You know what we should all talk about/consider? OiYama. Like not even romantic OiYama, although that’s fine too, but just like Oikawa watching the way he does all analytical when Yamaguchi is first thrown in to do his float serve and then seeing Yamaguchi fail as he did. But even though he failed Oikawa could still see how hard Yamaguchi had worked and how frustrated and disappointed he was in himself that his serve had not made it or helped his team. Oikawa noticing all of this and then when Aoba Jousai gets a break from matches he catches Yamaguchi still in the building while Karasuno is getting ready to go.

Oikawa actively seeking out Yamaguchi during free time between tournament matches to offer to help Yamaguchi with his serves too, so Yamaguchi can have all these different kinds of serves, not just a jump float serve, but a power serve and a feint serve like OIkawa too, because Oikawa recognizes how hard Yamaguchi has been working and how much effort he’s put into trying to better himself to keep up and be recognized like his other gifted freshmen teammates. Oikawa knowing how Yamaguchi is feeling because he felt the same way when Kageyama first came to Kitagawa Daichii and the genius became a threat to all of the hard work and effort Oikawa had already put into his position. Oikawa sympathizing with Yamaguchi and truly, purely, without any ulterior motive, wanting to help the little freckled baby crow.

Yamaguchi being reluctant at first because Oikawa did target Tsuki in all the matches, but eventually warming up and agreeing because he’s gotten to know Oikawa a little bit and the Captain of Aoba Jousai is actually a genuine and nice person, though a bit bratty. Yamaguchi and Oikawa becoming good friends and hanging out sometimes, not just to practice serves, but just to chill and talk and maybe play video games or go somewhere. Iwa-chan sometimes tags along too and then as Oikawa and Yamaguchi spend more time together Yamaguchi gets to know Iwaizumi better too-because Iwaizumi and Oikawa are besties so they’re always together basically-and Iwaizumi helps Yamaguchi with his spikes and blocking and stuff.

Yamaguchi becoming good friends with both Oikawa and Iwaizumi and Iwa-chan being like the big brother/mentor that he never had and-here’s your warning right now: i will be going into the romantic part of OiYama relationship now-helps Yamaguchi when the freckled boy accidentally admits he might have a crush on Oikawa when talking to Iwa-chan one day while they’re hanging out. Iwa-chan telling Oikawa about it and Oikawa finding it so endearing and actually flattering because Yamaguchi is so cute, adorable, sweet, kind, considerate, a hard-worker, honest, earnest, loyal, and innocent and wow Oikawa never thought he deserved someone like that but here’s Yamaguchi wanting to be with Oikawa because he admires the setter for how hard of a worker he is, the kind side of him, how fun he is, how attractive and loving and caring he can actually be and all that.

Oikawa and Yamaguchi both being a little shy at first because they’re both thinking like: Wow! I can’t believe this amazing person is actually dating me! and Iwa-chan having to push them both a little bit, but he also thinks it’s super cute and he thinks Yamaguchi is good for Oikawa because the honest and innocent boy will keep Oikawa’s brattiness in check sometimes. Once they get over their initial shyness they’re both so happy and proud of their partner that public displays of affection so they’re always holding hands and hugging whenever they can. Oikawa is also a huge snuggle monster too and Yamaguchi is 10000% okay with that.


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Do you know a game online or on Android that is like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance? I like the chess like nature and turns based especially. And how I don't have to assign stats and can just equip weapons and armor. Thank you!

Depends. Do you mean a game with the same exact style of play as FFT:A, or do you just mean grid-based tactical RPGs in general?

if it’s the latter (i.e., grid-based tactical RPGs in general), you could have a look at Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire. Advancement-wise it’s very simple - in fact, there’s no player-directed advancement of any sort; your units and their levels are fixed for each scenario - but the gameplay is quite challenging, with multiple difficulty levels. (The hardest difficulty setting is called “Princess”, which I admit made me grin.) Also, lady protagonist and a West Asian setting, both of which are things you don’t see very often in games of this type. Fair warning: the story involves lots of war crimes, some of them depicted quite graphically.

If you’re in the market for something a little lighter, most of Nippon Ichi’s tactical RPG library has been ported to PC. I’d particularly recommend Phantom Brave, a cute little title about a girl who can summon ghosts. The mechanics are quite novel; not only can you bind your phantoms into nearly any object on the battlefield, any unbound object can be picked up and used as a weapon, complete with special attacks - like, you can literally pick up a tree and use it to conjure a tornado. (Because that’s an inherent trait of trees. Naturally.)

Conversely, if you want something that sticks close to the exact same style of play as FFT:A, rather than grid-based tactical RPGs in general, I can’t think of anything that’s out right this minute I’d recommend, but there is a title in development I’ve been keeping an eye on: EndlessFluff Games’ Fae Tactics. They’re the same folks who put together Valdis Story, which is hands down the best Symphony of the Night clone I’ve ever played, so I have high hopes for this one. No estimated release date yet, unfortunately.

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Wait, they do? Seriously? Could you give me some figures or at least where I could go to get those figures?

Well there are a lot of Metroidvania games that have sold a ton, so it’s clearly not a genre thing.

Cave Story, Hollow Knight, Valdis, Guacamelee, Strider, Axiom Verge, Momodora, Ori and the Blind Forest, Shadow Complex….

Steam Spy has Steam Numbers for all of these, you’ll never get console numbers

But yeah, there’s a reason everyone has been yelling at Nintendo and Konami - since 2012 Metroidvania has become the default model for the 2D Platformer, the genre has never been stronger, and both of them just flat out slept on it.


After a month away, Draugar Vinlands reconvened yesterday at a Thing to discuss our ever growing numbers and the future of our hirð and the nature of our community as the years continue.
In addition, we took the opportunity to welcome four new members to our group, people who have been with us for a long time and have shown true dedication and friendship while meeting DV standards of authenticity: Thora, Eyvind, and Valdis, as well as the Jarl’s young and growing hunting companion, Sterling Halfdan.


Valdi Sabev - Perfect Day [Beautiful Nature Hd]