val staple

Captain America and Bucky (start date 2011) issue #621 (published 2011)

Art by Ed McGuinness and Val Staples

Bucky Barnes, day 9

Like Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, Bucky was a protected character at Marvel Comics, explicitly forbidden from ever being resurrected. Steve’s sense of guilt at losing Bucky was considered so critical to his identity as a character, that the resurrection of Bucky was thought to threaten the very foundation of the Captain America character.


… Like a Ghost Rider!

Ghost Rider (Reyes) & Ghost Rider (Blaze) from All-New G.R. #10
by felipesmithart, Damion Scott, Cory Hamscher & Val Staples

A multi-layered gag from Spider-Man/Deadpool #7, 2016, by Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish. The ostensible premise is that this is an unpublished story from 1968 (set at that year’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago), but Koblish and colorist Val Staples push the joke further: the entire thing is drawn in an approximation of not just Steve Ditko’s style, but the style that Ditko was using in 1968 at Charlton Comics, complete with Charlton’s signature mechanical lettering, limited palette and off-register color plates—it’s not just “what if Ditko had stayed on Spider-Man,” but “what if Spider-Man had followed Ditko.”