(My 66th Post~)

Hello, everyone~ It’s been a while~ x3

Anyhoo… This ValFuka pics are requested by one of my Tumblr’s best pals luna-tan~ She loves ValFuka as much as I did~ :3

Hope you liked this, dear buddy luna-tan~ <3

EDIT : As luna-tan requested, I add the link where  got the pics~ But I lost the links to pics #1 - #5 since these pics are quite old in my cellphone and I forget where did I get those. Sorry, luna-tan… X_x

Pics #6 - #8 =

Pics #9 & #10 =

Wao… new Disgaea game? I saw it just now. It’s can’t be helped I’m not a big gamer, or so I’m not gamer at all, but I adore Disgaea very much… and the 4th is just too cute. Valbatose’s an adorable vampire, Fenrich’s a werewolf or something like that and I like the others too. I’m overload with cuteness. *w*