#ChoicesCreates Round 10 Masterlist: Soulmates

“Do you believe in soulmates?” Based on the entries we’ve received for our tenth round, most of you do! Thank you to all those who submitted their entries. This round was pretty intense – the entries are in a whole new level. I’m telling ya – the talent here is amaAaAaAaAzing <— (imagine “amazing being animated the way it moves around when Tyler says “study buddies!”).

First off, thanks to these folks who helped choose the prompt for this epic round. @firefly-hwufanficwriter, who had a writing breakthrough this round as you’ll see in the list below 🙌🏼 , @lauraotaku2234, who helped me put this list together (but I’m housing the list here so she can focus on school stuff! You go, baby bird! 👍🏻), and of course, @justapapercut, (/insert cheesy soulmate talk here 😋).

Thank you to the talented @fyeahjanethevirgin for this awesome #ChoicesCreates banner! Love it so much!

Without further ado, here are the awesome entries for the 10th Round of #ChoicesCreates, all prompted by “Do you believe in soulmates?”

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anonymous asked:

If RD does a prom episode here's what colors I want the girls' dresses to be: Betty (teal), Veronica (royal purple), Cheryl (bronze or gold), Josie (dark red), Val (fuchsia), Melody (royal blue), Polly (burgundy), and Ethel (sunny yellow). Sort of switch things up from their usual color palettes you know?

I can totally picture all of these, they’d be beautiful! I love the more dressy scenes, and I’m still holding out hope we get at least one scene where Betty enters and Jug is left completely breathless!


I find it odd that the chipped cup set used on set does not have a matching teapot, but if anyone is curious:

Base Set for Cups, Saucers, Creamer, and Sugar Bowl: Val D’Or by Royal Albert

As for the teapot. It’s hard to tell from the angles I have. It’s definitely a variation of the Blue Willow print and Royal Albert did produce a Blue Willow set at one time, but an image for confirmation eludes me. 

Alternative set(s) for Teapot: Booths & Doulton

The serving tray is harder to figure as we never get a clear image of the detail work inside the tray. Closest I’ve found are silver handled serving trays by Wm Rogers

Alternative set for Tray: WM Rogers