o cheiro do cigarro dela não me incomoda

eu observava as duas como se eu não fosse uma delas:
o cigarro de Valentina parecia um charuto, as cinzas inteiras denunciavam que ela estava fumando sem se mover, só queria incomodar com o cheiro de nicotina atravessando os espaços da janela.
mas ela é tão bonita que o cheiro do cigarro não me incomoda. a imagem dela se movimentando sem porquê anula todos os meus sentidos:
não sinto cheiros, gostos,
não tenho tato, não me importo com os opostos, diplomas, contratos
ela é tão bonita que poderia fumar Broadway entre quatro paredes comigo e não me incomodaria. ela poderia queimar enxofre bem perto do meu nariz e eu não sentiria.

It is,
I think I want to try.
It is I am tired everywhere
but in your eyes.  The

garden of you
behind the brick wall
of your guard, it’s

I mistook you for
a mirror

after learning to love
my reflection.  Is, I want to
be your cement.  Like
something I could hold,  
along the lines of together.

—  valentina thompson, Along the Lines Of

                             The Courtney Family 

Hometown: Soho, New York
↳ Ethnicty: Russian, Italian & Irish

  • Mother - Valentina Courtney *Supermodel*
  • Father - Alexander Courtney *Financial Assistant & Economist*
  • Oldest Daughter - Amelia Angelina Courtney *Georgetown University Freshman*
  • Youngest Son - Leonard Alexander Courtney *High School Freshman*
  • Youngest Daughter - Faith Valeria Courtney *High School Freshman*

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Sudden Baby Arrival || Nemi

It was crazy how fast the time flies sometimes. Demi’s baby shower was amazing and they got so many cute onesies and stuffed animals for their little girl. Nick still couldn’t quite believe he was gonna be a daddy soon, but he was so excited about it. Demi was almost 8 months pregnant now and her bump was growing every day. The baby kicked a lot more, especially when Nick sang to her or just talked to her. The sinegr and his fiancée already started planning their wedding. They both agreed that once Valentina was born, it’d be the perfect time to get married. Nick sat at the dining table in their house and looked at some internet sides about possible locations around California, but none of them seemed to fit. “I feel like we’ll never find a right place.”, he chuckled and looked at Demi.


Delta and Gabriella had a quiet last day of their rotation, with Delta building up more stock, but still finding time to make a dress for her niece, Valentina (aka Teeny)’s birthday present. Gabriella got her gold gardening talent badge just in time to harvest some thriving oranges, and she’s hoping the rest of the garden will become harvestable some time next semester.

Valentina sat in the bleachers next to the soccer field, staring off into the distance. She hadn’t been able to process much since being released from the gym. Had she really locked up a boy who was bleeding, possibly to his death? Had she really used her powers to hurt others? God, none of it made any sense to Valentina. She had to have been imagining it all, she had to. She was scared to show her face around campus, and the girl was hardly ever scared of anything. Valentina wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting there stuck in her thoughts when your character approached her, and took a seat. “What do you want?” She asked, not moving her eyes from the distance, her voice icy.

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Show me all of your ocs because I don't know them

The bitch on the left is Ivan Dobrosky

The girl on the right is Valentina Sokoloff

Ivan Dobrosky was born in  may 25,1963.

His father is a hight ranking marshal of the USSR

His mother was a actress

When he was a child

He actually was really a nice person


Verry social

helped people

He was interested in the TR and knew how to draw realistically

He actually wanted to become an artist

But everything changed when his mother died of lung cancer when he was only 15

He became anti-social

But still had a heart

He had Gymnasium but skipped University

He joined the KGB in 1983

He liked to beat people and blood splattered on his face

His ranking is  Sergeant of aviation

Valentina Sokoloff was born in febuary 10,1966

 Her father worked in a slaughterhouse

Her mother was a housewife

She was verry social,happy and kind

Interested in the same stuff like Ivan

She may didn’t knew how to draw

but knew how to play the violin

Had Gymnasium too and skipped University

She joined the army in 1986

Her ranking is  Efreitor

They both were married 1 year before the fall of USSR

I have nazis too

but they’re still in progress

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Oh my gosh. Star Hair Rhett is like the early morning and Star Hair Link is the night :D They are soooo awesome (•w•) Btw I love all your drawings and you're so inspiring to me ~

Oh gosh, yeah! That’s what I was kinda going for with the color choices haha
Aaw, thank you so much for your lovely compliments~ I’m honored to be an inspiration for you ;o; ♥


Stardust by tincek-marincek

And with this painting I wish happy bday to my dad, which is today. It was drawn especially for him and luckily it got finished on time. It was drawn in Photoshop CC in 8 hours with Wacom Cintiq 27QHD. More info you can check on links above. Enjoy ^^


“I was at boarding school and had been misbehaving and I was sent to study drama, to the theater at my school. I was sent under duress and never left, I loved it. To begin with I was just helping out with the sets, painting the walls, nailing things into the floor and doing odd jobs. I was sent there to keep out of trouble, but I never thought about acting before that at all. Then I discovered I liked the people doing drama far more than most of the other people at my school. I spent so much time there that eventually someone asked me to be in a play, it had nothing whatsoever to do with my acting ability. I found out that I loved acting and I am very glad it happened.”  Hugh Dancy