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A question for lore reasons. Can be answered IC or OOC. Did anyone give you/Faye grief, strange looks, or negative reactions when people discovered that your/her husband is a Miqo'te?

“Val and I have faced our fair share of stares and comments over our relationship. Interracial relationships seem to become more and more common every sun. That being said, we haven’t received as much outright aggression lately, but a couple cycles ago when we first got together, we did encounter a few people marching right up to us to preach about how our relationship was vile. Most of them, in the end, seemed to be lusting after one of us, so I don’t doubt that was a motive, and as such we run into it less now that it’s better known we’re happily together and have been for some time.

But we still receive curious and disapproving looks, and the occasional snide remark. My mother would surely be appalled, were she still alive. And Val’s family, his tribe… I don’t imagine they would be any more pleased with it. They’d mock him, I fear. I think Val has the worse end of it now, though. People see me as a bored noblewoman looking for some excitement and something ‘exotic.’ But him, they see as a Seeker man who’s been tied down, stifled, and emasculated… especially if they know of his former status as a Nunh.”

((Word of god is interracial relationships are rare and looked down upon in Eorzea, so I’ve always rolled with that. I imagine they’ve faced some prejudices during their relationships–and even outside of NPC’s and headcanons, some player characters have also given Faye and/or Val grief over their choice in significant other, which has been a nice reminder and incorporation of the lore! Thank you for the ask!))

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🎀 Who would my muse sleep with if nobody ever had to know?

If he wasn’t an Omega and Val was still alive, probably him cause they ain’t related

💍 Has my muse ever had a one-night stand?

Fuck no.


I grew a garden
It’s all for you
Meticulously picked flowers
Just to suit your mood.
Meticulously picked just for you to know that I remember, oh you know I do,
That I can’t get you out of my mind,
Oh, you know that too.

I grew a garden just to suit your needs,
Just to delight you,
To make you see.
What you’ve been missing?
it doesn’t mind,
After all, I just care about the garden.
That little secret we both kept,
That invaluable little secret that you revealed.

You sold my soul and after all,
All I could think about was building you a garden,
Oh I just bleed flowers, ´
Oh but you don’t mind…
You’d rather see my garden, your garden, without me alive.

Staying Alive (1/?)

[Part 2]

Title subject to change upon further discussion with @saberin. Anyway, the both of us have been meaning to collaborate on something for a while now and we finally decided on this ^^; 

We’ll be taking turns to write the chapters, so the story will flow how the one writing at that moment feels like it to, but don’t worry, the main idea is already fleshed out. 

So without further ado, presenting to you the first installment of our Zombie AU. (I don’t even know why we picked this when we’re both terrified to death by zombies.)

~800 words, [NozoEli]

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don’t you feel really frustrated with the fact that Valkyrie dies in the movie WHEN SHE COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE like she’s the one who recognizes Furiosa right off the bat, she doesn’t even hesitate, she knows it’s Furiosa. did they grow up together? were they close friends? were they lovers? (idk how old Furiosa was when she got stolen but gf maybe??) they seem to be roughly the same age which would explain why she’s the one instantly welcoming her back like all the others have rifles at the ready and here is Valkyrie, with nothing but a woolen shirt on, throwing herself in the arms of a stranger. the way she holds her head, the hug, her tears, she can’t hardly believe it but “this is our Furiosa”. AND FURIOSA HUGS HER BACK SHE GOES TOWARD HER like what is their relationship i need to knooooow

Miller you fucked up give me more Valkyrie and especially give me more Valkyrie x Furiosa for crying out loud


Ygritte had been pretty in her own way, with her red hair kissed by fire, but it was her smile that made her face come alive. Val did not need to smile; she would have turned men’s heads in any court in the wide world.

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Gone Bad

Part 2 

I know your type
Yeah daddy’s lil’ girl
Just take a bite
Let me shake up your world

“Yeah,  i’m really sorry I couldn’t make it tonight ”, Val apologized over the phone later on that night with his would-be date Sara. Truth be told, he was glad to have an excuse to bail on the date.

He’d been casually dating for the last couple of years and after awhile the women  all blurred into each other.

Val ended the call walking back to his bedroom to get ready for bed. Pushing his bedroom door open he flopped face first into the softness of his king sized bed not bothering to flick the lights on or kick his shoes off.

A million thoughts were racing through his head, keeping an eye on Zendaya full-time was already giving him a hair splitting headache. 

He sighed  rolling  onto his back to get more comfortable and nearly toppled off the bed when he realized someone had been lying beside him. Wasting no time he flicked on his bedside lamp. 

“Zendaya!” He screeched high-pitched and grabbed a pillow to his chest like he was naked. 

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Val Chmerkovskiy Rates His Shirtless “DWTS” Moments | Sexiest Man Alive | PEOPLE  

i really hate that feeling. when you’re sucked out of your little world by the smallest yet most meaningful things. an unanswered message, an ignored phonecall, an unliked text post, all which add up to a conclusion that doesn’t really make sense when you explain it but one that you understand perfectly.


 to spend so long fawning over someone, imprinting on them, thinking about them everyday, just to remember they hate you, is such a crushing stab in the heart. you can ignore it, for a little bit, but it gets worse with every new day that goes on the same way: an unanswered message, an ignored phone call, an unliked text post, etc. and every time you forget, even for a moment, it comes back twice as bad, makes you nauseous, stinging your eyes. 

because its your fault. you brought it on yourself. it was your careless thinking that got yourself into this. stop being so selfish. stop being such an idiot. stop being so damn useless. stop. stop. stop.

and it never goes away,because now every time you close your eyes you see them. Every time you wake up you check your phone, just to see if they came back. you curse yourself  for being so dumb, you cant even be away from someone for a few days, and if you’re fated to live like this forever, do you really want to live? i sure don’t, but hey, what if they come back, right?