val halen

Take It All Back

Part Nine

Summary: Journey and Jensen share the good news of the baby with the rest of their family, amidst new ups and downs in their relationship.  
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1475
Warnings: Pregnancy.


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Lol okay. I’ll stop now. The crush goes on for years and they don’t become friends till they’re 18. He figures out Val was that same kid from childhood but isn’t aware she likes him cuz she told him it was just a kid crush. Lol poor thing.

As a teen Val went from crazy hyper to super chill, except when it comes to liking someone. Then she’s a total dork. These were so fun to draw!

Val belongs to moi.
Lance belongs to montyburks
Leftovers is a story by moosoppart