• Buddy Valastro: Mio figlio voleva giocare a football... ma mia moglie è una mamma italiana e non voleva perché era preoccupata!
  • Actual Madre Italiana: Toh, levate un po', pija la palla e vai a giocare in mezzo alla strada con gli amichetti tuoi.
Paladins + Lotor Squad Media Headcanons

Also known as “what happens when a conversation with @feelscoaster at 3 AM spirals wildly out of control.”

-Conspiracy theories for days
-Has an entire playlist of conspiracy theory videos on YouTube
-Alien, monster and cryptid documentaries
-Thinks about them way too hard afterward

-Watches ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and RuPaul’s Drag Race’ religiously
-Shows about houses–buying them, building them, flipping them, you name it
-Cupcake Wars with Hunk, mostly so he can loudly complain about how ‘you don’t put effing cayenne pepper in a cupcake, what the hell

-Food Network my dudes
-Cupcake wars, The Great British Bake-Off
-Refuses to watch Cake Boss, says Buddy Valastro is a fraud–prefers Ace of Cakes
-Also Chopped; Hunk watches a lot of Chopped
-Hunk also pretends he is ON Chopped

-How It’s Made and How Stuff Works
-Has a gigantic playlist full of random DIY projects and insists that she’s going to do them all eventually
-Let’s Plays

-Not the best at watching much of anything; prefers to be up and about and being productive
-When he does manage to settle down, it’s cat videos and funny vines; anything that can help him relax and forget himself for a while
-Occasionally watches documentaries with Keith because the ‘documentary voice’ puts him to sleep
-Let him rest

-Universe’s biggest consumer of memes
-Watches a ton of Let’s Plays with Pidge
-The occasional game show; perpetually angry that Bob Barker is no longer on The Price is Right
-Funny video compilations, almost as many cat videos as Shiro

-Self-improvement videos
-Occasional make-up tutorials
-Kind of annoying to watch actual TV with because she asks too many questions and no actual watching gets done

-Downton Abbey
-Real Housewives
-Shiro walks in on him watching the latter one day and the exchange goes something like this:
-”Hey Coran, can I get an update on how the teludav repairs are–”
-*aggressive muttering* “Come on Tiffany kick her skank ass

Lotor Squad
-Entire squad is very into Game of Thrones, courtesy of Zethrid
-Except for Ezor, who thinks it’s too violent and cries every time someone in the show dies
-Entire squad is somehow continually surprised each time Jon Snow dies
-Ezor is a walking YouTube beauty channel
-She collaborates with Lotor on make-up and hair tutorials at least once a month
-Lotor is secretly a massive freaking weeb
-It’s his deep dark secret, one that he shares with Acxa, who got him into anime
-Lotor’s weakness is sappy slice of life anime; Acxa has walked in on him crying over Clannad several times
-The two of them are at a mutual understanding that Zethrid can never find out about their personal viewing habits; Lotor would rather play his entire collection of space porn on a galaxy-wide hologram screen than let Zethrid find out he watches anime
-”If I die, delete my browser history. But you can still use my Space Crunchyroll.”
-Narti knows
-Neither Lotor nor Acxa know that she knows
-Narti watches anime with them through Kova’s eyes from time to time because neither of them think to kick the cat out of the room
-Because she is blind, Narti really enjoys ASMR videos
-Zethrid likes professional wrestling; no one has the heart to tell her it’s fake, even in space

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five things you’ll find in my bag:

Earphones, tissues, hand sanitizer, water bottle & loose coins

five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

K-pop albums, books, games, lots of random useless shit & clothes 😊

five things i’ve always wanted to do:

Travel the world with family, be a part of a flash mob, fly in a helicopter, cosplay an Assassin’s Creed character & meet one of my fave actors/youtubers, etc.

five things that make me feel happy:

Games, reading/writing, 4-wheel driving, sweet food & K-pop

five things i’m currently into:

Assassin’s Creed (of course), K-pop (if you couldn’t guess), baking, Outlast & Buddy Valastro

five things on my to-do list:

Write those damn requests (I’m so sorry), finish the next chapter of Only Time Will Tell, get a job, get my full license & clean my room

1. nicknames? Elly, Elle, Em

2. gender? Female

3. star sign? Pisces

4. height? 5′6″/5′7″ (somewhere around there)

5. time? 3:21pm

6. birthday? 26th of February

7. favourite bands? This is a dangerous question… I have too many 😂

8. favourite solo artist? Jay Park, Inna, Randi, Eric Nam, Dean & heaps more

9. song stuck in my head? As If It’s Your Last - BLACKPINK 

10. last movie you watched? Train To Busan 😭👌

11. last show you watched? Turn: Washington’s Spies 😭👌

12. when did i create my blog? 23rd of September, 2016 😊

13. what do i post? Video game stuff mostly, but also fanfics & K-pop on a rare occasion

