Quotes from Thor Ragnarok

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Thor: Hold on! Let me come around! I swear I’m not even moving! I feel like we were connecting there!

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Thor: Loki’s alive, can you believe it? He’s up there! LOKI! LOOK WHO IT IS?

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(Sees Hulk)

Loki: I need to get off this planet!

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Thor: Hulk in a hot tub.

(Hulk gets out)

Thor: OH! That’s naked! Now it’s in my head.

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Thor to Hulk: I prefer you more than Banner. He’s like numbers and blah blah blah

Thor to Banner: I prefer you more than Hulk. He’s like URGHHHHH

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Loki: Surprise!

(Throws a bottle)

Loki: OW!

Thor: Just checking!

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Val: He tried to kill me!

Hulk: same.

Thor: Me too! When I was 8, I saw a snake and Loki knows I love snakes. I picked it up and held it, until Loki transformed back and stabbed me😬

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Thor: Its great! It works every time!


Running list of forgotten stories on ‘Riverdale’
  • Archie wanting to be the next Ed Sheeran, only taller and less British 
  • Josie joining the River Vixens
  • Shoot, the fact that anyone is a River Vixen
  • Is anyone ever gonna play football again, either?
  • The Blue and Gold (like, actual reporting)
  • The Red and Black, for that matter
  • (I guess everyone is just going to write “A little murder and a lot of drama” where they ask about extracurriculars on their college apps??)
  • Val existing
  • Cheryl attempting to kill her mother and basically telling her she’s going to be her slave or else
  • The fact that the Blossoms were running a heroin ring (!!!!!)
  • Seriously, no one is going to check in on Jughead and realize he’s living entirely on his own? No unscheduled visits from the social worker to make sure everything is up to snuff? Nothing? Everyone’s okay with this? Who is paying the utility bills and buying his groceries?
No Guilt

5th Edition DnD with a dash of homebrew - our party consists of : a (m) gnome druid - Raulf, a (m) krogan battlemaster - Graul, a (m) tiefling rogue - Vallarin, and a (m) tiefling gunslinger that goes by Hellboy. 

We’ve finished up with the large golden temple, heading back to our main encampment (2 days away) and have to stop for the night. Hellboy, not from the DnD world, got some interesting loot from the pyramid and doesn’t know what “attuning to a weapon” is to figure out if they’re magical. The druid and rogue are trying to convince Hellboy to let them show him how it’s done - but its’ not going too well. Hellboy is a new addition to the party because in a previous campaign Raulf, the gnome, had killed that player’s (the one playing Hellboy) sorcerer with a water elemental. This story was told to our newest companion. 

Hellboy seemed more keen to trust Vallarin, the rogue, who has nearly the highest kill count in our party so far, which makes Raulf confused and frustrated.

Raulf - So you won’t trust me, the murderer, but you’ll trust him (points to Val), the murderer?!

Val - I don’t kill people I know.

Raulf - And that’s different how?!

Val - I don’t feel guilt. 


Once more, we had to stop to let the party stop laughing at what I (Val) had said and how the other player’s face (Raulf’s) looked upon realizing what I’d said. 

Who shot who?

Cassie Bernall was shot once in the right side of the head - the shot also hit one of her fingers. She was shot with pump shotgun pellets by Eric Harris. The head injury was fatal. She died in the library.

Steven Curnow was shot once through the right shoulder and neck with a pump slug by Eric. He died in the library.

Corey Depooter was shot once in the left shoulder with a 9mm bullet from the TEC-9 by Dylan.
Corey Depooter was shot three times in the neck, back, and arm with 9mm bullets from the Hi-Point by Eric. The wounds Eric inflicted were fatal. He died in the library.

Kelly Fleming was shot once in the lower back with pump shotgun pellets by Eric. She died in the library.

Matt Kechter was shot once in the left shoulder with a double barrel slug that went through his neck, lung, and right arm by Dylan. He died in the library.

Daniel Mauser was grazed behind the ear, and shot in the nose with a 9mm bullet that went through his neck, from the Hi-Point fired by Eric. He died in the library.

