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I just realized i never posted the finished version of this!! I hope you guys still like dream daddy👽👉👆👉👆👉👆👉 


NEVER trust anybody!
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Dream Daddy HCs

~ Hugo and his ex split up due to different opinions on how to raise Ernest. They only ever really agreed on literature.

~ Ernest started calling Hugo by his first name because his other dad referred to him as such when talking about him, saying “Hugo” instead of “Your dad”

~ Craig and Ashely split up due to his being busy all the time. She got tired of being squeezed into his schedule.

~ Mary and Damien were gal pals before he started transitioning. He came out to her first.

~ Anytime Ernest has a crush or a problem, he doesn’t tell Hugo because he doesn’t want to talk to him.

~ Craig and Ashley got married but he didn’t get his act together until the twins.

~ Lucien and Ernest talk about their dads and their weird obsessions.

~ Robert used to tell Val all about cryptics and other things when she was little. She used to believe him and some of them scared her.

~ Robert and Val both love pineapple on pizza.

~ Joseph and Mary are fully aware of how ironic their names are. 

~ Mat and Rosa played music for Carmencita when she was little.

~ Mat lets Carmencita drink de caff coffee.

~ Brian worries about Daisy and her social skills.

~ Joseph assumes that Robert and Mary are sleeping together.

~ Mary is not the most nurturing mother but she will protect and atacc.

~ Amanda only ever got drunk the one time.

~ Craig practically lives off of snorting protein powder.

~ Mat and Molly occasionally get high together.

~ Molly is Lucien’s in between guy.

~ Damien and Lucien build a nest of pillows and blankets and watch movies together.
~ Craig lays around the house in Nike shorts and it traumatizes the girls
~ Brian hates sushi.

oh don’t do it oh my god
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