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He had been the finest knight of his age, and some argued that he should have gone to face the dark clad in mail and plate, a sword in his hand. In the end though, his royal father’s wishes prevailed, and Daeron II had a peaceable nature. When Dunk shuffled past Baelor’s bier, the prince wore a black velvet tunic with the three-headed dragon picked out in scarlet thread upon his breast. Around his throat was a heavy gold chain. His sword was sheathed by his side, but he did wear a helm, a thin golden helm with an open visor so men could see his face.

Valarr, the Young Prince, stood vigil at the foot of the bier while his father lay in state. He was a shorter, slimmer, handsomer version of his sire, without the twice-broken nose that had made Baelor seem more human than royal. Valarr’s hair was brown, but a bright streak of silver-gold ran through it. The sight of it reminded Dunk of Aerion, but he knew that was not fair. Egg’s hair was growing back as bright as his brother’s, and Egg was a decent enough lad, for a prince.

When he stopped to offer awkward sympathies, well larded with thanks, Prince Valarr blinked cool blue eyes at him and said, “My father was only nine-and-thirty. He had it in him to be a great king, the greatest since Aegon the Dragon. Why would the gods take him, and leave you?” He shook his head. “Begone with you, Ser Duncan. Begone.”

~A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms


The children of Queen Daenerys I and Jon, King in the North

I Prince Jaeherys/Prince of Dragonstone/King Jaeherys III of the Seven Kingdoms

Jaeherys was born during the Long Winter, the only one to be born in Winterfell. He was truly his mother’s child, ambitious, intelligent, cunning, not fond of war and battle, but skilled at tactics.Out of his 6 siblings, he was closest to Aelinor, and many people though they were twins. In his youth, he traveled the Free Cities where he met the ill-fated Kara Rogarre. She was the grandaughter of a wealthy merchant, a great Valyrian beauty, but extremely wilful. The young Prince fell in love in her and demaned marriage. Relucantly, the Westerosi monarchs agreed, but as his mother predicted, the marriage was dreadful. Kara hated Jaeherys’ beloved Dragonstone and the dragons themselves, which caused straign and their marriage resulted in one heir, Princess Rhaenyra, later Queen Rhaenyra II. Kara died in a shipwreck when her daughter was 9, thus never becoming Queen consort. As King, Jaenerys annexed the two thrones and mended the Seven Kingdoms forever. He was a great King, but a heartbroken man.Jaeherys was tolerant, kind, he supported the Great Reformation and the introduction of Parliament his mother started. He rode a silver dragon named Aellyx.

II Princess Aelinor/ The Lady of the Bay of Dragons/The Spring Princess

Aelinor was born in spring,which made sense considering her kidness and beauty. Known as the Pearl of the Realm, she a was great singer and a sought out bride. She was crowned Queen of love and beauty by many, charismatic and lovely, but her fate was different. Her mother and father recognized her talents and sent her of to take care of the Bay of Dragons which her mother conquered in her youth. She created a new system and reigned as Lady of the Bay for many years. Her ideas and reforms were used by many leaders after her. She returned to Westeros many times, to serve as her brother’s Hand, to try to mend his marriage, for weddings and namedays, but she found her true home in the Bay. When it came to marriage, she married twice. She first married Illio Magyr of Volantis but that marriage wasn’t as happy as she thought so she got an annulment. She later met Domeric Dayne in Westeros and would eventually marry him and have three daughters and a son: Daenerys, Daena, Eleana and Aenys. When she was young, Ser Davos joked with her father how he would need to send her off to the other end to the world to keep her suitors at bay, and so it happened. She eventually rode Meraxes, a burgundy dragon hatched by herself.

III Prince Eddard/Duke of the North/The Wild Wolf

A Stark through and through, Eddard was the wildest of his siblings, leading expeditions beyond where the Wall once stood. As a child he was close with his father and aunt Arya as well as his cousin Robb Baratheon. Ned enjoyed pulling pranks on people, his favourite targets were his sister. When he was 5, his uncle Brandon named him as heir, so when he turned 16 Brandon renounced his position and left, never to be seen again. Young Eddard was an efficient duke with the help of his paternal aunt, Princess Sansa. But, he had a bad habit of womanizing which his mother dissapproved of. He had numerous mistresses until he met Alyssane Blackwood, which caused him to stop. He loved Alyssane deeply and she was kind and loving to him, they had four boys, Jon, Brandon, Rickard and Torren. He was afraid oh heights and thus never even tried to come near one the numerous dragons. Winterfell was his most beloved place, where he was burried alongside his Alyssane.

IV Princess Lyarra/ The Artist/Duchess of the Riverlands

Lyarra was a gifted artist from early childhood. She painted many portraits and was fond of large companies, she enjoyed her friendship with Tyrion Lannister’s daughters. Lyarra designed Summerhall again, made numerous sketches for King’s Landing which were turned later into reality by her mother and brother, her ideas and solutions were used for hundreds of years after her death. She married Hoster Tully, Duke of the Riverlands. They had three children, Minisa, Bryden and Jonnel. She was a briliant mathematician and spokeswoman, an accomplished rider and talented dancer. Lyarra rode Greywind, a kind dark grey beast. Greywind died before her in a spear incident, breaking her heart. Lyarra enjoyed parties and people and her people loved being in her company.

V Prince Aemon/Prince of Summerhall/The Wind

Just like the rest of his siblings, Aemon was educated in self defence, but he enjoyed war. He loved battles and horses and whenever there was a rebellion he’d be the one to kill it off. Aemon was nickanamed The Wind after he stormed a siege in a minute with his dragon Sunfyre, a large yellow beast. He was hot-headed and impulsive, but he looked up to his father and wanted to be a great warrior, just like him. He traveled with his Aunt Arya. He led a happy life, married Serena Dondarrion and left 6 children: Daenys, Rhae, Aegor, Daeron, Visenya and Maekar. He was close with Eddard and enjoyed spending time in the North, but after they re-built Summerhall his family moved there. Aemon’s best friend was Jason Lannister. The two men waged war on the behalf of the Westerosi monarchs many times. 

VI Princess Rhaella/The Historian/Princess of Dorne

Rhaella and her fraternal twin Alyssa were an untter surprise to her parents. Tyrion Lannister joked how the King and Queen went out with a bang for their last two children. They were a surprise, but they were beloved. Rhaella was a shy, well-read girl, profficient with a bow and arrow like her older sister Aelinor, but she preffered reading about history. Rhaella wrote 35 books historical pieces that are used as a source now, without her so much histrory would be lost. She and her sister were close until she married Mors Martell, son of Princess Nymeria, who she met as a child. They’d eventually have 3 children, Arianne, Oberyn and Loreza. Arianne and Rhaella were always close, and little Oberyn idolized his grandparents. Rhaella’s value as a historian is unmeasurable. She rode Valarr, a small tope dragon, but after an injury she retrieved from riding and focused on writing everything down in her beloved Watergardens.

