Camren Fan Art by Valentina Suarez

This is a small but important section dedicated to Valentina Suarez, creator and author of these wonderful drawings, on behalf of all the harmonizers in the world, thank you for the time and dedication to make these drawings. You are very talented and we wish you the best of the world. We love you much and many blessings.

Esta es una pequeña pero importante sección dedicada para Valentina Suarez, creadora y autora de estos maravillosos dibujos, en representación de todas las harmonizers del mundo, te doy las gracias por el tiempo y dedicación al realizar estos dibujos. Eres muy talentosa y te deseamos lo mejor del mundo. Te queremos mucho y muchas bendiciones.

- mycamrenfeels97vickygarridovalsdraws

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Another preview…


“You’re a coward,” he whispers. “You want to be with me and it terrifies you. And you’re ashamed,” he says. “Ashamed you could ever want someone like me. Aren’t you?” He drops his gaze and his nose grazes mine and I can almost count the millimeters between our lips. I’m struggling to focus, trying to remember that I’m mad at him, mad about something, but his mouth is right in front of mine and my mind can’t stop trying to figure out how to shove aside the space between us.
You want me,” he says softly, his hands moving up my back, “and it’s killing you.”


“I was at boarding school and had been misbehaving and I was sent to study drama, to the theater at my school. I was sent under duress and never left, I loved it. To begin with I was just helping out with the sets, painting the walls, nailing things into the floor and doing odd jobs. I was sent there to keep out of trouble, but I never thought about acting before that at all. Then I discovered I liked the people doing drama far more than most of the other people at my school. I spent so much time there that eventually someone asked me to be in a play, it had nothing whatsoever to do with my acting ability. I found out that I loved acting and I am very glad it happened.”  Hugh Dancy

“You have William Graham, Hannibal Lecter and Jack Crawford, as your three leads.  And then, there’s Alan Bloom and Freddy Lounds.  Really, the only female character in Red Dragon, besides the blind woman is Beverly Katz, and you only see her for a little bit.  So, I just thought that we need more female energy because I love writing for women and it was just too male.  The piece needed women.”

Bryan Fuller