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Those pics killed me with Olicity feels. I don't know what will happen when the trailer comes out and when the S4 starts. I think they are not giving us the trailer so we calm a bit down and not die of heart attack seeing Olicity feels. I was thinking for Arrow 100 episode I want Olicity wedding!!!!!! S4 episode 1 will be 70 episode, 30 episodes ride is enough to reach Olicity wedding stop.

FOR A FACT, THEY ARE SAVING THE TRAILER FOR LAST. THEY KNOW WE’RE NOT READY FOR IT. I think an olicity wedding in season 6 or 7 would be awesome!

Near Bard?

Come visit an online exhibition opening at the Val-Kill Playhouse in the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, in Hyde Park, NY! The exhibition is entitled “Eleanor Roosevelt: We Make Our Own History” and has been curated by three of our very own Bard Students, John Ohrenberger, Jonian Rafti, and Clara Allison. They are students in Professor Cynthia Koch’s Eleanor Roosevelt Public History Practicum. The exhibit will be opening THIS FRIDAY May 8th at 4pm. 

Check it out!

A BETTER THING TO KILL // a Val Velocity fanmix by drphizzlesspoisonred

Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys / Shots Imagine Dragons / Jesus Of Suburbia Green Day / M.utually A.ssured D.estruction Julian Casablancas+The Voidz / Cinderella Man Eminem / Na Na Na [Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na] My Chemical Romance / This Is War Thirty Seconds To Mars / Zero Zero Gerard Way / My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) Fall Out Boy

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Happy National Dog Day!

Franklin D. Roosevelt had a lifelong affection for pets. His best-known was Fala, a Scottish terrier given to him by his cousin, Margaret Suckley, in 1940. Fala became Roosevelt’s constant companion and the most famous dog in America, appearing in newspapers, cartoons, and films.

Fala often accompanied FDR on trips and was present at key meetings, including the 1941 Atlantic Charter Conference. During the 1944 presidential campaign, Republicans falsely claimed Roosevelt ordered a destroyer to retrieve Fala when he was left behind on an Alaskan island. FDR disarmed his critics in a celebrated speech. Fala’s frugal “Scotch soul was furious,” he reported, at allegations that tax dollars were spent to rescue him.

After FDR’s death, Fala lived with Eleanor Roosevelt. He is buried near the President and First Lady.

To learn more about Fala, visit:



Former 1st Lady favors Stevenson-Kennedy ticket

Los Angeles, California (JFK+50) While Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts was the 1st choice of the majority of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention meeting here in Los Angeles this week, Adlai Stevenson of Illinois was the preference of former 1st Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mrs. Roosevelt, who served as 1st Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945, gave a seconding speech at the convention in behalf of Governor Stevenson.


In her memoirs, “The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt”, the former 1st Lady recalls her reluctant participation in the 1960 Democratic National Convention.

Mrs. Roosevelt writes that following her involvement in the failed 1956 campaign, she was “determined to never again take part in a political campaign.”

But those intentions changed in 1960 because of the attempt by the New York State party bosses to replace “the voice of the voters" with their own "boss rule.”

Eleanor Roosevelt writes:

“Democracy depends upon the participation of the people in their government.  It cannot survive by boss rule.”

And as far as the national nominees of the Democratic Party in 1960, Mrs. Roosevelt writes that she believed the best choice would have been a STEVENSON-KENNEDY ticket.

She does acknowledge that JFK would have his chance at the Presidency at a later time.

Concerning the convention itself, Eleanor Roosevelt says that “as they now function (the party conventions) are obsolete.”*

*Mrs. Roosevelt eventually endorsed JFK for President & was appointed by President Kennedy to chair the Commission on the Status of Women in 1961.

                   Eleanor Roosevelt & JFK

                   Meeting at Val Kill, 1960**

**Val Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt’s home after FDR’s death, is located 2 miles east of the Roosevelt family home at Hyde Park, New York.

FDR had encouraged Eleanor to use the 180 acre estate to develop a place to work with rural workers & women as a part of his New Deal program.  

She named it Val Kill, which means waterfall-stream, from the Dutch language.

Today Val Kill is a National Historic Site.

Stone Cottage

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

Hyde Park, New York

Photo by Rolf Muller, 2007

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"What the fuck?!" The woman yelled as the beam of light came down on them, Tomo quickly grabbing the reaper and bringing her away from the heavenly light, the girl scared out of her mind, "jeez did the gods just try to kill me?"

Val winced, sucking at her teeth to reach behind her, the shaft embedded right below her shoulder blade, “That’s about the short of it, yes. Well, fuck, I can’t leave you alone now! The Higher Ups are pissed now, I see. Good thing it’s an eternity long position, they can’t kill me.”


    [Dusk knew full well that he didn’t make a 
     sound as he walked. He hadn’t even before
     he’d been turned all those years ago. And it
     was a skill he utilized often.
     The fact that it caught Sanguine off guard 
     every time was amusing in its own way to Dusk.
     The amusement didn’t show on his face as he
     came to a stop just in the hitman’s line of sight.]

       “Zombies was your brilliant plan to get
         Anton Shudder to hand over his key? Remind
         me again why you thought that was a good
         idea, Sanguine. Any of those disgusting things
         could have killed Cain.”

A Royal Meeting (Knight Au-Closed)

Stiles sat in his thrown with his crown sitting straight on his head, today was the audience with the prince. The one thing that the other hated to do, he loved his followers but some things only the king could grant, so he always sent them to him, he leaned over towards Val. “If you kill me, I am sure my father will grant you a pardon”

OK so if Vaughn isn’t taken to Vallory by Cassius where does he go? Does he manage to get away? Does he run off with Cassius??? Do the Val-gang end up killing him off in Ep5 while holding him hostage if u try to kill Cassius?? Do they come back later if u don’t try to kill Cassius????? I am still worried about the little buff nerd and haven’t played ep4 myself yet someone help me