VII Princess Alyssa/The Wise Princess/Goldhands

Alyssa learned to read at the age of 4. She was an avid learned and wanted even to join the Citadel, considreing she spent time ther ewith her Uncle Sam who was Archmaester there. But, she realized the Citadel’s flaws and decided to found Westeros’ first university, which she was named Alyssaniaum in her honour. She opened many school for everyone during her life, reforming education and making it mandatory from age 7 to 18. She wrote many laws and critiques, believed in knowlegde and valued it above else. Alyssa’s library contained over 5000 books which were open for the public at every time. Alyssa rode Rhaenys, a beautiful red beast and waged wars with her siblings. She refused to marry, but rumour had it she kept paramours such as Talia of Myr and Rohanne Webber, even rumour had it she had an affair with Alyssane Blackwood’s younger sister Asha. Her greatest achievment was increasing the number of literatte people, dividing the sectors of education for maesters and opened the Citadel for women. She was the biggest influence in Princess Rhaenyra’s life after her mother’s death. She was close with her father and Aunt Sansa. Many men proposed to her but she used to say if there’s anyone who can impress her with his wit she’d marry that person. Alyssa was called Goldhands after her ability to make money, which she inherited from Tyrion Lannister.

GoT 7x07 Finale Thoughts Part II

Okay, so I forgot two things I really wanted to talk about. Actually, I forgot one thing and the other thing came to me while I was out and about being a (fake) adult.

This is entirely Jonsa-centric, so if you’re here for less shippy stuff… well, this ain’t it xD Sorry. 

First thing, the Ashford Tourney theory. This is the original theory from Reddit a few years back, so I’m not claiming any of this (and anything in italics is from the original post). For people who don’t know, what it basically talks about is GRRM’s The Hedge Knight and the Tourney at Ashford Meadow. Lord Ashford holds a tourney for his daughter’s 13th name-day and the remaining 5 champions defending her are: 

  1. Lyonel Baratheon
  2. Leo Tyrell
  3. Tybolt Lannister
  4. Humfrey Hardyng
  5. Prince Valarr Targaryen

The theory goes on to point out that the names of these houses correspond quite nicely with the suitors that Sansa later has in ASoIaF: 

  1. Sansa’s first betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon
  2. Sansa’s then planned to be wed to Willas Tyrell
  3. Sansa’s married to Tyrion Lannister
  4. Sansa’s now being betrothed to Harry Hardyng (in the books)

Now, however, the theory then talks about how it’s Aegon VI Targaryen that will be Sansa’s 5th suitor, not Jon despite him being a Targaryen as well. The theory is quite compelling and it says that although the theories that Aegon isn’t really a Targaryen at all doesn’t matter because it’s the name that counts, since technically Joffrey isn’t really a Baratheon, but he is at the time of the betrothal. The OP also says there is no happy ending for Sansa and her suitors, as in The Hedge Knight, none of the 5 champions end up marrying Lady Ashford. 

However, that doesn’t necessarily spell doom for Sansa. I’m going to talk about the show now and how this helps the case for Jonsa. Clearly, D&D didn’t feel that Aegon VI was an important enough character and cut him out. There’s a meta floating somewhere about how this is negatively affecting the story, but I can’t find it right now. Anyway, that actually works in Jonsa’s favour because if Aegon was supposed to end up with Sansa in some way and affect her storyline that drastically, being her final suitor and all, he’d be included. And D&D also cut out the Hardyng storyline because it would’ve taken too long to conclude and they needed Sansa back with Jon as soon as possible. 

So maybe OP was wrong. Maybe it’s not Aegon VI that ends up being Sansa’s last suitor but Jon. And yes, the Ashford Tourney didn’t end up with a happy ending, but just because there are parallels doesn’t mean the ending is always the same. It would be just like GRRM to have history repeating itself but subverted in a way that’s different. Also, this quote from Sansa makes me want to believe she does have a somewhat happy ending in the end:

“No one will ever marry me for love. It’s my claim they want.” 

This is true. Every suitor thus far has been betrothed to her or married her for her name and her claim to the North in some way or another. Sansa is ‘the key to the North’, as it were, and if/when Jon loses his crown, a union between them would give him back the North. Or it would at least solidify his claim on the North as he would have none being a full Targaryen. But the twist is Sansa will be married for love as well as her claim. She will have both in Jon. 

Now my second point is this: 

The 7x07 finale revealed that Sansa and Arya have been playing Littlefinger the entire time. It was satisfying; it was beautiful; it was quite frankly the first time our Stark sisters actually felt like their characters. But they never explain for how long Arya and Sansa were in cahoots. Was it from the very beginning? Or when Arya hands Sansa the dagger? Honestly, despite how satisfying that was to watch, the entire plot was still rather convoluted. I still hated the way they mischaracterised Arya for the sake of it. But the point of the whole plot was to show that it is now ‘a time for wolves’. From Seasons 1-5, the story has continuously beaten down the Starks. They were too honourable, too weak, too naive, too honest, too blindingly loyal to win in the game of thrones, where deceit and cruelty are rewarded. But Season 6 saw a Stark reunion and finally a Stark victory. What I believe they were trying to do with Season 7 is show that the Starks are real contenders now in this world. They’re no longer too honourable or too honest to be manipulative, too weak to kill their enemies with ruthless precision, too naive or blindingly loyal to those who don’t deserve it. Sansa and Arya show that as a collective duo. 

What does this have to do with Jonsa, you ask? 

Well, a lot of us in the fandom believe in Undercover Lover Jon for great reasons, but I know a lot of us were also hoping for something more concrete to live off of in the hiatus between now and the final season. Of course, I never thought it would happen. That’s the kind of reveal you save for the final season; that’s the kind of ‘gotcha!’ moment D&D salivate over. But fear not, it actually works out in our favour. Showing Arya and Sansa manipulating someone this season allows room for Jon to do the same in the next season. It’s foreshadowing that it will not be a House Targaryen restoration, but rather a House Stark. And whatever Jon’s real name and heritage may be, he is still a Stark at heart and he’s not above manipulating someone despite what he claims to say to Cersei. The fact that Sansa uses LF’s ‘love’ for her against him also is very foretelling of the possibility of Jon using Dani’s ‘love’ for him against her. 

I think it’s also really interesting to note that after Jon and Dani do the nasty, it cuts to Sansa and Arya overlooking Winterfell and Sansa saying:

“It’s just strange. In his own horrible way, I believe he loved me.” 

