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Alive (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Can you do a request where the reader is Kane’s daughter, but they have a bad relationship and she’s a total badass. When she gets sent to the ground, she constantly puts Bellamy in his place, and she’s kind of a leader. Eventually they become friends, and it leads to mooreeeeee!

A/N: I don’t kow why this became that long and it came out with a smut, but I hope you like it. Thank you for your request, I enjoyed writing this. :D

Warnings: Smut and swearing.


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Alive (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

“Really, dad? First of all you put me in the jail and now you’re sending me to death?” You ask to your father angrily. They can’t do it. They can’t kill you all. What the fuck they know about that fucked up place?

“Y/N, sweetie, you know why I did what I did. You know that…”

“Yeah, dad, I know. I KNOW THAT I FUCKING HATE YOU!” You scream to him before try run away of the cell. But one guard catch you before you did. “FIRST YOU KILL MY MOM, AND NOW YOU’LL GONNA KILL ME?”

Kane just look at you. You don’t used to be so rebel before your mom accident, but now, it was like you didn’t care about anything, and the true are you really don’t. They arrested you with Jasper and Monty and the only thing your dad said to you in that day was: “I don’t recognize you anymore, belive me this is for the best.” The best for who, dad?

“Y/N, just listen to me…”

“NO! I DON’T WANT TO FUCK LISTEN YOU! YOU JUST WANT TO SEND ME AWAY SO I’LL NOT BE YOUR PROBLEM ANYMORE! I HATE YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU!” You scream more louder, trying to let go of the guard arms. Your eyes full of hate never let your fathers face, so you see when he nodded to someone behind you, before you feel a little pain in your neck. The last thing you saw was your dad walking away from you.


You can’t stand this anymore, you just go out of the camp and start walk. The crowd celebrating the “liberation” just make you want go and hit this idiot Blake in the face. Instead of it, you hit a tree.

“What the tree did to you, beautiful?” You hear Bellamy voice followed by a laugh.

“Go float yourself, Blake!” You yeal at him, starting to walk again.

“Uhu hu… The princess look angry today. Maybe I can help you with that…” He says following you.

“Yeah, actually you can: kill yourself and it’ll make me feel really better.”

“Hey! I’m just trying to help!”

“Yeah, sure you are.”

He grab your wrist pulling you close. You immediately try to make him let go of your wrist, but he didn’t. You was already tired of this sick control that Bellamy wanted to exercise over the camp.

“What the hell, Blake?”

“I’ll help you to get this out.” He say calm, looking at you. “And then we’ll come back to the camp and get some food.”

“You know this is called a dictatorship, do not you?” You ask him with sarcasm. “Whatever the hell we want or whatever the hell you want, Blake?”

“You’ll discover it.”

And you did. He broke your wistband, but you didn’t let he go with the victory. You did what you wanted more: you hit him straigh on the eye.


After the first attack of the grounders, you insisted that everyone have to learn to protect themselves. Bellamy, for his side, insisted that everyone have to build a wall around the camp. So the camp was divided: half of the kids are helping with the wall and the other half are learning with you. This was the first time you was gratefull for your dad teached you how to fight.

But the fact is that you were not made for it. This place suffocates you, the dagger you carry terrifies you, and the cries you hear all the time torment you. You do not understand why things are happening this way, why they are attacking you. It does not make sense to you and all you want is for the screams to stop, why you can’t hear them anymore.

Sometimes you wonder why you’re here. You hate this place. You hate everything that you see. You hate Bellamy Blake even more. You’re tired of telling how many discussions you two have entered, how many missions you has been and how much blood has been shed. You remember the blood. You remember the traces of blood, remember the terrified screams, remember the cries and despair. You remember everything and you just wish you could forget.

Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever forget it.

You take the glass that Jasper extended to you, and when you looked up at the other side of the fire, you met Bellamy’s gaze. You do not remember when you last slept in peace, when was the last time the red was not staining your hands even in your nightmares. You don’t even remember when it was the last time you had peace.

You only wake up when everyone has gone to sleep, is still a little dizzy because of the moonshine and the sudden movement only makes the sensation worse.

“I catched you.” You hear his voice while someone grab your waist.