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Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

We commemorate this day with the traditional Festivus customs:

  • We have our Festivus Pole, an aluminum flagpole once used in the Roosevelt’s Hyde Park home, Springwood.
  • For Festivus Dinner we have a Soya meatloaf. This WWII era poster claims that if you use Soya you use up to 25% less beef. Yum!
  • Of course we have the Airing of Grievances. Not every American was a fan of the Roosevelts and they often wrote to the President and First Lady to make their feelings known. The first letter from Miss Todd of New York makes it clear that no one wants to hear about Fala’s love life. In the second from Mr. Phipps of Milwaukee, he calls FDR a “smiling, wasteful, and fickle Prima Donna politician.” Ouch.
  • Festivus is not over until the head of the household has been bested in a Feat of Strength! In this photo from July 1925, Anna Roosevelt has her mother Eleanor pinned on the lawn of Val-Kill.

We hope you have a great Festivus! Come to the Roosevelt Library and see our temporary exhibit The Spirit of the Gift: Gifts of State and Affection. The exhibit has been extended through January 3, 2016. It’s a Festivus Miracle!

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callout post for val velocity
- killed a disabled man
- was mean to a child
- drank all my orange juice and left the empty container in my fridge, tricking me into thinking I was in store for a refreshing glass of OJ
- Pissed On My Crops And Fucked My Mother
- Stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks

  • Val Velocity: Maybe that’s why you and I can never get along. We aren’t supposed to exist together.
  • The Girl: Also you went evil and started killing people.
  • Val Velocity: Good point. Also a factor.
An In-Depth Look at TCATF: Why The Betrayal Could Be The Strategem

In this week’s chapter, we had to watch as Raydan Lykel betrayed us all, pledging his alliance to the wicked Empress Azura. But I’m positive that Raydan betraying us is all just a ruse to infiltrate Azura’s army—kinda like Aqualad in Season 2 of Young Justice.


First of all, he’s a spymaster. His job is to literally spy on people and gather information to use against them. The best kind of spies are the ones that are such great actors that the audience, their enemies, and their teammates aren’t aware of their standing.

Second, towards the end of Chapter 6 and before he’s taken captive by Azura’s guards, Raydan tells Val that they need to improvise. Besides pushing Val into the fountain, could he have meant something else? Could those subtle hints of his betrayal be him telling Val that it’s all part of the plan?

Also, the only way they would’ve gotten out alive is if they pledged their allegiance to Azura. And since the only alternative to that was being thrown into the dungeons, Raydan could’ve “pledged his allegiance” so Val could get away and warn Kenna about her arrival.

Lastly, he’s a pretty skilled marksman. We’ve seen him kill enemy soldiers with swiftness and precision. He could’ve shot Val straight in the heart if he wanted to, but he didn’t. He missed just by a few inches, meaning he didn’t have any intention of killing Val. He only wanted them to think he was willing to kill her to fool Azura into believing he was serious in pledging his alliance to her.

But if Raydan really did betray us, then I’m going to strangle him to death and make sure nobody ever finds his body. Unless either Annelyse or Kenna gets to him first that is.

April 17

It’s Monday!

We all know what that means!


For Week 5, Team Valmani performed “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan for Disney Week! ICYMI:


They got the highest score of the night with a 39/40!

They left the judges breathless. 

Normani was over the moon with how the night went:

In today’s funny 5H-related moment:


Whipping out those moves!

Check out some of Normani’s IG stories down here:

And some rehearsal pics:

Guess who went to support Normani? Ally, of course!

With Mama Drea:

Dinah was also raving about the performance on Twitter!

Dinah’s had a pretty busy weekend, and now she’s finally home:

ICYMI, Dinah’s and Lauren’s snaps from Coachella yesterday:

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And of course, a selfie from Ally: (#ad)

898700  asked:

Do you think Loki might have freed Hela by mistake, trying to negotiate with her for a way to get Frigga back? Is it confirmed that she escaped because of something Loki did, or didn't do?

Oh man. I read the first part of that sentence and was like nah he’s not that stupid and then you said bring Frigga back and … he would be that stupid, wouldn’t he…

Basically what we know so far is: Hela was imprisonned for whatever reasons a long time ago, and the first synopsis that was published about Ragnarok’s plot said that she escaped because of Loki’s careless/lazy ruling (I don’t remember the exact wording but you should be able to find it on imdb). 

