The amount of Gothmog in my writing has been sorely lacking of late, and the amount of Gothmog being a really good friend even more so! And seeing as everyone’s a bit caught up on the 50 Shades of Grey ‘abuse vs kink, and being able to recognise it’ thing, I thought I’d clarify some aspects of the relationship that I write between Melkor and Mairon. So enjoy(?) a very naive young Mairon in Utumno’s heyday, and Gothmog being the best of bros under the circumstances. tw: heavily implied non-con/rape, gore. 

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[Lying To Yourself Again]

“No, really!”

“Gothmog, you jest,” Langon exclaimed, he crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back against the corridor’s wall. “That cannot be true.” 

“It is,” the Balrog rumbled, a mischievous glint in his yellowish eyes. “I’m telling you, he calls it ‘The Mighty Arising’.” 

“Well, how crude,” Thuringwethil giggled, and Langon beside her stifled a snort of laughter. She shook her long black curls from her face, and with that motion she glanced knowingly down the corridor, towards where a familiar blond silhouette slipped out of a stairwell and vanished around a corner. 

Following her gaze her two companions stared also, and Gothmog said playfully, “Fine, I’ll get the official confirmation then for you two non-believers.” 

Even clad in semi-humanoid fána, Gothmog’s cloven hoof left an ashy imprint upon the marble as he turned upon his heel, as he began to stride down the corridor and called, “Mairon!” 

Swiftly he rounded the corner, from some few metres down the next walkway he saw Mairon for an instant look back over his shoulder, before stiffly turning away. 

“Hey, Mairon, wait…” Gothmog jogged the short distance between them, but Mairon darted aside into an adjacent corridor. “Mairon!” 

“Go away, Gothmog.” The shrillness in his friend’s voice pulled him up short; the tightness of his steps even half shrouded in shadows as he was sent a sharp, sudden spear of concern plunging through Gothmog’s heart, and with abrupt wariness in his step he rounded the final corner.

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I just don’t get why people can go so far and be so stupid. It’s a fucking democracy. Obama is your president. Don’t like it? Tough shit. You can vote again in 4 years. That’s kind of what the US is supposed to be about.


do people still actually think Obama is a Socialist because that is the funniest shit I have ever

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Reg, two questions. One: where does your URL come from? Two: What sort of things motivate you in life? As in, are there people you look up to that motivate you to do better, or are there certain morals and ideals you stick to that make you do your best?


skiesovergideon comes from a friend I had in high school, whose name was Gideon. He adored flying. He wanted to fly planes, be a fighter pilot, create wings so man could fly without a metal tube around him. He wanted to fly to the moon, to Mars, to the stars and back. And then he was diagnosed with cancer and died a year later. When I sat down to craft a username, for some reason he popped into my head. And I thought it would be a cool way to remember him.

As for the second, love. I can count on one hand (and not use all my fingers) the number of people I genuinely, truly, deeply dislike. I think loving people is the highest calling people have - that we should love one another more than ourselves. And I govern my behavior online, especially on tumblr, with that in mind. Sometimes fandom frustrates me. Sometimes people make me angry and I want to write a huge long post that’s incendiary or passive-aggressive. But I don’t because that does nothing good for anyone. And, yes, I have my moments where I make flailing, passive-aggressive posts. Everyone has their moments.

I can’t really abide cruelty to other people - I put myself between a ten year old and the kids beating him up once, and I would do it again. There are a lot of times where I can come off as a person with no fucks to give, but usually it’s because I realize that if I take action and appear to give fucks it will hurt other people in the long run. And that’s something I don’t want to do and someone I don’t want to be. So love. That’s what I aspire to, I guess, what drives me to do my best. Love for others.

Book Meme

Rules: In a text post, list 10 books that have stayed with you some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard—they don’t have to be the right or great works, just the ones the have touched you.

Tag 10 friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them!

  1. Dragonlance - The Chronicles trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
    The Dragonlance book series is what got me into fantasy and reading in general. So, I know it’s not exactly the ~pinnacle of literature or anything, but without those books I would not be here today.
  2. Forgotten Realms - Icewind Dale trilogy/Dark Elf trilogy/Legacy of the Drow by R.A. Salvatore
    Same as above. God I had a massive teenage crush on Drizzt haha.
  3. Last Herald Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey
    Again, I think most people would consider it trashy fantasy, but this series was what really introduced me to slash and shipping. I also have my high school friend (who lent me these books) to thank for that, haha.
  4. The Dark Tower by Stephen King
    Ok I have to make a gross confession here, I haven’t actually read the novels, only the graphic novels.
  5. Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson
    I know I harp on about this series a lot (I literally recommend it to everyone who asks for book recommendations) and I’m only halfway through the series itself, but by god Erikson really has a way with the language that I’ve never seen any other author pull off. Chain of Dogs and Memories of Ice are the two most emotional books I have ever read in my life. If you haven’t read this series yet, get on it. Now.
  6. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
    If you thought you’d get through this list without ASOIAF on it then I don’t know what you’re doing here.
  7. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien
    I remember getting LotR on a school reading list. It was such a massive brick of a book that I don’t really remember much of the actual text itself, just the experience.
  8. Watchmen by Alan Moore
    Watchmen was the first comic about superheroes I read that forced me to take it seriously. Though I suppose it’s not really a comic about superheroes is it?
  9. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
    Like Malazan, this is one I haven’t really gotten around to finishing just yet. I’m honestly not too jazzed by the slow pace of the story where I’m at, but I love the characters so much I’ll keep reading.
  10. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
    Hello feels, my old friend.

