val d'hérens

What I love about Renora is that, even though Nora loved the shit out of Ren for god knows how long.. Not once has she ever pushed it, or even bothered him with it. 

Not even once did we ever catch her forcing it on him at all.

(I mean, Rwby Chibi was cute, but not canon)

Sure, she did things out of love (Pushed him out of the Paladin’s path in Volume 3, held his hand in V4 E10 for comfort,)


She literally just waited patiently until he was the one to make the first move. She never asked him constantly about becoming a couple. His safety and happiness came first, and i think thats so adorable c:



faces…lucy is so anime ndfkjdfds

tim and scar were supposed to be here but i got lazy. colours arent final but i dont colour pick i usually just wing it..theyre approximate.

pages 54 & 55 of Legion of Super-Heroes #300 by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt