valentine day

Six years old Sherlock always asking questions to everyone and one day asking a random sale assistant at a shop why people always buy flowers and stuff at valentine day after seeing all the things they are selling for the occasion. The young sale assistant not really knowing what to say explain that it’s a day when you try to make the person you love the most happy and tell them  how much you love them. The flowers and gift are just a way of doing that. Sherlock make a disgusted face and ask: “Did you buy something for your girlfriend then?” “Well, actually I have a boyfriend, but yes I bought him a flower.” Sherlock eyes going big as he exclaim: “You can do that? Boys can have boyfriends too?” The young man surprised says “Yes, of course you can.”

“Why did nobody never tell me that?” Sherlock almost scream as he run to his mother who heard the entire conversation. “Mom did you hear him? Boys can have boyfriend too! Does this mean that I can have one?” Sherlock is jumping in place and his mother laugh at how excited he is. “Of course honey. You can be with whoever you want to be.”  Sherlock smiling so big his face almost break and then asking if he can buy a flower for John. His mother accept and smile to the shocked, but happy sale assistant. 

When he gets homes Sherlock tell all his family what he learned in an excited voice and spend the night making a nice valentine card for John. The next day he brings his flower and card to school and go to John as soon as he sees him. “You will never guess what I learned yesterday.” He starts and explain to John how the man at the shop told him boys could have boyfriend too and so he thought that even if John is not his boyfriend he could give him something because John is the person he loves the most and then maybe John would accept to be his boyfriend if he gave him a flower. “Also I wrote “I love you very much” in the cards” he says as he gives it to John, blushing furiously. 

John has a big smile as he takes his gifts and he says “I would love to be boyfriends with you.” Sherlock beam at John like he is the sun and John ask “Does this mean that I can kiss your cheek and hold your hand now?” Sherlock nod with enthusiast so John kiss his blushing cheek and take his hand ,bringing him to where he left his bag to give him his gift too. John bought Sherlock bees stickers and made him a card with an anatomical heart on it (he tried anyway) because he knows how Sherlock love science and always complain the other heart are wrong. 

Sherlock tell all of this to his family that night, showing them the gifts like they are the best things in the world, and that is the story of how Sherlock’s parent knew he liked boys, and more particularly John Watson. 

Twenty years later John and Sherlock still have the cards they gave each other at age 6.