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The Valeninto Rockstud is the ultimate sugaring shoe. Here’s why…

- They are high end designer.

- The shoes have a beautiful, sexy shape (the pitch is high and the pointy toe is more vampish and gives off sexier vibes than square or round-toe).

- The heel is high enough to draw attention to you but not so high that standing in them in unbearable. I have Loub So Kate’s and if I had to freestyle in them in a crowded bar, I would be in pain by the end of the night. Rockstud is just the right height.

- The heels are strappy and slingback, exposing more skin. I think slingback pumps are sexier than closed even when the height is the same. They’re not as conservative as closed heels. And the crossed, gladiator-like straps in the front are reminiscent of bondage (sexy).

- The stud embellishment helps accessorize your outfit. I wear very basic pieces and understated hairstyles. The glimmering studs on these shoes make it seem as if you put more effort into your outfit.

… I can wear these during the day without looking too sexy. Louboutin So Kates are nearly 5 inches and even though they scream “upscale”, they are inappropriate for a daytime lunch.

… Now to figure out what color to get. At nearly $1000 pair, I can’t start off with 2 colors.

Nude will be more versatile but I also plan to wear more all black outfits and the black Rockstud will look better with all black… Black Rockstud isn’t just plain black - it has contrasting nude trim so an all black outfit won’t get too boring with a pair of Black Rockstud slingbacks.

I may get nude first and hopefully, they will win my way into an SD’s heart who will then go on to finance my black pair…