Devious Maids: Characters Zodiac Signs
  • Aries:Genevieve Delatour
  • Taurus:Michael Stappord
  • Gemini:Valentina Diaz
  • Cancer:Zoila Diaz
  • Leo:Carmen Luna
  • Virgo:Spence Westmore
  • Libra:Taylor Stappord
  • Scorpio:Marisol Suarez
  • Sagittarius:Blanca Alvarez
  • Capricorn:Evelyn Powell
  • Aquarius:Jacklyn Dussault
  • Pisces:Rosie Westmore

Verso la foce di Gianni Celati è un libro bellissimo. È un libro bellissimo soprattutto perché non succede niente. Non è che le pagine siano bianche eh, capiamoci, solo che non succede niente. Come se fosse un pomeriggio d’estate, o una notte qualsiasi a guardare le stelle quando il cielo è sereno. È un viaggio lungo il Po (che anche se ha un nome che sembra poco invece è tantissimo), dal fiume fino al mare. E ecco, mi sono venute in mente delle cose leggendolo, tipo che io i fiumi li vedo solo quando li attraverso sul ponte con la macchina. Quando passiamo sui ponti infatti dico sempre “Guarda, questo è l’Adda / il Piave / il Brenta / la Senna” (l’Adige invece non lo dico mai perché ci abito vicino e magari capita di attraversarlo anche tre o quattro volte la stessa sera e non vorrei sembrare una persona noiosa). Comunque in questo libro Gianni Celati mica li attraversa sui ponti i fiumi, segue la corrente come l’elettricità o i tonni ma senza nuotare, solo camminandoci vicino; le sue pause lungo il viaggio non sono dighe ma anse dove riposare.
Non so bene cosa dire di un libro dove non succede niente, che poi non è mica vero che non succede proprio niente, ci sono le persone, le case, le storie raccontate, la pianura e mi viene da fare un ragionamento complesso che è questo: quando prendi la macchina per farti un giro (o la bici, o le gambe) senza andare in un posto particolare e quindi ti viene da pensare “Ma dove vado?” “Da nessuna parte”, ecco, quando stai andando ma non stai andando da nessuna parte, è diverso da non andare.

recensione di Valentina

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Rachmaninoff | “Prelude in G Major Op.32 - no.5” (Valentina Lisitsa piano) ____________Goodnight ●((

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Feel Good *Neymar imagine* itsarabia


“Mae” Valentina said from the treadmill beside me

I smiled, “You’re working out with Mae”

Valentina nodded her head, I chuckled and soon after I got off. I turned off Valentina’s and she slid down giggling as her bottom hit the floor. I picked her up and kissed her cheek, “Let’s go show Pai how strong his baby is” I told her

“Grrr” She said scrunching her hands

I chuckled, and we walked back upstairs. When we got upstairs, Neymar was sitting on the couch watching a match between Chelsea and Manchester United. I set Valentina down, and she ran towards him showing her muscles. Neymar smiled kissing her cheek. “Wow my baby’s strong”He said

She nodded, “Lots”

He chuckled, craning his neck to look at me a smile on his face. “Did you have a good workout?” He asked

I nodded, “Valentina kept me company”

He nodded, and went back to playing with her. I headed upstairs towards the room, taking a shower when I got out I got dressed in one of Neymar’s hoodies and some soccer shorts. I sighed looking at myself in the mirror, tying my hair in a bun I headed back downstairs.

Valentina was asleep on the couch, and Neymar was in the kitchen. I sat down on the stool for the counter, and he turned towards me. “They must be comfy huh?” He said smiling

“What’s comfy?” I asked

“My hoodies” He smiled

I chuckled, “Yeah, I feel good in them” I said

He chuckled, “You know you’re beautiful right”

I looked up from the counter, and towards Neymar whose back was towards me. I sighed leaning on my hand, Neymar put down the food and walked over to me leaning on the other side of the counter. A smile on his face. “You really do Gracia “ He said taking my hand in his

I gave him a small smile, “Thanks” I said getting up and going over to the bedroom again

