Thurs 8/27
Today Frank carried my pack when I couldn’t carry it any longer.
An elderly spaniard warned us not to take the old Camino. He said it was too steep, We walked the highway instead, until we met up with the Martin family. They talked us into taking the original El Camino.
The Camino was beautiful, rocky & steep, VERY difficult. Miguel Martin peregrino in Valcarlos, took pity on us & left his family while they picnicked & returned to help us. He carried my backpack, encouraged us, showed us a black 6 inch snail–not edible. & which berries to eat. Our prayers always seem to be answered, we get the help we need, and we find strength within us to carry on. We pray to Jesus to give us the grace to know his will, intercessory prayers to God from St. Anthony to find us a room, and St Christopher for a safe journey. Everything is possible with God.
In Roncesvalles we stayed in a €60 suite (decided against the €15/person 125 bed Alberques dinner & breakfast included) & had an €17 each fixed price meal (goat cheese salad (various lettuces in oil, endive, raisins, walnuts, bacon ), Cod with tomatoes & peppers with an entire bottle of wine, bread & water, dessert–Frank had Basque Cake, I had flan with cream.
We will attend the pilgrims mass tonight at 8pm. BTW we are exhausted.


Weds 8/26
Backpacked 9 miles from St. Jean Pied Port, France to Valcarlos, España. Ate lunch at a strip mall. Frank had pizza which was served with French fries! & I had Ensalada mixta–tomatoes, lettuce, plain canned tuna, green & black olives. We got a lot of looks by the locals. A good looking mischievous sparkling blue eyed young male waiter had a good time making fun of my Spanish. We finally arrived at Valcarlos without a reservation. We knocked on the wrong door and an elderly man answered & told us there would be no room for us in Valcarlos. We prayed to St. Anthony to help us find a room & all the saints and angels for good measure. We stopped at a grocery store to get water and I asked the woman if there was any place we could stay the night in town she drew us a map AND gave us the secret code to the door at the Albergues . She told us the refugio would be too noisy for us and that the Albergues would be more tranquil for us. The Martins (Spanish pronounciation) arrived before us. They are from Seville Spain. 2 teens, mom & dad. They were so sweet and kind generous people. Just lovely.
And then a couple with two 7ish boys (1 is the dickens put a fake snake on my bed & was rewarded by my scream) and one girl about 10 arrived from a day of swimming in our dormitory style room. also 2 other polish 50ish ladies. As we walked there were several encouraging gritos & car horns with a thumbs up.
We pray the rosary in loud voices so we can hear each other! 😁