Runners up:

  • The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
  • The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
  • Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
  • Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
  • Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks
  • War of the Ancients trilogy by Richard A. Knaak

(don’t judge me)

I don’t have a lot of people to tag, just Gemma, Cat and Nils. If you want to do it, be my guest!

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Judging by your general blogging about it, you seem to rather enjoy FMA Brotherhood. So I was wondering, could you give a rundown on what you like (and dislike, if applicable) about the show? No need to worry about spoilers, I've seen the whole thing. I'm just a very curious person who loves hearing people's opinions about things and how they react to different media.

On a whole I’m really liking A LOT about it. The only things I’m iffy on at the moment is the way that Ishval is portrayed. We have Scar who makes commentary on the genocide done there. And also I just got Miles today. I mean this could change as the series goes forward, but there’s not always a huge amount of attention in telling all of their stories. 


What I do love so much is the way this show plays on idealism? 

Mainly we have Ed and Al’s idealism in getting their bodies back and how alchemy should be used. Their kids, but their unique position as being part of the military but also as being part of it outside the main circles allows them to function as they do. So they get away with commenting on things most wouldn’t. 


Roy’s idealism in wanting to change the country and the military state. Which he doesn’t lose but only becomes more focused and serious after his actions in the War. 


the Avarices and their logical idealism. I mean truly they are terrible and what they’re doing is terrible. BUT, it’s interesting that the show presents their logic, and not necessarily are they “wrong” in their logic about humanity. It’s just a different perspective. 

Also I love the use of Winry as life and the motive of that. She’s not an alchemist. So she’s not linked in the way that alchemists are incapable of giving life or creating it. She operates outside of that. And it’s great. 


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You should make an "Asslonso" or "Alonsbutt" icon so I can use it to rival yours.

ok vincent

i made you an icon

actually two because i wasn’t satisfied with first that i made so you can choose and adopt and rival mine

ok not much but i tried my best and ugly details won’t be seen when it’s smaller




tell me what you think and if you like one use it and if you don’t like it don’t use it DO WHAT YOU WANT

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Pandamom, how come there are assholes who don't think anxiety and incapacitating panic attacks are a real issue and keep saying people should "just deal with it"?

Because people over-use terms like depression and anxiety to mean “I’m kinda sad” and “This scares me a little” so the actual meaning of a chronic mental illness is lost to the general public. You can, sometimes, just get over “being a little sad” with some ice cream or whatever and “being a little scared” by facing your fear or removing yourself from it.

Depression/anxiety/etc? Not so much. People don’t understand that it’s really a physical issue: it’s a mix of chemicals in your brain affecting your emotions that manifest in real physical symptoms. There doesn't even need to be an actual event to trigger these emotions! And if the public were educated on that instead of believing "you just need more exercise/vitamins/a funny movie" or “you just need to man up” we may be better equipped as a society to help these people.

But instead the words are lost in a sea of overuse and non-meaning so we get assholes who think mental health patients are just weak or looking for attention.

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A note of curiosity, regarding the lit meme: might I ask why you put GRRM in with high fantasy? As far as the definition of low fantasy given in that very post goes, that's where his books lie. A world familiar to our own with some magical elements. Unless I've been misinterpreting that definition for far too long, but overall, that's how I read it.

Yes! Hello! I saw some confusion over this. First, I am far from an expert, I’ve really just started learning about this, but from what I understand:

High Fantasy refers to an entire alternate world, such as Middle Earth, Westeros, or Narnia. Low Fantasy is when things of a fantastical nature take place inside our world. 

Here’s a better Low Fantasy definition: “nonrational happenings that are without causality or rationality because they occur in the rational world where such things are not supposed to occur.”

And I can see where that can feel sort of GRRM, but the fact that ASOIAF takes place in it’s own fictional world apart from ours, where magic is a strong undercurrent places it there.

I was thinking a lot about the GRRM response he gives when he is asked too many science questions: “it’s magic”  which makes me feel the basic rules that underly his unique world are magically based and therefor it’s in the high fantasy genre.

sweet baby jesus, you are all so nice and helpful. i really really appreciate it although you maybe regret offering me your help when i explain you what’s the problem.

the thing is that i need to compare two different performances of the same work. i chose schubert’s string quartet no.13 and first 2 minutes or so as it needs to be shorter. first performance here and second here. and as i suck so much when it comes to classical music, i am kinda lost. the differences in agogics, tempo, rythm… all these stuff. i can perhaps notice the very basics but it’s so lame, you have no idea. i’m so sorry to sound like i ask you to do my homework, but it would really help me if anybody could just really simply say a word or two about it. if you want to. just some general stuff, it’s not supposed to be 600% scientific serious business. i don’t know. i’m awful person when it comes to such things as it mostly all sounds the same to me. therefore i tried to choose two as different as possible performances. so… yeah.

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Is dogbeast tumblring now?

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Are you singing the song of your people?

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Why are you still awake?

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