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Chocolate Mysteries

Could I request one where Batsis sneaks around the manor to secretly make valentine chocolate and the batfam finds out and tries to find out who it’s for?

Batfam x Reader

“What is she doing?” Dick whispered as they peaked into the kitchen where you were baking something of sorts.

“I have no idea, but something’s wrong with her.” Jason added as he watched you place some chocolates into a box.

“What do you mean?” Dick asked confused.

“The smile on her face.” Damian rolled his eyes at how obvious it was.


“She’s abnormally happy, no one experiences that much joy in this household.” Tim explained as you sealed the boxes tightly.

“Wait those are Valentine chocolates.”

“Thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious.” Tim said sarcastically while Dick pouted, “But who are they for?” Jason questioned angrily.

“She doesn’t have a boyfriend does she?” Damian interjected, “Nope, I made sure of it.” Dick replied as you walked out the kitchen.

“We should get to the bottom of this.” Jason proclaimed much louder, “Guys I think we’re reading too much into this-” The group ignored Tim and they quickly chased after you. Tim face palmed then proceeded to follow them.

“Who is he?!” Damian demanded while Jason shined a light above you as you sat down in your desks chair.


“You heard us, who is he or she?” Dick glared at you, “Wait is that a lamp?” You looked up at the light source.

“No questions, we’re the ones asking the questions here.” Jason clarified while you rolled your eyes, ”What are you guys even talking about?”

NO QUESTIONS!” Dick repeated, Tim stood in the background questioning his family’s motives.

“Will you guys just-”


“Oh that’s what you guys are talking about.” A smirk made its way on your face, you decided that this could be your opportunity to fool them.

“I didn’t mean for you guys to find out.” You said innocently while Dick almost fainted at your words, “Your are dating somebody!” Jason wailed, collapsing to his knees.

“I will find them, and I will kill them.” Damian promised menacingly as he pulled out his sword, “Wait you had that this whole time?” Tim asked flabbergasted.

“I was kidding!” You quickly said, Damian sheathed his sword.

“Then who are the chocolates for?” They all asked in unison.

“It was suppose to be a surprise, but living with a family of detectives I should have know better. I made chocolates for all of you, which if you would have checked your rooms you would have found them on your beds.” You explained, the boys quickly hugged you, much to Damian’s refusals, “Well you should have said that earlier.” Dick grinned.

“Well you guys keep cutting me off-”

“Shut up, it’s in the past now.” Jason waved it off while you rolled your eyes.

What The Signs Remind Me Of
  • <p/> <b><b></b> Aries</b>- Your best friend saying I love you, unexplored territory, lighting a cigarette on a cold afternoon, being unsure but doing it anyway, hugs and "everything will be ok"<p/><b><b></b> Taurus</b>- Nostalgia, polariods, sepia tone, Victorian decorated houses, walking through an outdoor flower display, antique shopping, being so hot you get the chills<p/><b><b></b> Gemini</b>- Squeezing into a seat next to a stranger, Valentines Day chocolate boxes, making up with your parents, random child that starts a conversation with you, psychics<p/><b><b></b> Cancer</b>- Light rain on a clear day, bubblegum machines, cutesy breakfast diners, the moon on a cloudy night, building a snowman, strawberry liquor<p/><b><b></b> Leo</b>- Playful flirting that will never go farther than that, midnight grocery shopping, sleeping with the windows open during the last days of summer, sunburn peeling, not trusting someone but not worrying about it<p/><b><b></b> Virgo</b>- journaling, the stillness of the snow outside on a winter morning, hot showers, being the first to arrive to class, hot and stuffy bedrooms on summer mornings, motels, the sun shining through your window and making shapes/patterns<p/><b><b></b> Libra</b>- candy canes, seeing yourself in past relatives, the stars on a clear night, stereotypical high school football games, breakfast for dinner, foggy nights and crickets, getting dressed up for dinner<p/><b><b></b> Scorpio</b>- secrets, trusting someone again, falling in love with an enemy, top of a ferris wheel on a windy day, knowing who you won't/will get along with on first impressions, night driving, more than meets the eye<p/><b><b></b> Sagittarius</b>- Empty bus rides, sitting on the beach at night, chinese food delivery, New York City christmas tree lighting, family nights, moving into a new apartment by yourself, seeing dust through the sunlight<p/><b><b></b> Capricorn</b>- Hearing your favorite song in a store, nice smelling hair products, karaoke, tanned skin and shoulder freckles, visiting your elementary school years later, sunflowers<p/><b><b></b> Aquarius</b>- Getting things off your chest, lights on the boardwalk at night, emojis,  breaking traditions, meeting people with the same interests as you, starting over<p/><b><b></b> Pisces</b>- Old computer games you would play as a kid, stormy seas, rainbows reflecting in puddles on a dreary day, cleaning your room and finding lost/forgotten things, watching cartoons on a rainy morning<p/></p>

jd-the-anime-fan  asked:

Can I request NaLi + Valentine and Lucana + Chocolate for the five sentence drabble, please?

NaLi + Valentine

   Lisanna hummed under her breath as she carefully poured the chocolate into the moulds, sneaking a taste here and there although she knew it would probably give the surprise away later, not for the first time cursing Natsu’s enhanced senses. Still she couldn’t help but savour the taste, and the sight of the neat row of moulds, a fond smile tugging at her lips as she thought back to her first attempt to make valentines chocolates for Natsu. She had spent hours making them, even refusing to play with him and Happy which had sparked one of the rare arguments that they’d had, although they’d made up even before she’d proudly presented him with the fruits of their labour. They were supposed to be dragon shaped, but now that she had actually seen dragons up close she knew they had been nothing more than blobs and yet the idiot had praised her and known exactly what they were. This time though… this time she hadn’t dared go for dragons as that loss was still too close, instead she had gone for something close to both their hearts, smiling as she glanced down at the chocolate guild marks stretched out before them… this time there would be no mistaking what they were, or what they meant.

Lucana + Chocolate

   Cana watched, fingers tightening on her drink as yet another guild member approached Lucy with chocolate, the blonde accepting it with a warm smile and bright eyes and she had to remind herself that it meant nothing. Most of the guild members already knew that the Celestial mage was taken, and that their white day chocolates wouldn’t get them anywhere, but it didn’t stop the nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach and she hated it. Lucy would never do anything like that, and the way she had responded to Cana’s gift of chocolate on Valentine’s day had reassured her of that and she blushed just thinking back to that night.

“Jewel for your thoughts.” She started, so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed Lucy coming to join her, but she managed a smile for girlfriend.

“Just a jewel?”

“Or I could give you these?” Lucy’s cheeks were tinged with pink, but her smile was warm as she held out a small bag and Cana found her hands trembling a little as she accepted it, unable to stop herself from chuckling as she peered inside to find her favourite chocolates.


the Ri brothers and ‘Valentine’s Day’, for thecutestscribeoferebor ^^ And don’t worry, Dori’s date isn’t set for a specific time and chocolates don’t take that long so he’ll just arrive later and with his hair and clothes not quite as neat as he wanted them to ^^ Nori and Ori’s chocolates are a full success by the way