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14 with Cyrus?

Opia: the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel     simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

Darren x Cyrus. Post-Inquisition. In which they are in Val Royeaux visiting Connors when Cyrus spots someone he never expected to see…


“He’s not supposed to be here. Fuck - why is he here?”

“Who’s here? You need to calm down.”

“Calm down? How the fuck am I meant to calm down! He’s—”

“Cyrus, look at me.”

Darren had never seen Cyrus in such a state. Fighting in the Inquisition, facing off against demons, fleeing from a dragon as it burned down an entire town… all of that seemed inconsequential compared to what was happening now. In truth, it was a strange thing, given the intensity those events. But sometimes the things that matter most to a person aren’t the ones that shake the earth. Instead, they shake the soul so thoroughly that the person dashes out of the market and doesn’t stop until he gets to the docks. 

Trying to fight back his concern, Darren reached out, managing to get hold of Cyrus and spin the man towards him. It was like he wasn’t even present – the way he tried to jerk out of Darren’s grip reminded him of a rabbit caught in a trap, ready to tear itself to pieces; struggle until its heart gave out. “Cyrus, please, you need to stop. Talk to me.”

“Let me go!”


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It’s a common point of discourse in the fandom, and I’ve talked a little about it myself, but never at length. I’ve made it clear that I don’t buy that Joseph is telling the entire truth about his affair with Robert and I often believe that most posts framing the situation ignore the context of Robert being emotionally unwell and assume that Joseph is telling the whole truth and nothing but despite the existence of the photograph, which throws doubt on Joseph’s version of the story.

The short form:

Joseph is truthful about two things: Robert propositioned Joseph, the affair ended that night. Joseph, however, leaves out one key thing: they had an emotional affair before that. Factoring in Robert’s poor emotional and mental health push him into self-destructive coping mechanisms, I frame the proposition as: Robert had a lapse (in the sense of an addiction or recovery) but Joseph made a conscious decision. Afterward, Joseph told Robert that what Robert remembered of the affair was wrong: there was no emotionally intimate relationship, only shallow casual sex—gaslighting.

The comparative form:

You know how the MC cultivates a relationship with Robert, in which Robert comes to feel he can seek emotional support from the MC and eventually be emotionally vulnerable? And, Robert comes to an emotional crisis which makes him confront his self-loathing, loneliness, and repeated failure to overcome his issues and improve as a person, and he tries to address (or not address, rather) how he feels with sex? And you can choose “Tell him what he wants to hear”, and the MC will sweep away Robert’s issues, minimize Robert’s need to get better, and lean into Robert’s tendency to use sex to cope to get laid? Then, when Robert didn’t get better, despite the MC internally acknowledging they have responsibility it, the MC outright chastises Robert and puts most of the blame on Robert—despite him taking the MC’s advice and him standing no chance without support against it all? And how it’s all generally self-centered and selfish of the MC to do this and pretend that he didn’t help point Robert toward this road and helped him get started on the path?

Well, considering the photograph on Joseph’s yacht, it’s my belief that Joseph ran this exact route and he chose “Tell him what he wants to hear”.

The long form:

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tell us about ur ghastly headcanons BC HES UR SON

HE IS HE IS HE IS!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH OKAY??? Right here we go:

♡ Despite his scars, I think he’s actually attractive? Like everyone who calls him ugly just focuses on his scars but he’s vv good looking

♡ He is the Dad Friend (basically already canon) and is always ready to give advice to anyone who needs it.

♡ LITERALLY THE EPITOME OF SAFETY AND COMFORT?? Like people in the books have already made comments on how he automatically makes people feel safe. He’s literally the most awesome person.

♡ He and Skul once had “a thing” in their younger years. Definitely. @onelassieandherfandoms, @tanzani-coil and I have all confirmed okay

♡ GLASSES. Oh boy okay another one that @tanzani-coil and I have discussed. He doesn’t need to wear them all the time, just really for intricate sewing details and stuff so he doesn’t strain his eyes. However, due to all the elder business (trying to read tiny print late at night in dim lighting) he finds he needs to wear them more and more. He really doesn’t like them because he’s already conscious about his appearance, but after Tanith caught him wearing them and lost her shit because “HOW CAN YOU LOOK SO HOT AND CUTE AT THE SAME TIME?!” he decides they can’t be that bad.