And in his own horrible way, LF did. He loved the idea of Sansa, of her resemblance to Cat, the power she wields with her name and her intelligence that matches his. But it was also fake. LF used Sansa for his own gain. He manipulated her for a long time. Now I don’t believe Jon is as cruel or as manipulative as LF in any way, shape or form, and I don’t think he dislikes Dani either. He’s attracted to her. He thinks of her well enough, though I still am under the assumption that he doesn’t fully trust her and is still wary of her. After all, he still has yet to offer any personal information on his end. She has given and given with him, confiding in him, asking for his advice, but Jon has done nothing of the sort. He doesn’t say anything he doesn’t have to. All of their conversations that wasn’t ‘bend or die’ related always ends up with Jon appeasing her, appealing to her in some emotional way. The most ‘personal’ thing he does is bending the knee to her. So in my opinion, this line foreshadows Jon’s betrayal of Dani, which would also, mind you, coincide perfectly with the prophecy that Dani will be betrayed by a lover. 

It’s also interesting that the boatbang between our two resident Targaryens is followed by a loving conversation between our two resident Starkling sisters, where Sansa also says:

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

A lot of people are wondering if this means Jon will die again. I do have my theories on that, which I won’t clutter this post with, but I also think it’s there to solidify that Jon will always be a Stark at heart, and in spite of how it may seem now, he’s with them. He’s following the pack, and guess what the pack has just done? They’ve just manipulated someone. 

Another thing to think on: remember how mad we were at D&D’s portrayal of Arya? Remember how uncharacteristic she was? In the end, our true Arya came back to us. So now, we’re all mad at D&D’s portrayal of Jon and how uncharacteristic he is. I hope that in the end, our true Jon will come back to us too. Convoluted as these storylines may be, I have to believe that though the route sucks, the conclusion will be satisfying for all of us. 

EDIT: I just realised something else. Jon’s speech to Cersei and then to Tyrion seem to centre on Jon being exactly like Ned. At first, this upset me because I don’t want to see Jon falling down the same path Ned did in Season 1, but then it occured to me, do you guys know what Ned also did? He lied to the world, to his betrothed, to protect his family and to protect his sister’s secret and subsequently Jon. So if Jon is Ned 2.0, would it really be so far-fetched to believe that he is also lying to the whole world to protect his family, his pack?  

Jonsa is endgame, friends. Party on! 

During the first round of tilts at Ashford Meadow, Ser Abelar Hightower faced off against Prince Valarr Targaryan. The tower of grey came together with the dragon of red in a shower of splintered lances, and after only two rounds, the lord of Oldtown was brought low.

it was the first of many victories for the young prince on that first day of jousting, yet to Dunk it seemed that everyone of his opponents was less than formidable, his triumphs hollow.

anonymous asked:

Let's say that one of Valarr Targaryen's sons with Kiera of Tyrosh is born healthy instead of being stillborn, and that this son doesn't later die in the Great Spring Sickness like his father. I would think this prince would be anywhere from an infant to a young child, depending on Valarr's age and the timeline of the marriage with Kiera. When this child king ascends in 209 do you think Maekar manages to take the regency or does Bloodraven muscle his way in? What are the Blackfyres thinking?

That’s a good question, but I think it’s a more complex one than simply “Maekar vs. Bloodraven”. After all, the last - only - time the Targaryen monarchy had a child on the throne, the regency was the subject of a Great Council decision, and rotated among quite a few individuals over the course of six years. Great lords (those who didn’t perish in the spring, at least) would want in on the regency action, especially with Valarr’s child, as the little prince would be no older than Aegon III when he succeeded, and probably a good deal younger (thus giving his regents a longer play at power). There would undoubtedly be quarrels between Bloodraven and Maekar over the regency and the position as Hand, but given Targaryen regency precedent and the distaste for both prime candidates (sorcerous bastard Bloodraven versus sullen and grim Maekar), I would think there would be an outcry from Westerosi lords about where their place was in ruling for the young prince.

Now, I can’t imagine Bittersteel would have ignored the political chaos in Westeros - a little child on the Iron Throne, his despised half-brother and the anvil of the Redgrass Field fighting with one another and the great lords for control of him, the country in shambles after the Great Spring Sickness. Daemon the Younger would have been about 20, more than capable as a pretender (especially against a mere child), but whether Bittersteel would have trusted dreamy, prophetic Daemon with the role of potential Blackfyre king, I’m not sure.

tyrion is not a targ

Non-Targs with white- or pale-blond hair:

  • Tommen Baratheon
  • Marei (who incidentally is almost certainly Tywin’s bastard daughter)
  • Justin Massey
  • Cassella Vaith
  • Edric Dayne
  • Leo Tyrell
  • Kem of the Second Sons

Targ children who have atypical Targ features:

  • Alysanne (blue eyes)
  • Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey “Velaryon” (brown hair, brown eyes)
  • Elaena (streak of gold)
  • Bittersteel (black hair)
  • Baelor Breakspear (dark hair, dark eyes)
  • Valarr (brown hair, blue eyes)
  • Daeron, Maekar’s son (brown hair, unknown eye color)
  • Duncan (black hair, unknown eye color)
  • Steffon Baratheon (black hair, presumably blue eyes)
  • Rhaenys, Rhaegar’s daughter (dark hair, dark eyes)
  • Jon Snow (brown hair, gray eyes)

Madness from Targ-Targ unions:

  • Maegor
  • Helaena (though trauma-induced)
  • Aegon III (“ ”)
  • Baelor I
  • Maelys I Blackfyre (?)
  • Aerys II
  • Viserys

Madness from Targ-nonTarg unions

  • Rhaegel (who in fact was likely only “simple,” not mad, considering two of his descriptors were “gentle” and “sweet,” and he seemingly had perfectly normal relations with his wife and three children)
  • Aerion (only considered a jackass, not mad, until he drank wildfire, and even that wasn’t until he was 40 years old)

Infant deaths/birth problems from Targ-Targ unions:

  • Jaehaerys I/Alysanne (x4)
  • Daemon/Rhaenyra
  • Aegon IV/Naerys (x4)
  • Aerys II/Rhaella (x8)

Infant deaths/birth problems from Targ-nonTarg unions (excluding those induced by black magic):

  • Viserys I/Aemma Arryn (x2) (note Aemma was half-Targ herself, and Viserys was the result of an incestuous union)
  • Daemon/Mysaria of Lys (note Daemon was the result of incest, and as a Lyseni, Mysaria was of Valyrian descent)
  • Daemon/Laena Velaryon  (“ ” and as a Velaryon, Laena was of Valyrian descent)
  • Valarr/Kiera of Tyrosh (x2) (likely more a result of the stress of the storm/spring sickness than any genetic problems)

And if we exclude Valyrian bloodlines, that leaves Valarr and Kiera as the only Targ-nonTarg union to have any reported problems. Not to mention fully outsourced unions are almost completely problem-free, and quite fruitful:

  • Daeron II/Mariah Martell: 4 children
  • Daemon Blackfyre/Rohanne of Tyrosh: 9+ children
  • Maekar I/Dyanna Dayne: 6 children
  • Aegon V/Betha Blackwood: 5 children
  • Then there’s Aegon IV’s innumerable unknown bastards

I should also add that as first cousins, Tywin and Joanna were genetically incestuous, Joanna is only one of countless women in this series who were perfectly healthy yet died in childbirth, there are more than 13 other characters who are dwarfs, and considering there is no known history of achondroplasia in the Lannisters (or the Targaryens, for that matter), Tyrion’s condition is nothing more than a sporadic mutation.

