I have yet to see a single Valdaya fam member talk about Rumer’s looks and her being ugly because guess what. She’s not. She looks like Demi to me except she has a different face shape. She’s pretty, she’s got a nice body and I want her booty instead of my own.

So I’d appreciate if the Janelskiy shippers would stop going anon, both in my own inbox and others, just to either pretend being a V/Z shipper badmouthing Rumer or to make a statement about how shit we are about badmouthing Rumer.

Y’all are wrong and pathetic on all accounts.

Meryl in SWAY 3.0?

Oddly, there seems to be chatter that Meryl will not be appearing in SWAY. I haven’t the faintest idea why. MnM had a great time performing together. Meryl had a blast at SWAY 2.0, flying in and out just to do two back to back shows. Maks tweeted prior to the CH event he missed dancing with Meryl.

Also, @SWAYshow put up a new twitter banner featuring a pic of MnM… posted AFTER the New Year because Meryl isn’t going to be in it? Oy vay! IMO, people should assume she’ll be in it.