♡ He is the ultimate Ride or Die. Skul has turned up on his doorstep on many occasions covered in blood and asking for help to hide a bunch of bodies. If you need him, he’s there.

♡ DAD JOKES. Being the Dad Friend, he has ALL the Dad Jokes, and it drives Val insane because her own dad does it too (she secretly loves it).

♡ He has loads of running bets with Skul. They are REALLY competitive and will always try to outdo each other like holy crap. The main ones? Who can punch the most bad guys, and who can beat the other in a fight.

♡ He can be awkward and shy sometimes, but when the mood arises he can be really confident? So sometimes he’s really blushy and cute when talking to Tanith, but there will be moments when he’s SUPER flirty. She love it and flirts right back. They’ll be sat in a car on a stake out or something whilst Skul and Val are out beating people up, and they’ll just sit there unashamedly flirting and leaning close to one another. Poor Fletcher sits unnoticed and forgotten in the back, awkwardly getting embarrassed but 110% shipping it like no tomorrow.

♡ Saracen, Dexter and Larrikin all jokingly call him “Daddy”. The rest of the Dead Men (+ Fletcher and the Monster Hunters) also call him Dad. This sometimes results in Skul being called Mum, much to his annoyance. Tanith finds it all very amusing

♡ That boy has muscles liKE DAMN SON. Tanith (and others) will 110% shamelessly check him out as he’s training/working out, or just if he’s wearing a particularly tight shirt (BICEPS BOI)

♡ He is one of the most loyal and trustworthy people you will ever meet. If you need him to keep a secret, he’ll do it. You can trust him with your life. Alternatively, he is an extremely trusting person if you are close to him, and he will trust you to always have his back. It’s one of his best traits, and it’s also the one that ended him.

Together - Valenna

When they walked through the front door of Val’s apartment, they both dropped their things right inside the door. Jenna made a beeline right to the couch and collapsed. Val made his way to the kitchen, grabs some snacks and water, and then joins Jenna on the couch. They had had a nonstop day and are so ready for a day off tomorrow. A day off with nothing planned.

As much as they love what they do, they are so looking forward to having a day to just sit and not have to keep checking the clock to make sure they aren’t late for the next thing. They both come to almost despise the clock.

Jenna is laying down with her head in Val’s lap and he is feeding her some popcorn he had grabbed. Neither one has their phone out. Neither one is talking. No music is playing and the TV isn’t on. It silent in the house, just what they needed. As Val feeds Jenna the popcorn, while she is half asleep, he alternates between feeding himself and playing with her hair.

With the popcorn now finished, they both start falling asleep on the couch. He wanted to head upstairs, not wanting to spend the night on the couch but he couldn’t quite find the energy or strength to get up. That was until Val’s phone goes off from inside his pocket that he moves. He grunts, hating the breaking of the silence and calmness. He knows he has to at least check to see who the message is from. It’s Maks.

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Minx! Need your help! Kobra and Val are driving into Battery City! Keep an eye out! -Ninja🔮💙

I’ll get the Drac to close the other entry ways, the only one I’ll try to have open is A7, you remember where that is? I’ll be there personally so no one gets hurt.

Part Two (Part one is here.) of the Jon x Sansa Grantchester AU (aka sexy!vicar)

Jon wouldn’t have wanted to attend Sansa’s sister’s party if the bruises hadn’t faded–being a man of the cloth with two black eyes leads to awkward conversations over cocktails. Since the blue half moons in the corner of each eye have disappeared, there is nothing to keep him from accepting the invitation to celebrate Arya’s new job. Except for Harry Hardyng being in attendance, which is inconvenient given the size of Arya’s flat.

There’s little chance that Harry will give a repeat performance of the sucker punch that forced Jon to preach on Sunday while looking like he’d been in a bar brawl. He’s well bred enough not to brawl in front of a crowd. That wouldn’t do. Jon is less certain, however, that Sansa’s husband won’t issue another backstairs warning given the chance. Like the one he gave after shoving Jon against the wall and nearly breaking his nose.

Stay away from my wife.

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7: things you said while we were driving; Val/Garrus please?

“Why are you going so slow?”