But y’know, you do you and keep thinking that Tyrion’s appearance and Joanna’s death are the result of him being secretly a Targaryen despite all evidence (AND THE ENTIRE FUCKING NARRATIVE) indicating otherwise.

According to many, Jon’s name was either Jaehaerys or Aegon. A lot really stick to Jaeherys bc it sounds the closest to the name Jon but after watching it again, it looked like Lyanna was mouthing ‘Aegon’ to me. My uncle (who could read lips) thought it definitely looked more like Aegon than Jaehaerys but then we never know… it could be neither, or maybe it didn’t say in the script and Aisling Franciosi (the actress) was just told to mumble. But if it’s between the two, I’d like to think it’s Aegon.

So we still have that Ashford theory again… if it’s true and if Sansa’s plot line follows to that she might have to marry a Targaryen. Obviously we know Jon’s father was a Targaryen, making him one.

Let’s not forget:

The final five champions who were Lady Ashford’s defenders were:

• Lyonel Baratheon
• Leo Tyrell
• Tybolt Lannister
• Humfrey Hardyng
• Valarr Targaryen

Technically, show!Sansa was once to marry Robin Arryn. Then there is Harrold Hardyng in the books, who is the heir presumptive of Lord Robert (Robin) Arryn and would ascend to rule the Vale as “Harrold Arryn” should Lord Robert die without issue.

Sansa’s suitors:

• First betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon
• Plotted to be wed to Willas Tyrell (Loras in the show)
• Then married to Tyrion Lannister
• Now betrothed to Harrold Hardyng

Some spoilers stated that they might bring Harry Hardyng into the show which I’m not really certain of because of the limited episodes. If they skipped Harry in the show, replaced by Robin in S04, and if Sansa is to be wed again, there is a possible chance for the next to be a Targaryen.

It is revealed in A Dance with Dragons that Aegon Targaryen (son of Rhaegar) is alive and living under the false name of Young Griff. He had dyed his hair blue to make his purple eyes appear blue. I heard that if they aren’t going to bring this Aegon into the show, they might make Jon as Aegon like Sansa as Jeyne Poole. But I highly doubt this.

But then we know from Tyrion that he learnt that Aegon had planned to marry his aunt Daenerys and invade Westeros but was skeptical, since Aegon would have a stronger claim to the Iron Throne. Also that Daenerys once believed that, had Aegon lived, she might have married him, as he would have been closer to her in age than Viserys.

So about that.. I have nowhere to go now for I am lost.

anonymous asked:

Besides Jon, who do you see as a candidate with a good chance of being a romantic interest for Sansa? I don't know if George Martin will even include that in an endgame but considering Sansa does want someone to love her for who she is, I'd hope he'd at least allow her some happiness in that regard.

Hey Anonny!

I am actually pretty optimistic about Sansa getting a happy ending; primarily because “no one will ever marry me for love” and “life is not a song,” and “there are no heroes, in life the monsters win” are so incredibly prevalent in her arc. Sansa’s character arc is basically a “Captive Princess in the Tower”— but deconstructed, and then reconstructed, and then ~kind of~ deconstructed again and also ~kind of~ flipped on it’s head. But regardless, a fairy tale is still a fairy tale. Honestly the entire ASoIaF series is one ridiculously long, intricately detailed fairy tale. Which leads me to believe that, for the most part, all the protagonists will get their happy (or at least bittersweet) endings.

Above everything else, Sansa wants to be loved; and through out the series she has become more and more convinced that she never will be, that she is unlovable. Aside from retuning home to Winterfell, its still her heart’s dearest desire. She does still want a loving, happy marriage, she just doesn’t think it’s possible anymore:

 But then she remembered what Dontos had told her in the godswood. Tyrell or Lannister, it makes no matter, it’s not me they want, only my claim. —Sansa, ASoS

It is not me she wants her son to marry, it is my claim. No one will ever marry me for love. But lying came easy to her now. “I … can scarcely wait to meet him, my lady. But he is still a child, is he not?” —Sansa, ASoS

It’s not that Sansa has given up on love, its that she thinks love has given up on her. It’s not necessarily that she’s rejecting the idea of falling in love and being happily married, she just doesn’t see it happening for her. Which breaks my gd heart oml

Now moving on to your actual question (I know, I ramble. It’s so terrible!)

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with silence i'm becoming fragile

they’re both gone now, and he wonders how the sun can rise in the east when he can barely breathe.

“Anna?” Even to his own ears, he sounds weary. Broken. “Anna, something’s happened.”

For a full three seconds, he expects to hear her reply, to see her emerge in the sheer dressing gowns she liked to wear for him, to see her smile that dazzling, slightly crooked smile that had made him blush like a green boy the first time she’d sent it his way.

For a full three seconds, he anticipates her asking him what happened even though of course she’d have already known—everyone knows, by now—and drawing him into her, an embrace of understanding and warmth despite how all those years Baelor had been like a brother to her.

For a full three seconds, he forgets.

And when silence greets him instead of her, he remembers, and it’s like losing her, losing Baelor, all over again. Mother had tried to talk to him, had tried to comfort him, but it wasn’t the same. Mother doesn’t know how deep his inferiority went; Dyanna did.

Dyanna knew all of it, tempered his rages, calmed his fears. Mother couldn’t understand this soul-aching guilt. Dyanna would, he knows she would. She’d listen, then take his hand and simply look at him with those deep purple eyes, the look that never failed to make him feel like maybe things could turn out all right. But she’s not here. She hasn’t been here for twenty-three months and twelve days.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Love your metas, analysis and HWWs! So, this past weekend i read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and something about the Tourney of Ashford struck me odd. Are the different knights really throwing away their matches against Valarr or what?

Rania: i know. and i understand why baelor didn’t worry about the king’s guard fighting on areion ’s side in the trial by combat. But even before that , the KGs who were at Ashfort said that they wouldnt fight in that tourney because they didnt want to fight against Valarr and Aerion..

GeoRR: well…. ssshhhhh…. but it’s pretty plain in Hedge Knight, if you read between the lines, that everyone was bending over backwards to make Valarr look good. (source)

*(note that because of Dunk’s actions, the tourney didn’t end properly… hmm.)

                                                   - Baratheon - 
                                                  (Lyonel & Joffrey)

She dreams of golden lions.  Arya says it should be stags, but he’s not like that fat drunk king, he’s gracious and beautiful and so it’s lions.  The lion of Baratheon sounds better than the stag.  Stags are prey, after all.  How many times has her father hunted venison, and how many times has she dined upon it.  

The wolf dines upon the stag.

