Valasca is a 51 year old Mermaid who looks like Dichen Lachman.
She is currently OPEN.

Background: *trigger warning: mention of violence

Valasca takes no prisoners; she takes nothing she does not need. She does not rule the Sea of Strength with frequency but instead with severity. Her people follow her because they fear her wrath, but also because they feel her love. She is not heartless, but she is austere, she is brutal, and she is not without humanity. The Sea of Strength chooses a new leader from preteen age, taking those with the best potential and bringing them together to train and receive the best education in the Seas. Val was honored to be a part of this, but also angry. She had been taken away from her parents without the slightest notice and forced to spend an intolerable amount of time with the miserable king. He was not their best. No, Kane was a brilliant man with an awful temper. He won many battles for his people, but his punishment was harsh if they suffered any form of defeat. He targeted the weak and made a show out of their pain. Valasca could not stand this.

One night after a surprise natrix attack, Kane attempted to make an example of a young girl Valasca was very fond of, grabbing her by her hair and holding a blade to her cheek, screaming for all to look at the shame of her cuts and bruises she sustained in the fight. Everyone knew her as a kind girl, strong and quick-witted but still young and hesitant in battle. Val couldn’t stand to see the girl hurt. There was no real reason for it, just senseless torture, but no one else would dare stand against their king. So she did. She challenged the miserable old man to a fight, and… she won. She was only fifteen, and every mer there turned their swords to the ground and bowed to their new queen.

As Queen, she had many tests ahead of her. She had learned a lot from Kane, in more than one way. She had learned to be stern and confident, as he was, but also to be patient and guide her people to their potential, to help them overcome weakness and fear. The Sea is stronger than it has ever been, under her rule. Her alliance with Artemisia, made only a year after her coronation, has only aided them in their fight against the Sea of Snakes. The Artemisians have new land to thrive on, while the merpeople still guard the western shore and have their celebrations and ceremonies there. They maintain a united front against the pirates and natrixes and it’s a peaceful alliance, one that remains even after the destruction of nearly a third of Artemisia. Valasca has sent some mer to help rebuild and guard their people from pirates, but, while the Sea of Snakes is quiet, Ophelia knows that Val has her own duties as well and things may change any moment.


Title/Alias(es): Val, Queen
Birthday/Age: May 25th, 51
Species: Mermaid
Occupation: Queen of the Sea
Living in: Sea of the Strength
→ In a truce with Ophelia
+ Strategic, Protective, Loyal
- Daring, Severe, Deadly 

  • Alternative FCs: Ming-Na Wen, Kelly Hu, Maggie Q