“It’s called a speed limit, Shepard.”

Shepard made a noise in her throat. “Come on, come on, hit the accel! We can merge in ahead of that truck!”

“I am not cutting off a freight convoy, Shepard.”

She sighed. “You drive like an old man, Garrus. A frail, near-sighted, slow-moving old man.”
“I know you’re trying to get a rise out of me,” Garrus replied, “and it’s not going to work.”

“Not even a little bit?” she said. She sounded hopeful, he thought.

“Nope,” he said, amused.

“Come on, it’s going to take us forever to get there at this rate!”

“Exercise patience, Shepard.”

She was quiet for three minutes. Then she said wistfully, “ I miss the Mako.”

Garrus snorted.


He chuckled. “I know how much you love going through or over obstacles, but we’re going on a perfectly ordinary drive on a perfectly ordinary road through perfectly civilized territory. There’s no need to drive a tank.”

“It’s more fun,” she muttered. Garrus decided to pretend he hadn’t heard that.

He let a few minutes go by, even though Shepard kept sighing and fidgeting. He could see her knee vibrating in his peripheral vision. “Shepard.”


“What do you have against driving in a relaxed fashion, anyway?”

“It’s boring?” She waved a hand at the windows. “I hate being stuck in traffic.”

The traffic was actually moving along at a perfectly reasonable clip. Garrus doubted that saying as much would get a positive reaction. He cast a sidelong glance at her, slouched in the second seat with her arms crossed, and a thought struck him. “You don’t like not being in control.”


“You just can’t stand that I’m driving, can you?”

“I don’t have a problem with you driving.” Her arms tightened and her nose scrunched up. Garrus laughed.

“Admit it, you can’t stand just sitting there while I drive along at a reasonable speed.”

“It wouldn’t kill you to go pass just a few of these cars,” she muttered.

Garrus couldn’t stop laughing, especially when Shepard huffed and then kept on grumbling under her breath. “We’ll get there when we get there, Shepard,” he said, just to poke her. “Embrace the journey.”

I am so thankful...

So American Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I just wanted to stop and take a moment to express just how thankful I am for everything I have.

First off, @cinnieminni has given me more than anyone in my entire life.  They are the most amazing person I know and gifted me with true love and acceptance for everything I am.  Something I was never even slightly afforded in my life.  They saw me broken and lost, and they fixed me up, gave me courage, and told me that I could do anything.  I couldn’t be happier to be married to Val, they are the light of my life and love me wholeheartedly.  Val has been my driving force and my never-ending encouragement throughout everything in my life.  Val was the entire reason I was able to finally be comfortable with my gender, being more public about it, and I know that they will continue to be there with me throughout whatever changes life may bring.  A lot of you tell me “thank you for being so positive”, but it is Val’s kindness and love that gives me that ability to beam with happiness and positive feelings!

I also want to thank all of my closest friends for being so supportive and caring, to those of you who knew for a long time or for those friends who only learned after I came out publicly…thank you.  I admit, I was always worried about what all of you would say, but each of you had shown me that I had nothing to fret over.  I will be thanking a bunch of you personally, because I want you all to know just how much I appreciate your love and immediate acceptance.  But I just want you to know that without your support, I wouldn’t be standing as strong as I am now.  Through everything, friends both new and old, have encouraged me in every aspect of my life, my career, and just in everyday doings.  I am thankful for all of you and will do my best to not be so busy all the time and give more time to my wonderful friends!

For those who have sent kind words through twitter, tumblr, etc…life is hard.  It’s often disappointing and takes you on paths that you don’t want to go down or didn’t expect.  However, never underestimate the small words of kindness you hear along the way.  It is the fuel that will get you through those difficult moments, and you all have given me plenty to lift my spirits in times when I felt extremely low.

I want to address it again, but coming out as transgender was scary to me, I was terrified.  I slowly hinted at it for quite some time, many people saw it and immediately understood, some didn’t quite get it.  But as time went on and I saw how compassionate so many of you were, it made me feel more comfortable.  So, in a time when everyone seemed to be at their lowest, I wanted to show that I wasn’t afraid to be myself and show the world that they shouldn’t be scared either.  I’ll honestly say I don’t know where my future will take me, but I know that there are people out there who will help me when I’m struggling.  Because of that, I will do my best to always bring smiles and laughter in any and every way I can so I can help all of my friends and all of you through any tough times you may experience.