That sounds fine and fair, and Sansa clutches her pillow to he and kisses it, pretending it’s Joffrey for just a moment.  He is so beautiful, and she’s to be his queen one day, and she’ll be as good and gracious as Queen Cersei, she knows she will.

She doesn’t know about Ice.  She doesn’t know about her screams.  She doesn’t know that it will end in blood and death and destruction, and that her lion is not her lion at all. All she knows right now is what she dreams.

                                                         - Tyrell - 
                                                               (Leo & Willas)

What did it matter about his leg, she reminds herself when she wakes in the morning, the secret a talisman in her heart.  What matters is he’ll want me.  He’ll want me.  That’s more than Joffrey ever wanted.  

It makes it easier to smile as she walks through the hallways.  It makes it easier to listen to the queen, or to Joffrey.  Only a little while longer, she thinks.  I’m to be wed, and to a good man.  

Someone who’s worthy.  She had not thought of those words, but there they are tickling her mind, calling to her as if from some dark cave.  Her father had promised her someone who was worthy when he’d broken her betrothal to Joffrey.

Margaery said he was worthy, and Margaery was the sister she had wanted, the sister she should have had, and the sister she was going to have when she was wed to Willas.  Surely Margaery wouldn’t lie to her, for sisters don’t lie to other sisters.  

She doesn’t know about the dress, doesn’t suspect.  She does not know that they know, and that Margaery isn’t her sister now, and never shall be.  She does not know that Willas may be gallant, but he’s never to be hers.  All she knows is hope and that’s enough to let her walk the halls of a bloodred keep.

                                                      - Lannister - 
                                                     (Tybolt & Tyrion)

They have made her a Lannister, and slain her mother and brother.  She was the last Stark, and now she is a Lannister.  They have won the war and there is no hope for Winterfell and joy ever again.  

Her lord…husband is kind.  Or rather, he is not unkind.  Sansa has learned that an absense of unkindness doesn’t mean that a Lannister is truly kind.  But he smiles at her, and seeks to make her smile, and perhaps one day she can come to admire him.

Admire, but never love.  She cannot love a Lannister, not after Robb, and father, and mother.  Her heart aches, and she tries not to think of what her parents or brothers would say to her.

Her father had promised her someone who was worthy, and she’d been given a Lannister.  At least he did his best to shield her from Joffrey, but every time she sees the golden lion on crimson she almost remembers blood on white steps before her vision went dark.

She weeps at night.  Weeps for she’d dreamed of songs and love and marriage and babies like what her mother had had, and all she’d gotten was Lannister Crimson.

She does not know about the plot.  She does not know about the poison.  She does not know that she’ll be whisked away in only a few weeks time.  All she knows right now is despair and misery.

                                                       - Hardyng - 
                                                         (Humphrey & Harrold)

She does her best not to dream of Harry.  She has learned what comes of dreaming of betrotheds.  She shall wait until she knows him, and knows that they are wed.  Then she shall let herself dream.

Her father plans, and promises.  He smiles as he drinks his arbor gold, and gives her significant glances over certain words.  His eyes speak louder than his words, Alayne has learned that well.  He does mean it, doesn’t he?  

She wants to have faith in her father, but faith is in poor supply these days.  Instead, she does her best to trust him.  Trust, because she sees his wits, sees the way he spins reality from words, and Alayne marvels at just how he does it and wonders if maybe she might do it too.  One day.  With practice.

She doesn’t kiss her pillow at night and pretend it’s Harry.  She doesn’t mourn brothers and parents Alayne never had.  She doesn’t dream of puppies.  She doesn’t even let herself imagine his face.  He could be as beautiful as Joffrey or as ugly as the Hound and it wouldn’t matter, not truly.  When she closes her eyes and imagins a great castle of strong grey stone, and Harry’s knights at her side as she rides north to throw the Boltons from her father’s seat.

She does not know about the High Septon, doesn’t know about his righteousness, doesn’t know that he’ll require more than just words to undo her marriage.  She doesn’t know about Saffron, and Myranda, or Ser Shadrich.  All she knows is that maybe, just maybe, she’ll be going home.

                                                    - Targaryen - 
                                                            (Valarr & Aegon)

“You’ll wed him,” he, looking harried.

“I’m already wed,” she reminds him.  The High Septon had not undone her marriage to Lord Tyrion.  She’d been glad of that in the end, so as not to have been saddled with Horrible Harrold, even if it meant that Winterfell…

“I should like to go home,” she says quietly.  “My brother sits in my father’s seat.  I am grateful for your protection, but I am a Stark and should be returned to Winterfell.”  She does her best to keep her bitterness from her voice.  Jon Stark in the end.  Robb legitimized him, because Robb didn’t want her to have the castle.  

“You’ll wed Aegon,” Littlefinger says.  “It doesn’t matter what the High Septon says now, or any of them.  The Faith has been shattered, thanks to our good mad queen.  And Aegon will give you all you want and more.”

All I want? He was getting vague.  Sansa saw that now.  Vague for his plans were all falling apart, for he’d not planned for two dragons–only one.  “All you want,” Sansa says quietly.  “I want to go to Winterfell.  You could send me with twenty men and I could be there in a month.  No need for marriage, no need for Aegon.  Only a need for you.”

“Alayne,” he begins, but Sansa shakes her head.

“Can you give me what I want?” she asks him evenly, and his green eyes are sharp as they look at her.

“You will wed Aegon.  The matter is decided.”

She doesn’t know about the knight.  There’s no way she can.

                                      - She might have prayed then,
                         if she had known a prayer all the way through,
                                            but there was no time.

This time for true, is all Sansa can think.  There is word that Aegon’s camp is only a day’s ride away, and on the morrow, Sansa’s to be his bride.  She somehow doubts that he will be like her first husband, and heed her wishes not to be bedded.  Perhaps she’ll want to bed him.  She’d once dreamed of being a queen, and now she’s to have it.  Except that like as not her head will end up on a spike just like her father’s.

As if she’d not dreaded it for years.  As if she’d not expected it.

The snow floats around her as she rides.  No wheelhouse can make it through the snows, but Sansa doesn’t mind the cold.  It reminds her that all this is real, even if she feels numb, and dreamy.  She dismounts in the darkness even as Lord Littlefinger’s men set up camp, and she looks around the clearing they’ve settled on.  It’s sheltered by trees, and it’s on the side of a hill.  Somewhere, she remembers someone saying that hills were safer to set up camp on than valleys.  

She walks around, feeling Lord Littlefinger’s eyes upon her.  He is wroth with her, she knows.  Once that would have frightened her, but she can’t be frightened now.  She’s in a cold dream, but instead of green firelight there’s moonglow and snow.  

“Lady Sansa.”  She looks about, wondering if it’s the wind, or the rustle of empty branches.  But it’s a voice, truly a voice and she spots a hooded figure, taller than anyone she’s seen in years.  The figure raises one finger to his lips, and then removes the hood.