“What are you doing, Blake?” Your voice came out more tired that angry.

“Helping you.”

“Yeah, I heard it before…”

He just smile at you and help you walk to your tent, putting you into bed.

“Here we are…” He start, sitting next to you. “Why you drank so much?” He ask you and you don’t know if it was the moonshine, but you aswer him.

“I just want to forget all this shit.”

“It won’t help, Y/N. But if we lead together, maybe we could do better.” He say looking at you. “What do you think?”

“I think I drank too much…” You say and he only smile at you.


“Y/N! Your dad want to talk to you!” Monty came to you.

“But I don’t wanna talk to him.” You say giving him your back and walking away.

Now he want to see you? Hear you? Well, now you don’t. You’ll never want this anymore. You could be dead because of him in the same way he made your mom be floated. You start hit a tree just stoping when someone grab you.

“Why everytime I see you, you are hitting something?” Bellamy ask you. “Your dad…”

“To hell my dad, Bell!”

“Hey, Y/N… What’s wrong?” He ask holding your face.

“He send me here to get kill, Bell. What the fuck he have to say me?”

“You only will know that if you’ll talk to him.”

‘Well, I’m not going”.


You are avoinding you dad since you arrived here. It’s about a week now. The only good think about being here on Camp Jaha is the drink. You are seat alone when Bellamy joined you.

“You’ll not get drunk again, don’t even think about it, Y/N.” He say to you.

“My dad ask you to babysitting me?” You ask sarcastic, looking at him.

“No he didn’t. I’m saying that because you are my friend and I care about you.”

“If you do, take me to another place, please.”


After Finn’s death, you are feeling strange. Like in the firsts day on the ground, but with something more. You are feeling empty. And that scared you, so you walk to Bellamy’s room and when he opened the door, you kissed him without a word. He don’t deny the kiss, instead of it, he kiss you back.

“What is it, Y/N?”

“I want to feel alive again.” You kiss him again, taking off his shirt. He was pressing you against the wall, your legs around his waist.

Bellamy murmured something, spreading his legs so you could get even closer to his groin. You can feel the extent of his arousal against your belly tug at your body and bring your hips in response, letting out a groan.

He is handsome, and you knew he was experienced, so you closed your eyes when you felt his fingers pulling off your clothes. He just stopped kissing you to admire the body uncovered. Then he laid his mouth with yours again, this time the kiss became more urgent, almost violent.

You held him by the hair. The feeling of being with him was so delicious. You needed him right now! The touch of the male fingers from your legs to the panties made you gasp. When he found what he was looking for, he slid his fingers through the thin fabric, making you gasp again.

“Should I stop?” He ask you.


You heard the noise of the zipper and felt the heat rise. When he put you on the bed you took your body against his, leaving you even more impatient. You buried your fingers in his hair as you held his tongue in the delicious kiss. Then, with a single movement, he placed his hands on your hips and positioned himself to end that awful wait.

It was like being surrounded by a flame. Bellamy closed his eyes with a groan as he felt his body shudder in a surge of pleasure. Opening his eyes again, his gaze moved to your breasts. He put a hand on your back so you could arch your body over and give him free access.

You’ve always pushed back the thoughts of kissing him from your head because you never thought that that would actually happen. Abandoning your breasts, he sought your mouth again, ravenous. You never felt as alive as you feel right now. Your body moves rhythmically. He lifts his head to admire you and you held his gaze. His fingers molded your hips and you circled him completely.

“Enjoying, princess?” He murmured as he felt his first tremors of ecstasy.

“Yes.” You groan.

He penetrated you harder, leaving you in full abandon and making you moan his name several times. Then he let himself be with you in the pleasure of the moment.

Your head are now resting on his chest, with you hair spread over both of you.

“This was…” He start holding you head to make you look at him. “Amazing. I knew it, when I first saw you, that it would be incredible, but this? This was better then anything.”

“When you first saw me, you hate me, Blake.” You say smiling to him.

“No, I didn’t, I just didn’t wanted to admite my feelins.” He say, his eyes never letting yours. “I don’t want put any pressure against you, but if someday you want that we be more then friends, I’ll be here.”