14. last thing i googled? EB Games

15. do you have other blogs? Nah, only this one

16. do you get asks? Yesss

17. why did you choose your url? Shay Cormac, that’s why

18. following? 111

19. followers? 494 how the f-

20. favourite colours? Teal, red, white & silver

21. average hours of sleep? Lately? 7-8 hours

22. lucky number? I don’t have one

23. instruments? Drums, if only I could play them 😂

24. what am i wearing? A baggy shirt… 😉😂

25. how many blankets i sleep with? 3 at the moment, it’s fkn cold

26. dream job? A graphic designer, a tailor or a house flipper

27. dream trip? Everywhere, honestly 😂

28. favourite food? Chocolate

29. nationality? Australian/Cook Island Maori

30. favourite song now? … Refer to number 9, my dudes 😂

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Just A Little Bit More (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: The one where the reader and Bucky are on a mission and they have to kiss so their cover won’t be blown.

Warning/s: A little bit of swearing (Steve doesn’t like that kind of language apparently). 

Author’s note: I got carried away a little bit in the ending hehe. I used a scene from Agent Carter 01x01 because I didn’t know what to write anymore. I hope you all like it!

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“Bucky, where are you?” (Y/N) asked while looking around the crowded place, blending in. 

She and Bucky are on an undercover mission. They were there to find the target, interrogate him, and extract the chemical formula which the target was hiding somewhere in his office. The target was hosting a gala in Italy. Natasha had helped (Y/N) pick out the dress she would be wearing the gala while Steve and Tony helped Bucky find a tuxedo for him to wear. 

Once they arrived in the country, they headed to the venue. They changed into their disguises and proceeded to their mission. (Y/N) had noticed the glances that her partner was sending her way and couldn’t help but point it out to tease him. Evidently, he turned away flustered and proceeded to what he was supposed to do. 

“I’m still in our target’s office. Do you see him?" 

(Y/N) looked around and her gaze landed on the tall and lean figure who was talking to one of the guests in the place. "Yeah, I see him. You know, maybe I should’ve been the one to be there instead of you. It probably would speed up time. These heels are killing me.” she said through the earpiece. 

Bucky grunted in response, onto which earned a smirk from the girl. 

“Alright, I’m done. Create a little scene for me, will ya? Time for interrogation." 

(Y/N) watched as their target excuse himself from the guest and make his way towards the direction of his office. She made a tsk sound. 

"Buck, he’s heading your way. You better find a place to hide.” (Y/N) informed him. 

“Shit.” He said before she heard rustling from the background. 

Meanwhile, the target entered the office and looked around the room to see if someone was in there. When he found none, he sat on the chair behind his desk and pulled out some files for him to read. 

A knock on the door broke the silence. “Come in.” he said. 

The door opened and a blonde girl peeked inside. “Hello Mr. Valastro, is this a bad time?” she asked in an Italian accent. 

The man shrugged. “We’ll only know when it’s over.” he said. 

(Y/N) entered the room and closed the door gently. She looked at him. “I hope you don’t find me forward." 

The man grinned. "Well, I’m not the judgmental type.” He gestured to the chair beside his desk. “Please, take a seat." 

(Y/N) smiled and stepped forward. "Um,” she glanced at the open window that had the view of the party downstairs. She walked over to it and closed it. “I know you are in, um, possession of a certain chemical formula." 

The man raised an eyebrow and stood up. "I got a lot of things to do, Miss. So please—" 

"It’s okay!” She cut him off. “Let’s make this a game.” She said and slowly walked over to him. She placed her hands on the desk and leaned forward, giving him a much better view of her chest.

“You don’t have to tell me anything, you just have to, um,” (Y/N) said and stepped closer to him. “Look right here.” she smirked. 

The man gaped at her, looking amused and turned on. “Go on.” he gestured. 

“Now, I don’t care where you got it but cards on the table, you are the proud owner of the certain chemical formula. Just a little piece of paper, right?" 

The man nodded. "Yes." 

(Y/N) smirked and sat on his lap, shifting on her spot, making him release a faint groan. "Now I have some friends who are interested in buying that formula.” she purred and fixed his tie. “Now I said, Mr. Valastro doesn’t hold on to anything for long. He must already have a buyer.”

The man smirked. 

