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Sole: *appreciate companion* 

I had a bad day today and want to draw these dudes blush


Cait | Curie
Danse | Deacon
Edward | Glory
Hancock | Kent
MacCready | Nick
Piper | Preston

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Companions as Bob's Burgers gifs?


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Old Longfellow:

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So you know how the Wasteland Whisperer perk is basically unusable if you have a melee character since you need to point a gun at the thing you want to pacify?

You know what melee characters should be able to do if they try to pacify a thing?

Finger guns.

Seriously. Just imagine someone’s Sole Survivor running up to a deathclaw and just… *fingerguns* ayyyyy. And the deathclaw is now just pacified.

Someone needs to make this a mod. Please.

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if you still have your requests open, maybe companions react to Sole kissing them in order to keep quiet around enemies? maybe romanced companions too? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but fantastic blog btw c:

Cait: “Why don’t you shut your damn-” Sole cuts her off mid-hiss, stifling the angry whisper so the passing enemies don’t catch wind of her theatrics. Cait’s caught off-guard, and briefly considers throwing Sole off just out of spite. But, Sole’s lips are awfully nice. Tossing them into battle would just be rude. So, grudgingly, Cait lets herself be silenced, even returning the kiss near the end.

Codsworth: “Ah… Mx. Sole, I appreciate the intent, but putting your mouth on my speaker will not actually muffle the sounds. The reverberation inside my torso will-” A barrage of gunfire pelts the cover to their side. “I see that perhaps now was not the best time to correct you.”

Curie: Her squeak is adorable to say the least, and she turns very still, her hands curling into her pants, or the dirt if they’re lying on soft ground. Sole’s looking around her, keeping an eye on the enemies, but Curie is transfixed, baffled by this strange act of “kissing.” Sole has to gently pull away when she gets a little too distracted by experimenting with it.

Danse: The paladin isn’t mouthy at the best of times, but he must have been talking just a little too loud for Sole to hush him up just then. He doesn’t say anything. His cheeks flame red and he goes very still, thinking that he must be imagining what Sole just did. He’s almost thankful when the shooting starts, as it allows him to hide the burning color in his face.

Deacon: He pulls away, startled. The sound of his movement gives them away, and the pair have to scramble to fight off the baddies. Sole apologizes sheepishly, and Deacon waves them off with a embarrassed chuckle. “Sure, sure. I get what you were going for, and I know I’m irresistible-” He flashes finger guns at them. “-but you have to give me a little warning. Thanks.”

Dogmeat: He goes still, tail pointed up with Sole’s hands on his face and their lips on his nose. His ears point straight up, but he’s as quiet as can be. He’s a very good boy, and gets rewarded with headpats when the enemies pass. 

Hancock: Whatever he was saying becomes a pleased hum when Sole’s lips meet his. Without missing a beat, he returns the kiss, catching Sole off-guard, but not in a bad way. The ghoul might not have much lip left, but he knows how to use what he’s got. Poor Sole ends up being seduced after that. They should know better than to get a lecherous mayor in the mood.

Nick Valentine: He’s shocked. This is not something he’s had to deal with for a long time, though he can’t say he hasn’t thought about it. His hands flail for a minute, ghosting over Sole’s body before awkwardly resting on their hips. He feels like a schoolboy seeing his first boob all over again. Though, if Sole likes the flabbergasted look on his face, he could seeing a lot more than that later.

MacCready: Hot damn. He’s allowed to swear in his head, right? For a moment, he curses himself for not brushing his teeth yesterday. He never brushes his teeth, but he always thinks he will. And he should have done it yesterday. Now he just has to savor the feeling of Sole’s mouth until they pull away and he has to shoot some bastards with a tent in his jeans.

Piper: Her cheeks tint a pretty shade of pink. Her eyebrows lift, and she takes the moment to try and kiss… good. Kiss better? Kiss well? She’s not sure what the right word is. She ends up sticking her tongue in Sole’s mouth in an attempt to be “seductive,” which makes Sole burst into giggles and defeats the point of trying to be quiet anyway.

Preston: He goes quiet until the enemies’ footsteps fade away, then gently pulls back from Sole’s lips. “Take me out to dinner first?” he asks with a smile. He and Sole giggle, but then the giggles fade, and their eyes meet. The silence lasts a few seconds before Preston goes in for another kiss, and, well…

Strong: “HUMAN NOT EAT STRONG.” Whoopsie, now they’re being shot at. Poor Sole. They tried.

X6-88: When Sole pulls away, X6 sounds almost irritated. “There were better ways to handle that situation,” he says, though the annoyance is mostly to hide his surprise. No one’s ever kissed him like that before. No one’s ever kissed him before, period. Later, much later, he musters the confidence to ask: “So… what you did, three days ago. During the… stealth maneuver. What was your motivation behind that?”

Companions at a Carnival

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some reacts, sorry about that. It’s Finals Week, so hopefully I can get them done after tomorrow. Thank you for being patient with me :)


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 Nick Valentine: 

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 Elder Maxson:

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