“Good, because I alredy want.” You say, kissing him again.

Week 8 - Pros’ Choice & Trios

Songs and dance styles chosen by the pros to fit their partners:

  • Simone & Sasha: Foxtrot to “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction
  • Bonner & Sharna: Argentine tango to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons
  • Rashad & Emma: Jive to “Shake a Tail Feather” by Blues Brothers
  • Normani & Val: Contemporary to “Freedom” by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton
  • David & Lindsay: Waltz to “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw


  • Simone & Sasha: Paso doble to “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya (with Brittany)
  • Bonner & Sharna: Jazz to “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars (with Britt)
  • Rashad & Emma: Argentine tango to “Dreams” by Gabrielle Aplin & Bastille (with Witney)
  • Normani  & Val: Jive to “Feeling Alive” by Earl St. Clair (with Alan)
  • David & Lindsay: Paso doble to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by 2WEI (with Hayley)

anonymous asked:

I wish val was still alive cos she would've had the exact opposite advice diane had of giving aaron space she would've come up with wild schemes and told robert to fight for his man it would've given some comic relief to this hell plot plus Val/Robert content amazing fabulous wonderful 😂

honesty this storyline was MADE to have val in it. i swear, everything would be made infinitely better if val was drinking whiskey with robert, and making paper aeroplanes with him, and encouraging him to be #dramatic.

I don’t know if I can ever forgive ed for taking away the possibility of a robert/val friendship because like, that would have been best partnership worthy. val the queen of the universe and her bisexual disaster zone nephew, iconic.


Ygritte had been pretty in her own way, with her red hair kissed by fire, but it was her smile that made her face come alive. Val did not need to smile; she would have turned men’s heads in any court in the wide world.

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Staying Alive (1/?)

[Part 2]

Title subject to change upon further discussion with @saberin. Anyway, the both of us have been meaning to collaborate on something for a while now and we finally decided on this ^^; 

We’ll be taking turns to write the chapters, so the story will flow how the one writing at that moment feels like it to, but don’t worry, the main idea is already fleshed out. 

So without further ado, presenting to you the first installment of our Zombie AU. (I don’t even know why we picked this when we’re both terrified to death by zombies.)

~800 words, [NozoEli]

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don’t you feel really frustrated with the fact that Valkyrie dies in the movie WHEN SHE COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE like she’s the one who recognizes Furiosa right off the bat, she doesn’t even hesitate, she knows it’s Furiosa. did they grow up together? were they close friends? were they lovers? (idk how old Furiosa was when she got stolen but gf maybe??) they seem to be roughly the same age which would explain why she’s the one instantly welcoming her back like all the others have rifles at the ready and here is Valkyrie, with nothing but a woolen shirt on, throwing herself in the arms of a stranger. the way she holds her head, the hug, her tears, she can’t hardly believe it but “this is our Furiosa”. AND FURIOSA HUGS HER BACK SHE GOES TOWARD HER like what is their relationship i need to knooooow

Miller you fucked up give me more Valkyrie and especially give me more Valkyrie x Furiosa for crying out loud


Val Chmerkovskiy Rates His Shirtless “DWTS” Moments | Sexiest Man Alive | PEOPLE  

Gone Bad

Part 2 

I know your type
Yeah daddy’s lil’ girl
Just take a bite
Let me shake up your world

“Yeah,  i’m really sorry I couldn’t make it tonight ”, Val apologized over the phone later on that night with his would-be date Sara. Truth be told, he was glad to have an excuse to bail on the date.

He’d been casually dating for the last couple of years and after awhile the women  all blurred into each other.

Val ended the call walking back to his bedroom to get ready for bed. Pushing his bedroom door open he flopped face first into the softness of his king sized bed not bothering to flick the lights on or kick his shoes off.

A million thoughts were racing through his head, keeping an eye on Zendaya full-time was already giving him a hair splitting headache. 

He sighed  rolling  onto his back to get more comfortable and nearly toppled off the bed when he realized someone had been lying beside him. Wasting no time he flicked on his bedside lamp. 

“Zendaya!” He screeched high-pitched and grabbed a pillow to his chest like he was naked. 

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