Awesome Dragon Age people we met yesterday at @emeraldcitycomicon

Leliana is me @kolibrichan
Cassandra is @jj-dreamworldz
Morrigan is @valdrein
Iron Bull is @bettiebloodshed

I don’t know anyone else’s tumblr! Let me know if it’s you because I love you!

Also @lonicera-caprifolium is really awesome :)


The BATMAN video we filmed to ensure that Valdrein’s Batman impersonation would not be lost to history…

BATMAN DAY #batman #cosplay #dccomics #batmancosplay

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Twin I need to talk to you about something very serious; We don't see nearly enough of your cats. We don't know anything about the small bundles of beans. And that is serious. Who is their favorite human? What is their favorite food? Where do they prefer to sleep? Who meows the most? Which one plots to take over the world? What do they look like while sleeping? WE NEED TO SEE MORE KITTIES.


CALLISTO: The Princess

Nicknames: KILL-listo, Khaleesi, Baby Girl, Puta, the White Devil, Marie

  • -Definitely the world-take over-plotter of the two
  • -Sleeps mostly on her cat tower like an elitist bitch
  • -Was once posted on 4Chan in her Artemis from Sailor Moon “cosplay” as the “Biggest Cosplay Elitist of All” and I 100% agree 
  • -She has an obsession with eating string. When she was about a year old she ate string and it got wrapped around her tongue. The vet didn’t notice and she went through weeks of pain and rapid weight loss before we took her into the vet one last time (thinking she was done-fore). The string was found and cut and she was put on fluids just hours before she would have gone into fatal sepsis. She made a full recovery, literally coming back from the brink of death… and then… PROCEEDED TO EAT MORE STRING EVERY GOODDAMN CHANCE SHE HAS
  • -Has tried to kill Valdrein in her sleep on multiple occasions by knowing large statues onto her head
  • -She used to have a single grey spot on her head. It’s completely gone now. We believe she willed it away to become perfect white cat.
  • -She “flops” over constantly, like the fainting goats. Once she “flopped” off a table.
  • -She’s a chronic purrer. She purrs loudly regardless of the situation.
  • -Loves everyone. Literally wants all the attention all the time. Is she sees you paying attention to anyone or anything she will dart in front of that thing so you’re petting her.
  • -Loves makeup. Once somehow got blush on her cheek.

PANTHER: The Big Bear

Nicknames: Poo-face, Cat-Dog, Bear-Dog, the Blob, Fattie-Pie Donuts, Sad sack

  • -sleeps on top of people or at the foot of a bed
  • -has caught 2 mice somehow
  • -Was found in a plastic bag on the side of the road with 2 other kittens. His SPCA profile photo came with a disclaimer “this cat is not as ugly as he looks in photos” because he takes VERY bad photos (hence the nickname, the blob)
  • -He once broke through reinforced glass cabinets with his head to escape the vacuum cleaner.
  • -Is literally afraid of everything
  • -Nova once stepped on his tail, and instead of meowing or running away like a normal animal he looked at his tail, looked at her, and sadly lay down and waited for her to move.
  • -We call him “Nurse Panther” because he sticks like glue to anyone who’s sick, often trying to “fix” them by laying his entire body on the place of pain. For example, if you have a sore throat you will wake up with a cat laying across your neck. If you have a headache, bam, fat cat trying to balance his fat body on your head.
  • -He loves belly rubs… and food. Definitely loves food.
  • -You can do anything to him. We sometimes just pile stuff on top of him or dress him up in hats and tiny shirts and he doesn’t care.
  • -Very gentle and patient, would trust 100% with small children
"Mind the Gap" (aka twin, Nova and Valdrein's Hetalia of the London Underground)

Valdrein, Nova and I spent a LOT of time on the London Underground while we were in England. After a while, you start to get attached to the different lines, you know? Like we’d be on Piccadilly Line for hours, see the Metropolitan Line rush by and sigh with a “oh Piccadilly, you just keep chugging along you crazy diamond”. So eventually we formed a head cannon. And that head cannon became what we started calling “Mind the Gap”.

I’ve received some interest from people in fleshing out this stupid little idea more, so here it is! XD

Piccadilly Piccadilly is Valdrein’s character. He speaks in something of a falsetto voice and lives life in a haze of optimism. Nothing can ever upset him, even though he is perpetually in the worst circumstances imaginable. Piccadilly Line… you tried. He wears a really flamboyant rainbow pink sweater, has messy red hair and wears plaid pants.

Bakerloo Bakerloo is Nova’s character. Serious and straight to business, Bakerloo finds himself surrounded by idiots, and this upsets him. He’s got some anger issues, but he tends to explode behind gritted teeth. His doctor said that he has the heart of an 80 year old. He wears a bow-tie, glasses, clean-cropped hair, a sweater-vest hipster jeans.

Circle Circle is twin’s character. He’s mute, so he never talks he only reacts with either a blank stare and a dumb smile or with sudden bursts of erratic behaviour (runs around in a circle and jumps through a window, falls 4 stories, then continues to run into incoming traffic after being asked how he’d like his eggs, for example). No one really knows much about him other than his uncanny ability to just appear out of buttfuck nowhere. He has a pet-rock that he walks around on a leash and it’s his best friend. He wears a brown sweater that is several sizes too big for him (the sleeves are way too long for his arms), messy blonde hair that’s swept to one side, skinny jeans with patches on the knees and a backback where he puts stuff that he chronically collects.

