“Millions will die!" 

"Well yeah but–”

“WELL YEAH BUT” coming from Mr it’s-always-about-the-job-isn’t-it himself like yeah who cares I won’t leave you here alone screw the world I just found you again I need to protect you I don’t want to be away from you anymore let me take care of you please don’t leave me 

Hey guys !  how are you doing?
I think this is my first Resident Evil drawing! *Q* I’m just in love with this series! I’m playing the games since I’m little <3
Finally I found the time to draw a fanart of one of my favorite ships of all times! Chris redfield x Jill Valentine *Q*  Hope you like it c: 

anonymous asked:

From Chris arms. Do you think which his favorite part of Jill physical? I think Chris love her eyes.

I honestly think Chris doesn’t have a favorite. He loves every single inch of her. And specially after Kijuju, he loves to have all those inches the closest possible, all the time.

He does love her eyes too Nonnie but I’d say her hands. Remember how he just goes for her hands in RE5?

(See also :3) Just like his arms are always comforting her so are her hands comforting him. She loves to have her hands all over him all the time and every time she touches him, he can’t help but feel on cloud 9. It’s like a physical proof that she is actually there with him and will never leave again. And how can he not love that?