Odette and Otabek as Prince Siegfried. Plus Yuri with longer hair because I couldn’t resist >w< I hope you’ll like it and happy valentine’s day!!! <33