children of atom: go drink this fuckin.  ghoul piss and we’ll let you in

valentine: please don’t.  this is a bad idea

me, chugging radioactive waste: this is for you, valentine

valentine: i did not….ask….for this

me as i run after a fuckin ghost: you deserve a chance to bond with DiMA

valentine: nORA

me as i tackle at least ten feral ghouls, which are now my cousins: i think the grand zealot guy is pretty hot

Fallout 4 pickup lines

Are you a Gunner? Cause you shot my heart right through.

You’re the Diamond City of my Commonwealth.

I wish I was a Han to your Cock

Hey General, my settlement needs you help ;)

Are you MacCready? Cause you stole my heart.

I’m from the Institute, and I’m gonna take you in the night

Will you be my Nick Valentine? (Classic)

Would you like to Danse with me?

I am a Goodneighbor until you turn me on ;)

You turn me feral

Your beauty can make a synth fall apart.

Are you Deacon? Cause you seem to be always watching me.

Is that a Fat-Man in your pants, or?

I’d kill a Deathclaw for you

Sweetie, I’ll worship you like a Child of Atom.

Are you an atomic bomb? Because you’re the brightest of them all.

I want you to dwell my vault.

Are you Piper? Because you’re a sensation.

You saved my heart from cryogenic fate.