Her face is scarred, and Sansa has never seen her before.  Perhaps because she is a woman, Sansa trusts her more and she goes to stand by the tree at the edge of the clearing, leaning against it and looking in.

“Who are you?” she asks without moving her lips.

“I am Brienne of Tarth, my lady, I served your mother Lady Catelyn.  I vowed to her I would find you and return you to her.”

“You cannot do that now,” Sansa says.  Her voice flutters, and her stomach is twisted in knots.  

“No, I cannot,” Lady Brienne says, and Sansa hears rather than sees the pain the words cause her.  “But I can bring you home to Winterfell.  Your brothers are there.  And your sister soon enough.”

“Arya?” Sansa asks sharply.  Her little sister is dead, and then was wed to Ramsay Bolton, and then wasn’t Arya at all, but Jeyne Poole.  It was that that changed him from Father to Littlefinger.

“Yes my lady.  At the head of a pack of wolves.  She had a little sword called Needle.”  But Sansa had never known of a sword called Needle.  It didn’t sound like something Arya would name a sword.  Unless it was a secret of some sort.  Why would Brienne think she knew the sword unless it mattered somehow?  

“A pack of wolves?” Sansa asks instead.

“Headed by her own direwolf,” Brienne says quickly.  “My lady, I speak the truth.  I would not lie to you, though I know that others will say the same.  I…you know my squire, Podrick Payne.”

“Pod?” Sansa says, startled and too loudly.  Littlefinger’s eyes flicker at her and she feigns a cough.

“Aye, my lady.  He entered my service to help me find you.  He has no designs on reward, just your safety.” 

This could be a lie–the cruelest of lies, but Sansa cannot know.  If Lady Brienne were a knight–a true knight…except true knights don’t exist, and Lady Brienne’s a lady, not a knight.  But Sansa wants to believe it, she does.  She wants to believe her mother sent someone for her, that her brothers and sister await her in Winterfell that she can go home at long last.  She thinks of Littlefinger, thinks of Aegon and the marriage bed she does not want.

“I will keep you safe.” She hears the words and this timethis timeSansa goes.

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Baelor Breakspear?

Baelor was an exceptional individual. He was possessed of remarkably clear vision, and was always careful to use institutions to his advantage, so that opponents could not use them against him (he, like everyone though, was blindsided by the trial by seven). He was a careful and fair-minded reformer, and his survival could have been what Daeron sought in his later reign, a peace-minded monarch who nevertheless understood and respected the military both as an instituition for projecting and enforcing peace and an honorable profession for nobles to be of service to the realm. One of Daeron’s chief early mistakes was in refusing to recognize the sacrifices that the earlier generation of noble officers made on behalf of the Crown, compounding the early mistakes by Baelor I. Baelor also was a mix of Westerosi and Dornish blood wed to a marcher family. His son Valarr would be marcher and Dornish, a glorious symbol of the new united continent and kingdom, where the blood of enemies mixes in matrimony to make heroes (shades of Benedict Justman here). Valarr is Daeron’s mission statement in his later reign (having learned the lesson of the First Blackfyre) made plain: “It is Seven Kingdoms. You are all a part of it.”

Baelor had a blend of idealism (the realm needs good men) and pragmatism (how good a knight are you?) that characterizes the better Westerosi monarchs (Jaehaerys I, Aegon I), and his survival would have never given the Blackfyres room to maneuver. His loss weakened the realm greatly.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

samwpmarleau  asked:

I apologize if you've answered this before, but why do you think GRRM made Elia and Rhaegar's marriage so short and Rhaenys so young? I feel like his betrayal would have had more impact if they'd been married for longer. And I have trouble buying the "Rhaenys was too recognizable to properly fake her death" excuse if she were still several months shy of 3 during the Sack of KL. Many two-year-olds look alike; a 5- or 6-year-old, for example, would be more believable IMO.

Oh, no, the betrayal is all the worse because Rhaegar left Elia on Dragonstone with newborn Aegon when he went off to the Riverlands to abduct Lyanna. It’s all the worse because Elia was probably pregnant with Aegon during the Tourney at Harrenhal. And it only makes sense with Rhaegar’s need for three children, that he and Elia could only have been married long enough to have two children and for them to learn that she could never have a third. And the hurt is all the worse because Rhaegar’s children were only a babe-in-arms and a toddler, but Tywin decided they needed to be murdered anyway.

Also, Rhaenys looked like a Martell – how many salty Dornish-looking 3-year-old girls could possibly have been in King’s Landing? Especially if she had a touch of Targaryen features (like Bittersteel with his black Bracken hair and purple Targaryen eyes, or Valarr with his brown hair and silver-gold streak). But even if Rhaenys looked pure Martell, evidently her body was recognizable enough, and also because she was merely stabbed “half a hundred” times, and didn’t have her head bashed in like her baby brother. :( 

BTW, you’ve got that excuse reversed, sorry. Nobody in the books has ever said that Rhaenys was too unique-looking to duplicate; that’s just a fan theory to explain why Elia would ever have allowed her son to be replaced by the “pisswater prince” while not protecting her daughter in the same way. Whereas the real truth is that Varys’s secret Blackfyre restoration scheme is dependent on the fact that Aegon was killed in a way that destroyed his features and the replacement story was invented after the Sack (especially considering Aegon did look like a Targaryen, so how’d Varys find a baby of the right age with the right hair to fool Aerys’s spies, eh?), and most likely Varys never spoke to Elia about protecting her children, either one of them.

And last, but not least, the real answer to your question:

“Rhaenys was a child too. Prince Rhaegar’s daughter. A precious little thing, younger than your girls. She had a small black kitten she called Balerion, did you know? I always wondered what happened to him. Rhaenys liked to pretend he was the true Balerion, the Black Dread of old, but I imagine the Lannisters taught her the difference between a kitten and a dragon quick enough, the day they broke down her door.” Varys gave a long weary sigh, the sigh of a man who carried all the sadness of the world in a sack upon his shoulders. “The High Septon once told me that as we sin, so do we suffer. If that’s true, Lord Eddard, tell me… why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?”

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could touch upon the Targaryen features and genetics? Like I understand normal biological principals cannot be applied necessarily, but are there some patterns that are certain for those with Targaryen blood? I know that when Mariah Martell married Daeron II, their son Baelor had the dark features of the Martells. Would the silver hair/purple eyes have reappeared in his descendants? As in, would the Targaryen features act like red hair and skip a generation or two?