“But you see, the thing is,” she let her hand run down on his chest. “I think I can offer you more.” she leaned closer, her breath fanning over his face. “Is it here? Do you want me to search you?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t have an army.” The man murmured and placed his hands on her thighs. 

Suddenly, he pulled her down and crashed his lips onto hers. He kissed her for a few seconds before he lost consciousness. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and wiped her mouth, standing up. “How rude. Didn’t even let me finish interrogating him.” she said to herself. 

“That’s what you call an interrogation?" 

Bucky’s voice startled her. He exited one of the cabinets that he was hiding on, looking unamused about the whole situation. 

“Are you jealous, Barnes?” (Y/N) taunted, smirking. 

Bucky narrowed his eyes at her. “No.”

"Well, the plan worked a little bit. But now you have to do the interrogation because he won’t be too happy seeing me when he wakes up.” (Y/N) told him.

Bucky scowled at the man then looked at (Y/N). “How’d you make him lose consciousness?” he asked. 

(Y/N) smirked and pulled out a lipstick from her purse. “Nat helped me design it. It’s a lipstick but has something in it that makes one lose consciousness when they taste it. The ‘spell’ lasts only for 1 minute. So he’ll be waking up soon.” she said, putting back the item inside her purse. “I’ll keep a lookout outside. Make the interrogation fast." 

(Y/N) exited the door and leaned against the wall, casually. When some guards passed by and asked her why she was standing by the office, she told them that Mr. Valastro still has an appointment and told her to wait outside. The guards seemed to have bought the idea and went on their way. 

A few minutes passed and someone knocked on the door. (Y/N) looked around before entering the room. "So, are you done?” she asked Bucky. 

Bucky nodded. “Yeah, got all the information needed. And the chemical formula.” he said and raised a container with the formula in it. 

(Y/N) smiled. “Good.” She heard muffling from the side and glanced at it. The man had wires tied to his wrists, trapping him. There was also a cloth on his mouth to keep him quiet. 

(Y/N) waved as the man glared at her. Just then, the door opened and the guard entered the room. He glanced at Bucky, then to her, then to his boss. He was about to pull out his gun but (Y/N) was fast. She grabbed the nearest object beside her - which was a stapler - and hit him side by side then to his head, knocking him out. 

Bucky smirked. “Nice.” he said. 

“Thanks.” she said. “Let’s get out of here." 

Bucky dragged the guard’s body inside while (Y/N) stood outside, waiting for him. Suddenly, a guard patrolling the halls saw them and shouted, "Hey!” he pulled out his gun and (Y/N)’s grew wide. 

“Buck.” She said. 



Without another word, the two ran for their life. An alarm was pulled off when they reached downstairs. (Y/N) removed her blonde wig and threw it by the bar counter. They slowed down their pace and passed through the crowd, blending in. 

When they were in the lobby, they saw their target with the guards by the corner. "The man is with a girl with blonde hair. She’s wearing a red dress. Find them.” said Mr. Valastro, who looked very furious. 

“Shit, what do we do?” Bucky asked, looking around for a new route to take. 

(Y/N) watched as the guards nodded and headed to their direction. She turned to Bucky. “Kiss me.” she commanded. 

Bucky looked down at her. “What?" 

"Public display of affection make people very uncomfortable." 

"Yes they do, but—" 

(Y/N) held his suit’s collar and pulled him down, planting her lips on his. She felt him stiffen for a moment before returning the kiss. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. She opened one eye slightly and watched as Mr. Valastro and his guards notice them and grimace before turning away, muttering something in Italian. 

She pulled back and smirked. "They’re gone. Let’s go." 

She was about to step back when she gasped as she felt Bucky tighten his grip on her and backed her up against the wall. He shook his head, "Just a little bit more.” he murmured before leaning down and capture her lips in a deep kiss.
She stiffened, processing what had just happened. Slowly, she returned the kiss with the same amount of passion he was giving her. She lightly bit on his lower lip, which made him growl and grip her leg with one hand and bring it up to his side. 

Bucky pulled away, both of them breathing heavily as he leaned his forehead against hers. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. 

She then smirked and caressed his cheek. “I knew you had the hots for me.” she said. 

Bucky smirked. “Shut up.” he said and pecked her lips one more time before grabbing her hand, leaving the area.

Esse bolinho é muito bom, eu comprei na Cake Boss Cafe, do Buddy Valastro do programa, não sei se conhece. Eu sempre quis ir lá, eu adorava o programa, era um dos mais legais que minha mãe me deixava assistir.  É uma pena que não pude ir na de New Jersey sendo que eu morava lá. Mas enfim, é um mundo mágico dos doces, eu nunca pude comprar tantos quanto agora. Você quer um pedaço?