never-seen-a-nevergreen  asked:

What did your family think when they first saw Odin? In the same vine, do you have any cute baby Odin or when your family first saw him?

Most thought he was cute because he was so tiny! I had several reptiles in the past before Odin and had been raised around many lizards, snakes and even a alligator so many were not surprised that I got him! The only person who was really surprised and had negative things to say about me getting him, Odin still does not tolerate being around them and is one of the only few people Odin has ever pooped on! 

Here’s one of the only pictures I have of him the first day I got him! He was so tiny!

softshirringsound  asked:

What is your favorite memory with Odin? (Btw I always look forward to seeing your posts!! Sometimes I just think about Odin and hope he's havin a good day)

I have so many good memories with Odin but I think my favorite was from he was about a 1 ½ years old! When Odin was younger before we upgraded his enclosure he had a enclosure with sliding plixiglass door on it that my step-dad built. Well one night my mother and I were making cheesecakes for holiday dessert that was in the next few days. After we had finished baking the first one and had just put the second one into bake we heard a loud crash! Next thing we know we hear this fast click! click! click! sound on the hard wood floors and suddenly Odin strolls around the corner and into the kitchen and along the way he is smelling everything! I of course go to pick him up to make sure he is ok and he throws a fit! Huffing and puffing and wiggling! My mom tells me to put him down and she will watch over him while I go find out what happened I agree and went to see what the loud crash had been about! Odin somehow had busted out the plixiglass door and had split the wood that made up the sliding track for the plixiglass door!  My mother suddenly calls me back to the kitchen telling me I need to come see this! When I get to the kitchen I see Odin trying to climb the cabinets, sticking his tongue out as farrr as he can smelling, right where the fresh baked cheese cake was sitting on the counter at! From then on it’s always been a joke between friends and family that you don’t bring cheesecake around Odin or even mention cheesecake around him because he will break down doors to get to it!

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy seeing pictures of Odin it always makes me happy knowing that people enjoy seeing pictures of him! Odin sends some lizards kisses your way!

anonymous asked:

first costume you ever made for Odin?

The first ever costume I made for Odin was a lion costume! It looked really bad and he hated it! After the first time I put it on him and took pictures I never put it back on him again. Here’s a picture of it!

anonymous asked:

Does odin have any favorite toys? ☺️

Yes! Odin really seems to enjoy chasing his fishing lure toy and will even seek out the fishing rod that I attach the lure to wanting to chase it and will not leave it alone until I play the “lizard fishing game” with him for awhile!

He has also lately been enjoying digging and playing in what I have started to call his “mud pit” which is just a big bowl shaped planter that I fill with dirt and water until its a soupy muddy mess and then he spends hours digging and getting it all over his enclosure and him! II don’t know if that would be considered a toy but it keeps him entertained!