valentina elise

Volume 6: Part One

Things they never taught me in art school:

  • The general public need not concern itself with your psychosis. Save your anxieties for your artwork, and continue with business as usual.
  • You will need to re-acclimate to dealing with personalities you may not have encountered for four years. This does not mean you regress to your previous self from high school.
  • You will feel lonely. Remember that you are not alone, and that what you’re feeling goes without saying when you’re surrounded by familiar faces.
  • You will feel tired. It’s good to sleep. Don’t let this become an excuse to become lazy.
  • Art school was hard, but creating assignments for yourself and sticking to our own deadlines can prove harder.
  • Great things can take time. Find your equilibrium, though. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Volume 6: Part 2

As I absorb my surroundings, I find myself brimmed with the anxieties that my friends whom I once admired are already ten steps ahead of me. It’s a terrible thing to feel left behind, especially for bigger, better things.

With this new found solitude, I’ve consulted the trees, and have chosen to follow suit; molt my baggage from the last year, and endure the inevitable. I don’t mind that it’ll be a long winter, but you’d be a fool to think I won’t complain about the cold weather regardless. I don’t mind that great things take time, but goddamn, this is taking for ever.

It’s the calm before the storm, and from a distance, I can’t discern whether the forecast predicts loan payments, or pearls of wisdom. The best I can think to do is continue as usual, and ride this out until I unearth my next wind. The best I can do today will be my bare minimum standards tomorrow when fine is no longer good enough.

For those of you who perhaps feel the same way, I would like to extend the opportunity for you to share the way you feel, and include why you chose this path 6 months ago. I’d venture to say that the hungry ghosts have lost their way. We all need to stick to our guns, myself included.