val girl

It breaks my heart to think that Eleven is going to feel nervous about meeting Nancy again, worried that Nancy will never want to be her friend or her sister because she wasn’t able to save Barb.

But then I think about how Mike is going to spend the year that El’s gone talking about her to Nancy, because she’s the only one who really understands. And he’s going to tell Nancy all about how Eleven saved his life and I think about how Nancy, even though she misses Barb each and every day of her life, is going to welcome El home with a big hug and when she tries to apologize, Nancy is just going to thank her for being brave enough to save her baby brother.

And then I think even more and I think about how El is going to ask Nancy to tell her stories about Barb; how she’s going to sit at the edge of Nancy’s bed, wrapped up in a blanket while Nancy curls her hair and tells her all the fondest memories she has of Barb. I think about how every time El has a question about friendship, Nancy will be able to teach her something based on lessons she learned with Barb by her side. And it breaks my heart again. 

  • Val Velocity: Maybe that’s why you and I can never get along. We aren’t supposed to exist together.
  • The Girl: Also you went evil and started killing people.
  • Val Velocity: Good point. Also a factor.