Metropolitan The sassy gay character, Metropolitan is all about sexy guys, fashion and judging bitches. His dream in life is to make everything fabulous. He’s a bit of a gossip though, and if you get on his bad side he will vehemently try to sabotage your life. He has platinum blonde stylish hair, a purple crop-top, black leather pants and a tramp stamp on his back.

Central Central has anger issues. Not in the way that Bakerloo does but Central is actually clinically manic. He’s perpetually angry, always yelling at everything (animate or not) and punching walls/flipping tables. He’s a former military man, and to this day still carries his military behaviour with him by calling everyone else “cadet” or some variation. Due to his sudden flashbacks to his war days, it is suspected that Colonel Central may still think that he’s in the war.

District District is a chav. He’s a gangster wannabe who struts around picking fights, doing drug deals and generally just being a dick. Oddly he’s also Circle’s big brother. He wears sweatpants, a wife-beater top and a do-rag.

Jubilee Jubilee is best described in comparison to Ke$ha… she’s a dirty party slut and she embraces that. She’s always looking for the next party and she always looks and smells like she’s come from a night of club-hopping (to to mention she’s perpetually drunk). She wears messy “teased” blonde hair with streaks of various colours, leopard print leggings, a short skirt and a white skimpy top that’s stained with rum. She’s got bling for days all over and it never seen without a healthy helping of glitter around her eyes.

Victoria Victoria is the bitch. She, Central and Northern are of the “older” group, though Victoria would never admit that. She’s a bitter and villainous woman who would be at home on a show like The Real Housewives. She’s a cougar with a major thing for Bakerloo, and she’s always trying to jump his bones. She also hates Jubilee. She wears an elegant dress decorated with classy diamonds. She essentially looks like she’s always coming out of a party for the elite at some mansion. 

Northern Northern is a skittish accountant. He’s a nervous man with more health problems, phobia and allergies than you can shake a stick at. Bad things are always happening to him, and he always seems to be karma’s whipping boy for the deeds of the rest of the group. He wears a business suit, always carries a briefcase and has slicked back black hair. 


Since Hunchback of Notre Dame was featured in Dream Drop Distance of Kingdom Hearts, I had to try and get a photo with FDP while they wore their KH cosplays since I made the Feast of Fools crown for people to wear. Alas, Sora’s wig would have being a challange for the crown, but I’m happy to have crowned Roxas and Riku.

Out the two, Roxas is the new King of Fools. No doubt about it.


The next video in our Trip to England 2012 set :3, this time it’s our trip to The Harry Potter Studio Tour! This thing was amazing guys, definitely ideal for any Harry Potter fan!

May is going to be awesome!

After spending weeks with no plans what so ever and mostly alone because no one hardly has time to hang, I HAVE PLANS! Almost all of May is filled!

1st - 16th: Dad is in Spain

2nd - 9th: I go to Stockholm!

11th - 16th: Courtney sleepover in Malmö!

13th - 18th: Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö!

18th: Sofie’s birthday!

23rd - 27th: Cece comes to Malmö!

I’m so excited for it all!

Okay, finally group kind of photos, but after all the Clopin photos, here’s some of my next favourite photo (before we look at the final party photos at least… ohlord, there are some beautiful photos there).

But it was amazing to meet Twin and Nova again this year, and also got to meet Val and her amazing-ness. Best people ever. Specially more so because they love Hunchback of Notre Dame I found out… I still haven’t found The Secret of the Hunchback to watch though after hearing so much about it. Sadtimes.


My sock drawer is the best place ever,
I don’t match them up,
I don’t roll them together,
they are free.

Maybe they want to stick together, that’s cool,
My rainbow heart sock is inside a pair on underwear, that’s cool too.

When I put my sock on I just grab the closest ones,
Black on one foot, White on the other,
Ankle sock with a Knee High,
Thick and thin,
Dots and little zoo animals.

I wish the world would look at my Sock Drawer.

I’m adding this here as well as on Facebook. This was taken at Banzaicon 4 - Time Travel Trouble, 5th of April, 2013. In the picture we have the lovely Nova Vandorwolf as Lady Loki, the dashing Twinfools as Tony Stark, myself cosplaying Princess Merida and the brilliant Valdrein as Lady Thor. Thank you guys so much, once again, and I hope I get to meet you again sometime in the future.

Bird People

Bird People are fucking weird,
If you’re a bird person…I’m sorry, I’m sorry that you’re fucking weird.

When I first met my step father he owned a Cocatoo,
This bird was the devil,
It bit me, flipped me off, and flew at my face a number of times screeching the battle cry of hell.
Once she chased me around the house, my saving grace was that she was as stupid as she was Evil so she didn’t know how to navigate stairs.


The bird was given to a new family and we are living in peace in a new home.
To fill the void my step father started to feed the local crows,
It started innocent enough, a few pieces of pop corn, a timbit, hard bread.

Though at Thanksgiving he deiced the Crows should celebrate with us.
He picks up our left over turkey and places it on a platter with corn, stuffing, cranberries and TWO types of potatoes.

My mother fails to see the issues,
“Look how little we waste bread!”

Why do I care?

“Look! There waiting for us outside!”
“…oh, there coming up to us when we go outside”
“……..there squaking at the window….there sure is a lot of them”

I tend to avoid the lawn for this reason but alas we had a mini snow storm and I went out to shovel. My father was sick and my mother went to get me some starbucks….

*sees a bird on the lawn a foot away*
*see 5 circling our house plus 2 seaguls*
*see 3 crows on the phone line infront of our house*
*starts to walk towards the house*
*4 standing in a fucking line over my door way*

…fuck you bird people,
You’ll be the death of us all…