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Before You Go: Part I

Summary: Zendaya flies out solo to New York for the Sway 3.0 weekend. And if everything goes according to her plan, she’d be looking at the best next three days of her life. 

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When you really matter to someone, that person will always make time for you.

IamValC: Great seeing my girl Zendaya…as busy as we are, it’s always important to make time for family #evenifitsanewyorkminute  

“Age takes a bite out of your ambition and your dreams and, you know, you get a little jaded and slowed down, but being around Zendaya, she inspires not only kids, but also adults. I feel like she’s made me dream bigger again, made me believe in myself again, and gives you purpose. And purpose is everything.” -Val Chmerkovskiy.  on anything you have learn from Zendaya. :)