val emmich and the veeries

296/365 - we had to watch this terrible movie before taking our spanish midterm this morning.  i couldn’t really take it seriously, even though we were supposed to.  after the test dad bought subway for lunch, and then i attempted a nap while watching the goonies before going into the city.  eventually i met up with deb, and we went to hoboken for val’s fancy secret record release show/party to celebrate aide memoire.  i spoke to him for a few minutes after the show, and then we left.  the wafel truck was right near my train when i walked over from the path.  i’d say it was a great night.

Val Emmich’s new album, Aide Memoire, is being released on October 11th.  It was produced in Omaha in just ten days - recorded in seven, mixed for three.  It is very raw and probably the most personal album he’s made so far.

A little bit about the album, from the Kickstarter project that made it all happen -

Right about the same time I started writing songs for this album and formulating ideas about what it was really about, I stumbled on the painting below.  It’s a work by my friend Mike Ferrari.  I called him up and told him I wanted it to be the cover of my new album, an album that wasn’t even fully written yet.  So much about the image clicked with me and I started writing and rewriting with this picture in my mind.  Like the boy in the painting, I started going west…backwards in time…inside my memory.  I was becoming the boy…the boy I once was.  Soon, the band and I will complete the story by traveling west from New Jersey to Omaha to record the album.

I wanted to post one of the tracks as a “teaser,” if you will, but all of the files are too large for Tumblr.  So…. you’re just going to have to buy the record and find out for yourself.  I promise it’ll be a great investment.  Oh, and don’t yell at me if it makes you cry……..