2016 was a year full of high-highs and low-lows in many ways.  But in the end, 2016 was the year that saw myself and Val finally tying the knot, it was the year I was finally able to come out as a transwoman publicly, it was the year I met new friends who love and accept me, and it was also the year of a new Pokemon game!

Happy Thanksgiving, even if you don’t celebrate it, take a moment to just be thankful for any happiness you’ve been given this year no matter how big or small!

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Z and V are partnered for an all-star season and they finally get the rumba and V states that its very different from what their relationship usually is cause they never danced such a sensual dance but he likes it

-It’s all in Rumba-

“So we are here with team Valdaya again.” The interviewer said smiling at them.

“That’s right.” Zendaya nodded as she looked at Val briefly. He smiled and winked at her.

“How does it feel to be back?” The woman asked.

“It feels…” Zendaya made a dramatic pause. “good of course.” She laughed. “I never thought I would be back but I am glad I agreed to do this show again.”

“Yeah it’s 25th season and they did All Stars again, how it feels to dance with this young lady again?” She asked Val.

“Well honestly me and Zendaya had been dancing here and there since out season ended so it’s a little bit different for us cause we don’t feel like it’s all that new for us you know.” He tuned to look at Zendaya. “Obviously we are older now and wiser.” He joked.

“Ah yes you are dancing rumba this week?” She turned to Zendaya. “Are you nervous about this? You haven’t dance that before right?”

The young girl nodded. “Absolutely. I mean I am so nervous I don’t think I have ever been that nervous in my life.” She turned to look at Val.

He put his hand around her shoulder and hugged her whispering ‘I’ve got you’ into her ear.

She smiled softly and then turned back to interviewer. “I can’t believe we are already on week 5 though so it’s me being nervous and excited and all those things but honestly i think you should ask this guy.” She playfully elbowed Val. “About our dances and all that fancy stuff.”

Val just laughed at her. “Honestly I am nervous myself.” He put his hand on his heart. “We have never done anything like that. Our dances were always more about fun and letting go and grove a little bit.” He grinned. “Rumba is obviously very passionate dance and sensual and there is no place for turning it into something else.” He rubbed his jawline. “I mean Zendaya is sexy obviously.” He pointed at her. “But we want it to be something more than that, we are telling a very heartwarming story, the song is beautiful and I hope you will like it.” He bit his lip.

Zendaya took his hand and squeezed it. They were more touchy with each other probably giving that Zendaya was now 21.

“Do you feel more freedom now that you are no longer with disney and you are not a minor?” The interviewer asked.

“Of course. For once my parents are not with us anymore.” She said and then added quickly. “Not that they were a problem or anything but it is a little bit different now and second i drive myself for rehearsal.” Zendaya grinned big.

“Or I give you lifts cause you are too lazy to drive.” Val teased her.

“It happened twice Val, come on!” She turned to him but she had smile on her face.

“Twice this week you mean?” He joked winking.

“Aww…” The interviewer made a cute face. “Aren’t they adorable? I mean we for sure missed you guys and I hope you will get the trophy this season!”

“Thank you.” Val said smiling. “We shall hope for that as well.“ 

"Now can we see a lil bit of that magical rumba?” She asked.

Zendaya and Val looked at each other and then turned to her.

“Sure.” They both said in union laughing shortly after that.

They danced for about 20 seconds showing few moves to the camera.

Everyone who was in the room could tell by those short moments how beautiful, passionate and breathtaking their performance was going to be.

They compliment each other perfectly. You could easily see how well Val knew Zendaya’s body. How she wasn’t afraid to just let it go and let him lead her.

It was truly magical and they believed no one expected something like that from this pair.

When they finished with their  faces and inch away from each other the interviewer smiled to herself. She had a feeling this wasn’t the real ending of the dance.

When they aired live and when Zendaya and Val performed their rumba no one was really surprised by the kiss that ended their dance and definitely no one was shocked to see the perfect score.

Three weeks later people weren’t really surprised when the professional dancer and his partner announced that they were indeed a couple.

After all it was all in their rumba.