There’s really no way to tell; our sample size of the known features of Targaryen-looking/non-Targaryen-looking offspring (or, maybe more accurately, Valyrian-looking/non-Valyrian-looking) is already not great, and thinking generations ahead of those matches … eh. It’s probably worth noting, however, that Valarr Targaryen - born of the Martell-looking Baelor Breakspear and Jena Dondarrion, of unknown appearance - had a streak of silver-gold in his brown hair, and blue eyes (which may or may not be the “pale blue eyes of the dragonlords of old” described as still prevalent in Lys, or might be akin to the times characters with in reality purple eyes - Egg, Edric Dayne, Young Aegon - are described as having blue eyes, or might just simply be non-Valyrian blue). Is this an isolated example? For now, yes. Perhaps in future D&E we’ll learn what Princess Vaella looked like, or maybe see children of Duncan the Small (if he did, in fact, more closely resemble his Blackwood mother). 

samwpmarleau replied to your post “doublehex replied to your photo “@samwpmarleau I recently saw…”

It is fantasy genetics, but the Targ genes do appear to be recessive. Of the exogamous marriages, 2/3 of Rhaegar’s kids didn’t look like Targs, nor did Rhaenyra’s kids, Bittersteel, Shiera, Bloodraven, Baelor, Valarr, Maekar’s Daeron, Duncan, or Steffon, and we don’t know the descriptions of most of the Blackfyre descendants, nor Rhaegel, Aerys I, Maester Aemon, Daella, Rhae, Shaera, Jaehaerys, Aegon’s Daeron, Rhaelle, or Rhaella. Potentially ALL of those people could have looked non-Targ.

All of this is true. I believe GRRM’s talk of fantasy genetics came up in response to people asking how it was possible for EVERY Baratheon EVER to have black hair and blue eyes (irl, blue eyes are a recessive trait). He made it clear that Baratheon genes are ultra-dominant and that real life genetics don’t come into play here.

However, this is a limited discussion that only considers physical appearance determining alleles. In reality, consanguinity in any degree poses a risk for loss of heterozygosity, which can open the doors for a whole slew of recessive autosomal diseases to express themselves in children. Such diseases can be cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, spinal muscular atrophy, and many others. The only birth defects and physical or mental impairments we’ve seen among Targaryens and other houses that have a good amount or inbreeding is Targaryen “madness” (super vague, but it is a thing) and achondroplasia (with Tyrion, tho this disease is autosomal dominant). So clearly inbreeding isn’t even that dangerous in world, perhaps another side effect of ~fantasy genetics~.

edit: @doublehex i saw your reply after I posted this lol but yeah obviously there’s something different here too

anonymous asked:

do you think martin had some plans for baelor breakspears sons that he ended up scrapping in between writing the hedge knight and the sworn sword? valarr seems to be set up as a character, only to die off screen of plague.

Not really, I think Valarr is there to be the what could have been, to contrast against the reign of Aerys I. 

Thoughts on Targaryen Names

I’ve been wondering what, if anything, we can learn from the names of Aerys II and Rhaella’s children.  What did their names mean to their parents and the Seven Kingdoms, and what do their names mean to GRRM?  In this series, where names and identity mean so much, I figured this would be an interesting topic to look into.  So let’s get right to it.  We’ll start with…

Rhaegar: Rhae-  is a common beginning for many Targaryen names, especially female ones.  Obviously, there’s Rhaegar’s mother Rhaella, her aunt Rhaelle, the conquering Rhaenys as well as Princess Rhaenys the Queen Who Never Was, and then there’s Rhaenyra, Aegon V’s sister Rhae, and Rhaena, who was one of the three Maidens in the Tower.

The only male Targaryen I can find who has a Rhae-name is Prince Rhaegel, who was Aegon V’s uncle and therefore kind of distantly related to baby Rhaegar.  Also, as he was known for being “meek, mad and sickly” it seems unlikely Rhaegar would have been named for him.

The –ar ending can be found in some Targaryen names, though it’s not as common as –on or –ys as an ending.  We see it in King Maekar’s name (Rhaegar’s great-great-grandfather), and there’s Prince Valarr. 

The only –gar ending I see in Targaryen name history is actually that of Visenya’s dragon Vhagar, who by the time of the Dance of the Dragons was the oldest and most ferocious living dragon in Westeros, almost as large as the infamous Balerion.  I mean that’s pretty cool, but I don’t see any other cases of Targaryens being named after their dragons.

So the best I can come up with for Rhaegar’s name is that it just seems to be a combination of Targaryen name beginnings and endings.  He doesn’t seem to be named after anyone, at least not in the way that his siblings clearly are.  What does this tell us?  Perhaps after the tragedy of Summerhall, Rhaegar’s birth represented new life and new hope for the Targaryen line, so the forging of his name went along with that.  Instead of being named after someone else, as were his mother and father and grandfather and great-grandfather & many others before him, Rhaegar represents an entirely new Targaryen trajectory.  Or so his parents thought…It is possible that GRRM chose this name for similar reasons.

Viserys: As we know, Viserys styles himself the Third of his Name because there were two others of that name.  Viserys II was one of Rhaenyra’s sons.  He is known as a good Hand but a bad King.  His reign was brief and fraught with accusations that he’d poisoned Baelor I in order to take the throne.  The first Viserys was known as a good ruler, legendary for grooming his daughter Rhaenyra to be his heir.   Again, it’s hard to say why our Viserys III’s his parents chose this name.  Perhaps by the time he was born in AC 275, it had just been too long since there was a Viserys in the family.  It’s interesting to note that while both past Viseryses (how exactly does one make this name plural hahah) were good at what they did, their times in power are associated with scandal (the Dance of the Dragons pitted Viserys I’s children against one another; Viserys II allegedly poisoned the previous king).

 So, perhaps we could say that GRRM chose the name Viserys to emphasize the ambiguity surrounding Viserys Targaryen, Third of his Name.  I know Viserys gets a lot of hate in the fandom, and a lot of his behavior is worthy of condemnation, but there is always the what if? that lingers when discussing Viserys.  What if his life had worked out differently?  After all, being hurriedly smuggled away from your home, being suddenly orphaned at an old enough age (nine) to understand and feel the weight of what is happening, then being smuggled away from that home with a baby and having to live on the run with said baby for most of the rest of your life, hearing nothing from your allies but that the rebellion took away what was yours and killed your father and brother…I don’t know, I think it’s easy to see how all this might affect someone’s ability to think fairly and rationally.  (Remember also despite the fact that we know we need to be critical when thinking about Rhaegar’s actions, and we know exactly what kind of person Aerys II had become, Viserys didn’t know these things.  He was a kid and Rhaegar was his older brother, and Rhaella tried to keep Viserys unaware of the extent of his father’s madness as best she could.  Viserys lost his brother, father and mother in pretty rapid succession.)  It absolutely does not justify Viserys’s abuse of Dany, yet we must understand how his ability to be a good rational thinker and leader would be impaired by his bitterness and exhaustion and homelessness and loneliness.  So maybe being named after these two Viserys Targaryens of the past shows us that just like they are associated with both bad and good, us readers ought to see Viserys as ambiguous as well instead of deciding he’s the villain and never sparing him a second thought.

Daenerys: So it recently occurred to me to wonder: Who named Daenerys?  Though we don’t know and probably never will, I think there’s a good chance that Rhaella named her on her own.  Who else would have?  Since we know so little about Rhaella, I wondered what we can learn about her from her choice to name her only daughter Daenerys, which was probably the last decision she ever made.

