Hello everyone! I would really appreciate it if you helped me with reporting this art thief, who does not give credit to the blogs they’ve stolen art from (which is at least ten from Tumblr and one from Deviantart, as seen below the cut). This is my first art thief and this is a HUGE art thief. There will also be a Part Two where I explain their reaction when I asked them to take down my art.

This morning I found out that one of my drawings, the one with young Jack, Vos, and Sammy at the sea temple was stolen by the instagram user @minecraftstorymode_jetra. 

Thanks to the help of the Unofficial MCSM Discord Crew, we have discovered that this person has stolen artwork from AT LEAST 10 artists on Tumblr and a DeviantArt.

This person has stolen art WITHOUT CREDIT from the following blogs (with proof via screenshots)
There was a lot of stolen art from @charliekaye

There was several pieces stolen from @zeroharps

An old piece by @doodlingcubes

Lots of fan art from @valarauco-6

Art from @lunasdestiny

The really nice Jesses from @thedeadenders (GOTTA SAY I LOVE YOUR LITTLE COMMENT ON THIS ONE)

A stolen Happy boi from @becguin

My dear friend @nurm-the-villager

Art from @poppyrays

Stolen art from @cakesart

a lovely ellegaard by @romaheroic

and a comic bit by the deviantart prettyxthexartist (if someone could tell them about this post that’d be great)

Please folks, if I missed anyone, reblog them onto this thread with a photo for proof. They are blocking people who tell them to take down their posts (explained in part two) and I got blocked, so these screenshots are thanks to the people of the unofficial mcsm discord!

Dear Eric Stirpe

To our favourite dork, @stirpicus - Eric Stirpe, creative writer of Minecraft: Story Mode, Overlord of the Cube Kids,

I guess we - myself and those who contributed with the fanart displayed in the above collages (they will be credited with the full art under a cut) - want to thank you for helping bring MCSM to life. You have truly done the game justice and helped blow minds. The game you helped create has brought joy and laughter and tears and anger.

You have done so much to contribute to the game and the fandom - you have reblogged fanart, answered the questions you could answer and given some a role model. To thank you, we decided to make you these collages.

The fact that you got engaged shortly beforehand was a complete coincidence - and I can only say we’re so happy for you! If you wish, take this as a gift for the engagement. We’ve been working on this for over two weeks and we’re proud of the result.

All I did was create the collages which, admittedly, could have been done better - of course, it was the artists who did the most. I gave them a two week (and four days) deadline and look at all they’ve achieved! Three of them were even able to contribute two pieces of art!

I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with this - I’ve tried to remain formal but I’m just so giddy with excitement that we finally got this done. Nights and days I’ve spent panicking the project would flop or that you’d somehow find out but it’s been done. I really appreciate all the work everyone’s done for this - we all stuck through hard times (lack of Internet connection for some, feuds, stress) and got this done. I’m proud.

But yeah, thanks for the game, well done on the engagement and please appreciate this collage we made for you. Don’t stop being a dork. finger guns, dabs

Some of the artists have messages for you!

Virumya: I want y'all to know that I posed in front of my mirrow and took photos with my nintendo camera for drawing references. And I used an enderman-plushie as a sword.

AngelicCubes: Hey Eric! I just wanted to say that you’re a massive inspiration to me, and that one day I want to work in the Game Industry because of you and all the amazing staff at Telltale! You’re such an epic person and I hope that you’re having a nice week! x3 (Congratulations on your Engagement as well!)

nukeypookie: Hey hey hey, Eric! I’ve already told you many times that I love what you do and that we love you, so I’ll just go ahead and say this: the hand on your butt (on the drawing) is accidental. please do not judge me. bahah. In all seriousness, I hope you love what we did for you just as much as what you do for us! Also, episode 3 is gonna be awesooome and I’m super excited for it. Anyways, I wish only good things for you and the game, and of course the entire team that works on MCSM as well. You guys rock.

Chuck: Hello Eric! Thank you for giving us a swell game and good times! I hope you’ll also have good and awesome times in the future with us! :oD
Vines On Cubes: Hey Eric!! I know it’s a little old-looking but I hope you like my art- (a little update for ya soon :3 haha) and may I just say I really appreciate all the stuff you do for us fans- you’re involved in just the right ways and we love it! I live for Minecraft Story Mode, so thank you!! And congrats my dude!

charlie: hi eric, theres nothing else to say than what i’ve already told you in messages before, but again from the bottom of my heart, thank you and the mcsm team for this wonderful game and community. huge congratulations on the engagement as well! i only wish the best of the best for you in the years to come!

Sketch: hi eric!! just wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful game and filling it with plenty of characters to love! this game means a ton to me and i’m so glad that you’re the one writing it!! i wish you luck with life and can’t wait for more of your work to come through in this game!!

valarauco-6: hi eric, i just want to thank you for this awesome game, you and the rest of the team are doing an absolutely amazing job with it, i hope you know that! it holds a special place in my heart and i’m glad you’re the one making it, i wish you good luck in life, and also congrats on getting engaged!

Kiwi: Hey there, Eric! I would just like to start off by thanking you so much for everything you do. You’re freaking amazing and I look up to you for a lot of things. I hope you enjoy the collage and all the wonderful art!! (Congrats on the engagement by the way!)

Under the cut will be the full art with credit. Likes < Reblogs!

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8. Show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.

You asked for this.

6. Tag your favorite artists / inspirations.

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11. Warm or cool colors?

I prefer cool colors. They are… cool. Just like me. B)