I heard his footsteps follow behind me to the room, he leaned against the wall this time while I sat down on the bed, “You don’t think so?” He asked

“Not really”

Neymar walked over to the closet, rummaging through it pulling something out he showed it to me. “Wear this Monday night” He said handing me the bag

I took it and opened it, inside the bag was a beautiful two piece blue dress. It was absolutely stunning, I looked up at Neymar. “I don’t think I can wear this or go for that matter” I said to him

Neymar let out a sigh, and took the dress from my hands and laid it on the bed pulling me up with him. Making me face the mirror, I could see the anger in his face. “Gracia how long are you going to keep this going?” He asked

“Keep what going?”

Neymar removed the hoodie from over me and pointed in front of me towards the mirror, “Look at yourself, you’re beautiful” He said

“Neymar let’s not get into this right now, I’m not in the mood and I didn’t want to go to the awards with you” I told him trying to walk away

He held me firmly in front of the mirror, “No Gracia you’re coming with me to the awards, after you had Valentina you just slipped. You keep thinking that your body doesn’t look good when in fact it does, you look better than all the girls in the world. Why can’t you see it?” He said the anger in his voice

“Neymar, I just don’t feel good. I don’t look good, an honestly it’s only in your opinion” I yelled at him

Neymar sighed closing his eyes for a moment before opening them and hugging me, “Listen Gracia, do you know how many other guys want you even though you had Valentina? You’re hot as shit, I have to constantly remind people that you’re mine and you’re not going anywhere because you look so freaking beautiful. Look, look at yourself in the mirror and tell me you don’t see a hot ass person in front of you”

When Neymar let me go, I turned to the mirror and looked at myself trying to see myself from Neymar’s perspective. A small smile made it’s way onto my face, “See I was right wasn’t I?” Neymar said excitedly

I chuckled, “I’ll go with you” I said

Neymar smiled, kissing my lips right when Valentina walked in. “Ewwie” She said

Neymar and I chuckled, as he picked her up giving her kisses. I smiled, “Val, tell Mae how pretty she is” He said to her

Valentina nodded her head, and spread her arms as wide as she could. “This much”

I smiled, “Thank you baby”


1 августа 1923 года родилась Валентина Леонтьева. Это знаменитая советская и российская телеведущая, народная артистка СССР, Лауреат государственной премии СССР, диктор центрального телевидения СССР.

За годы своей долголетней работы на телевидении Валентина Михайловна вела детские передачи “В гостях у сказки”, “Спокойной ночи, малыши!”, “Будильник” и многие другие. На её детских программах выросло не одно поколение россиян. Миллионы детей каждый день ждали передачи “В гостях у сказки” и “Спокойной ночи, малыши!”. А сама Валентина Михайловна заслужила почётный титул — тётя Валя Советского Союза.

On August 1, 1923 Valentina Leontyeva was born. This is a well-known Soviet and Russian TV host, the honored actress of the USSR, the Winner of the state award of the USSR, the announcer of the central television of the USSR.

For years of the long work on television Valentina Mikhajlovna conducted children’s broadcasts “Visiting a Fairy Tale”, “Good night, kids!”, “Alarm clock” and many others. More than one generation of Russians grew up on her children’s programs. Everyday millions of kids waited for her “Visiting a Fairy Tale” and “Good night, kids!” broadcasts. And Valentina Mikhajlovna herself deserved an honourable title — the aunt Valya of the Soviet Union.

сказка - fairy tale
передача - broadcast, telecast
будильник [budìl'nik] - alarm clock


Business & Entrepreneurship Department

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  • juniper - cosmetology/business management
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Criminal Justice Department - ZEKE SCOTT

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You will be provided weekly/daily activities from your professors to do, that are required to be completed. They can be fun things such as class trips to certain places, or experiments. Nothing too crazy and tasking.

The students in your department and those that are studying the same majors as you are those you would have to try to pair up with and create study groups with and will be considered in classes with. Therefore, you can message each other and figure out times to roleplay together as if in class or in certain departments together on campus. Make sure to join your correct department and be as active as you can be, going in and out of class and interacting with others, etc.