But this seems like Taika (et al.) were trying to lead us astray via fisher king (thanks to @philosopherking1887 for teaching me about that trope xD) the ‘villain ruler must be bad ruler’ thing, making people think the worst of Loki. 

Now, considering that Loki seems to be one of the good guys this time from what we know from the trailer, that seems contradictory to that synopsis. 

Meaning it’ll most likely be more complicated than him just being careless. 

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Serious question: what exactly did this fandom see in Val? I was looking up Killjoy content the other day and found a couple of old drawings of people’s OCs making out with Val. I was like…damn, this fandom really loved this guy. It’s been toned down in recent months, but seriously, what was the appeal? I’m not trying to be snarky, that’s a genuine question. I’m a fan of some villains myself, and I’d get it if Val seemed likeable at first or had a sympathetic backstory, but Val was just terrible from the beginning to the end. Literally the first thing he does is mock the girl for watching the Four die. Like…damn, why did people make excuses for him for so long?

For the record, I’m not talking about people who like the character but can admit that he’s heavily flawed–I mean the people who glorified him and made excuses for him. I even saw people making excuses for his murder of Dr. D. I’m like, man, what was so special about this guy? Is it because he still seemed like a “badass young rebel” despite everything? This fandom has had some weird standards at times–Val killing D was OK, but Tommy was villainized for charging people for supplies and not being a teenage punk.

Little Tour Recap

The first time I went to the tour last year, it was so incredible and absolutely surreal! This time it was somehow even better!

I GOT TO MEET SHARNA! Sure, it was only for a hot second at the meet and greet, but STILL. THERE SHE WAS! SHARNA BURGESS IN THE FLESH! (My 4th meet and greeter was Gleb.) The meet and greet was even faster than last time because they did it in between the first show and our show. I tried to hug all of them, but Val wasn’t letting go of Laurie so Laurie was like, “Group hug!” And I definitely got me a Val air kiss. It happened. I heard it. It was glorious. But most importantly, I got to tell Sharna how happy I was to meet her and that was all that mattered to me. She told me she loved my shirt and I turned to her as I was walking away and told her how nice it was to meet her and she said something very sweet I’m sure (it’s all a blur!) and was holding my hand as I walked away! I’m still not sure I didn’t imagine it all!

Meeting Jenna and Hayley might have been my favorite part. I confess I had little interest in Hayley (until I saw her contemporary with Val because holy crap), but she was still so nice. And Jenna was AMAZING! I got a quick picture with them as I was walking to my meet and greet, but then I got to see them again on the way out. I was able to actually talk to Jenna! I told I was so happy to meet her and how she was the one I really hoped to meet. I told her I loved everything she did with James and Sharna and how I hope she gets a chance to be a pro again. Of course she said, “Me, too!” She was the absolute sweetest. I’ll never get over it. 

After all that, the dancing was just a bonus! Loved every bit of it! I admit I was worried there would be too much Laurie, but there was a lot less of her than I expected. Especially dancing. They didn’t do Cell Block Tango which was a disappointment because that was the only one of hers I wanted to see. 

I absolutely loved Hayley and Val’s contemporary. And Jenna and Artem’s. Everything Sharna was in because it’s Sharna. The jive with Val!!! (And we’ll get back to that in a sec.) Keo’s special number was so cool. “Unsteady” just about killed me. Val and Jenna’s thing with Val’s journey in life was pretty spectacular. One of the highlights for sure.

Two last important things:

1) If you didn’t see my post earlier, this happened: So Val was talking about the season and saying how it was great win or lose. And he was talking about the other couples and he said, “We had James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess.” So of course I screamed like a lunatic and waved my arms frantically from 3 rows back and VAL POINTED RIGHT AT ME and said, “Yeah! There you go! There you go!” I swear it was the best moment of the entire night!!! Well, one of the best. It was a pretty good night!

2) If I didn’t already ship Val and Sharna, I would now. Holy shit. They are just magical together. That jive was absolutely ridiculous. I can’t deal. I can’t do it. They’re perfect. 

Pictures coming eventually!