valentine cards for your fun


Heyo lovely Pack fandom!

So, my friends and I thought of a fun little thing we, as a fandom, can do for Valentines today! This day is for romance, but also just to have fun and feel loved. So, we thought it would be cool if everyone could make Pack related Valentines cards and send them to their favourite Pack blogs!

Valentines day is on Sunday, the 14th of Feb! So, please sent them around that date, take into consideration that everyone has different timezones so if it’s late or early, be kind! 

Of course we don’t want anyone to miss out, so everyone who reblogs this will be sent a Pack Valentines day card from me! But, please help out by making your own silly card things and sending them around the fandom!


tldr; make some pack themed valentines day cards, send them to your friends and have some fun!