valentina minayeva


~Class of 2015~

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Grad gifts for all my teachers (aside from my chem 35 teacher sorry man i didn’t have time but you’re still really awesome (even if you still can’t tell the difference between me and katie after 3 years)) 

Penguin + Blue Dragon: Chem 20IB/30 IB

Blue Jar(sonobe + merengue) + Silver Dragon: French 20IB/30IB

Red Jar (rose + sonobe) + megapolis + yellow dragon: Bio 30IB

Green Jar (fluffy rose + estrella) + kusudama + mint dragon: Social 10-30 R

Kusudama Amaryllis + red dragon: English 10-30IB

STUVWXYZ star + green dragon: Math 10-30IB

STUVWXYZ star + grey dragon: Math 31R

Graduating Duck + gold dragon: Physics 20IB/30IB

Folded by me