The first Daenerys is someone I associate with unification.  It is her marriage to Maron Martell that finally united the Seven Kingdoms, joining Dorne politically to the rest of Westeros.   Since Dany was born amongst the bloodshed of the Rebellion, was Rhaella thinking about an end to war when she held her baby daughter?  We’ll never know, but it is possible.

As far as GRRM’s choice to name her Daenerys goes, our Dany has much in common with Daenerys I.  By all accounts, Daenerys I was beautiful and somewhat generous, letting the children of the servants and guards play with her children in the Water Gardens (clearly a generous gesture by Westerosi standards, and something that’s kept up to this day). 

And of course, there is the theme of unification.  Dany is definitely trying to unite people in Essos, and the narrative is setting her up as a contender to sit the Iron Throne, a position which ideally would unite the Seven Kingdoms once more. 

Comments?  Anything I missed?  Please let me know!

deathcabindiagonalley  asked:

I'm almost completely certain that Dany had a miscarriage at the end of ADWD but is it possible that she also has the pale mare? When Yezzan zo Qaggaz is dying, it's said that "Those afflicted by the pale mare were always thirsty, drinking gallons between their shits", which is essentially what's happening to Dany. She says that Targaryens don't get sick and she doesn't remember ever being so but we know of past Targaryens that have been sick. What do you think?

Well, you’re right in that Targaryens have sometimes suffered from illnesses. Despite what Dany says:

Ser Barristan wrinkled up his nose, and said, “Your Grace should not be here, breathing these black humors.”
“I am the blood of the dragon,” Dany reminded him. “Have you ever seen a dragon with the flux?” Viserys had oft claimed that Targaryens were untroubled by the pestilences that afflicted common men, and so far as she could tell, it was true. She could remember being cold and hungry and afraid, but never sick.

–ADWD, Daenerys VI

we know that Viserys was wrong (as he was in many things), and that Targaryens have become sick and died from tuberculosis (Aegon III), the Great Spring Sickness (Valarr, Matarys, Daeron II) and even greyscale (Maegelle).

But it should be noted that Viserys must have heard this story from somewhere, and there may be some truth to it that he or the tale-teller misinterpreted. That is, perhaps it’s not that Targaryens don’t get sick, but that resistance to disease is a qualification of the Prince that was Promised and/or the three heads of the dragon. (Which could neatly handle the question of Tyrion’s apparent resistance to greyscale.) But we’ll have to see if we get more information on those prophesied persons before we can make any real judgements.

Anyway, back to Dany. Yes, it’s almost certain she had a miscarriage at the end of ADWD. But did she have the pale mare (a name for the bloody flux, aka dysentery)…? Let’s look at the symptoms:

  • fever, weakness
  • bloody stool
  • watery diarrhea
  • great thirst

And here’s Dany’s symptoms:

  • stomach cramps
  • vomiting
  • watery diarrhea
  • great thirst
  • nightmares and hallucinations
  • what looks to be a very heavy period, at an irregular time

Some of these symptoms do look similar to the pale mare… but there’s one important fact that disputes that conclusion. Dany was living for weeks on “Dragonstone”, Drogon’s lair, with no symptoms of bloody flux whatsoever. (According to wikipedia, dysentery symptoms appear one to three days after infection.) And her vomiting and diarrhea and thirst came upon her immediately after she ate the green berries that she found in the wilderness.

Just past midday she came upon a bush growing by the stream, its twisted limbs covered with hard green berries. Dany squinted at them suspiciously, then plucked one from a branch and nibbled at it. Its flesh was tart and chewy, with a bitter aftertaste that seemed familiar to her. “In the khalasar, they used berries like these to flavor roasts,” she decided. Saying it aloud made her more certain of it. Her belly rumbled, and Dany found herself picking berries with both hands and tossing them into her mouth.
An hour later, her stomach began to cramp so badly that she could not go on. She spent the rest of that day retching up green slime. […] Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning.

–ADWD, Daenerys X

So I think Dany’s symptoms were a sign of poisoning, not dysentery. It’s even possible the berries’ poison is also what caused the miscarriage. (If one wants to look for other reasons besides curses or prophecy. Note, several toxic plants can also be abortifacients, and some can cause vomiting and diarrhea; for example, savin aka juniper sabina berries.)

I hope that helps!

disneyinwonderland  asked:

I know it says that every time a Targaryen is born a coin is flipped to see if its madness or greatness. I believe most people think it refers to Viserys (madness) and Dany (greatness). I think it refers to Dany (madness) and Jon (greatness) if he is in fact a Targaryen. I think Dany has grown to be more like Viserys especially when she thinks everyone should call her their queen even when she is not in Westeros. I was wondering what you thought?

I think you misunderstand how coin flips work. Every time a Targaryen is born; that is, every Targaryen has a chance of being great or mad. Viserys being mad does not ensure Dany’s greatness, and Jon being great would not ensure Dany’s madness. Your messed-up reasoning is like taking two coins, flipping one and it comes up heads, and insisting that the next coin must come up tails because you already have heads. Surely you can see that’s wrong, it’s 50/50 for each coin each time.

For that matter, the greatness/madness thing is an idea, an explanation for why Targaryens often burn out spectacularly or shine brightly, not a definite rule. GRRM even says Targaryens can be both at once:

The Targaryens have heavily interbred, like the Ptolemys of Egypt. As any horse or dog breeder can tell you, interbreeding accentuates both flaws and virtues, and pushes a lineage toward the extremes. Also, there’s sometimes a fine line between madness and greatness. Daeron I, the boy king who led a war of conquest, and even the saintly Baelor I could also be considered “mad,” if seen in a different light. ((And I must confess, I love grey characters, and those who can be interperted in many different ways. Both as a reader and a writer, I want complexity and subtlety in my fiction))

And you know, there were also ordinary Targaryens, who never went one way or the other. Viserys I, “plump and pleasant”. Rhaena, “dutiful, meek, and pious”, who became a septa. Valarr and Matarys, dead from plague before they could ever distinguish themselves. Aerys I, whose main fault was that he read too much. If there really is a coin, well, sometimes it lands on an edge, or rolls and gets lost under the sofa.

Also, like, wtf, Dany is queen of Meereen, that’s why the Meereenese call her queen when she’s in Meereen. And, technically, she is queen-in-exile of Westeros, and so was Viserys king-in-exile. His madness had nothing to do with insisting on being called king, only that he demanded obedience of people who had no interest in serving him and didn’t seem to understand why they wouldn’t; also his rages, “waking the dragon” etc. The Westerosi who call Dany queen, like Jorah and Barristan, are calling her that because they want her to be their queen.

For more on Dany and madness and why the idea that she’s mad is completely wrong, please see here. (And this post as well for why a queen wanting to be called a queen is not “entitled” either.)