Happy National Dog Day!

Franklin D. Roosevelt had a lifelong affection for pets. His best-known was Fala, a Scottish terrier given to him by his cousin, Margaret Suckley, in 1940. Fala became Roosevelt’s constant companion and the most famous dog in America, appearing in newspapers, cartoons, and films.

Fala often accompanied FDR on trips and was present at key meetings, including the 1941 Atlantic Charter Conference. During the 1944 presidential campaign, Republicans falsely claimed Roosevelt ordered a destroyer to retrieve Fala when he was left behind on an Alaskan island. FDR disarmed his critics in a celebrated speech. Fala’s frugal “Scotch soul was furious,” he reported, at allegations that tax dollars were spent to rescue him.

After FDR’s death, Fala lived with Eleanor Roosevelt. He is buried near the President and First Lady.

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Jailbreak by Fures + Treasure Hunters
           ↳ AU where Nate, Rafe and Sam are a popular boyband with the Drake Brothers as lead vocals, and Rafe rapping. Jailbreak is their first album and features their 2 hit singles - ‘Gone’ and ‘Robar tu Corazón (feat Sully)’.

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Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

We commemorate this day with the traditional Festivus customs:

  • We have our Festivus Pole, an aluminum flagpole once used in the Roosevelt’s Hyde Park home, Springwood.
  • For Festivus Dinner we have a Soya meatloaf. This WWII era poster claims that if you use Soya you use up to 25% less beef. Yum!
  • Of course we have the Airing of Grievances. Not every American was a fan of the Roosevelts and they often wrote to the President and First Lady to make their feelings known. The first letter from Miss Todd of New York makes it clear that no one wants to hear about Fala’s love life. In the second from Mr. Phipps of Milwaukee, he calls FDR a “smiling, wasteful, and fickle Prima Donna politician.” Ouch.
  • Festivus is not over until the head of the household has been bested in a Feat of Strength! In this photo from July 1925, Anna Roosevelt has her mother Eleanor pinned on the lawn of Val-Kill.

We hope you have a great Festivus! Come to the Roosevelt Library and see our temporary exhibit The Spirit of the Gift: Gifts of State and Affection. The exhibit has been extended through January 3, 2016. It’s a Festivus Miracle!

Deacon Maybury changes peoples personalities and makes them forget about magic right

what if it’s the only way to stop Darquesse

Bury both her and Valkyrie under layers of magic until she’s not even Stephanie anymore. She’s just some really buff beautiful girl who loves fighting and feels like she’s missing something important

and even though there’s this weird guy in a nice car who seems to just come and watch her every so often she always feels safe.

And every year, on her birthday, even when she’s 130 and the oldest person in the world she gets a stick in the post.

It was entirely shot at night. We were pretty giddy most of the time. I saw it last week by chance, and had a flood of fond memories. On the first day of shooting, Val Kilmer (genius) almost choked to death on a piece of catering chicken right before we shot the first scene of the movie. His eyes were still watering until we got to his close up. I’m so happy he’s still with us.
—  RDJ during his recent Reddit AMA on his favorite memory from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

ok so with al the valdaya vs. janelskiy drama i thought i would share my opinion


ok so to begin lets talk about the age gap and idk the fact that it is BARELY legal! now Z is gorge, she is stunning! but i just think she is  little too young. also, i just don’t see the chemistry. honestly, i don’t base ships off of age or appearance, i base what i want to ship on cold hard chemistry. the whole reason i started watching DWTS was for beth and janel, bc i am a motavator aswell as a huge pll fan. i did not sign up for becoming madly obsessed with these ships until i saw the beauty of janelskiy. the fact that they fit together like puzzle pieces, they are very different, and just their body language makes me fall in love with them everyday. the thing that REALLY took the cake for me was when janel switched partners. janel says things like “I’m not thinking of val, I’m not thinking of val, I’m not thinking of val… ok I’m thinking of val” when her and artem were getting down and dirty just… and when val punched the wall when he saw part of their routine (he also didn’t know the camera was on him) not to mention the heart to heart after just EUGHHH! they calm each other down and love each other so much and i just want that. just seeing them in public acting the same way makes me swoon, because face it, val is a dancer and a damn good one, therefore he can easily turn on the chemistry in the dance, but the chemistry in public is whats hard! ok so val and zendaya are more like a brotherly/sisterly type of love. i just don’t feel the chemistry. trust me! i test a lll the ships, because deciding on an OTP is hard! i just don’t really see it. i love Z and its nothing against her! or valdaya shippers! i just don’t ship it!