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Barcelona. Drabble.


She makes her way to the elevator, pressing the button to lead her down to the lobby where Tom would be waiting to take her out for dinner.

The elevator dings and she steps inside, absently fixing her curls behind her ears. Before the doors close, however, a hand pokes through and stops it from closing.

A guy in a white button down and black trousers enters the small space and Zendaya doesn’t even look up, just pulls her phone out to distract herself.


Her head snaps up reflexively at her name being called and she gasps when she finally looks at the man who’d hopped into the elevator with her. And the girl holding onto his arm.

“Hey! Val, Jenna!” She smiles in amazement. Val grins back at her even with this weird look on his face, and steps forward to pull her into a quick hug. She returns it with one arm and does the same with Jenna.

“This is crazy!” Jenna exclaims, “Small world, huh? So what’re you doing here?”

Zendaya steps back against the railing as Val presses the lobby button, eyes never leaving her. Jenna leans into his side as they move to the other side of the elevator.

“Oh, just promo for Spider-Man, you know.”

“Oh, how cool! Is that where you’re headed tonight?” Jenna asks, making a gesture towards Zendaya in her dress.

The younger girl blushes. Val’s eyebrows lift at that, hands diving into his pockets.

“No, I’m actually going out to dinner with a-with a friend.”

“Who?” He cuts in, voice edged with something Zendaya can’t quite place. She glances at him and he shuffles on his feet.

“Um, Tom.”

Val nods once, looking thoughtful.

At that moment, they reach the lobby and Zendaya inwardly says a word of thanks to up above as the elevator doors open.

She steps out, aware that both Val and Jenna are still trailing her. Before she can turn and say her goodbyes she catches sight of Tom standing up from one of the lobby lounge chairs, dressed to the nines and a small bundle of pink roses in his hand. Her stomach flutters a little at the sight but then she remembers her audience behind her and blushes.

She smiles at Tom when he approaches her and he grins back. “You look amazing, babe,” he compliments, handing off the roses and reaching up to press a quick kiss to her cheek.

“You wanna go check if the cab is here yet, Jenna?” Val asks, voice a bit louder than what would be considered normal.

Tom pays the couple no mind but Zendaya turns to catch Val pursing his lips, his jaw clenching subtly.

He nods at her, completely ignoring Tom as he leads Jenna towards the entrance of the hotel. She watches them leave, a thoughtful frown on her face.

“That was a bit weird, wasn’t it?” Tom remarks, settling his hand on her lower back as he leads her towards a different exit.

Zendaya glances once more over her shoulder. Across the large room, Val does the same. When their eyes meet his expression softens. He smiles softly at her, lips quirking into something bittersweet, which she really doesn’t understand at all, but then he’s out the door and the moment is gone.

Zendaya turns back around, ignoring the little shiver that goes down her spine.

“Yeah, really weird.”




Where is he? I said to myself as I shook my head. I was beyond upset and I couldn’t help but look at my phone every second for the time, if I wasn’t looking down at my phone I was looking at the clock on the wall every minute.

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Incalescent - Chapter Nine

There are few things I would like to tell you but I am toooo freaking tired so just enjoy!

“I am still not sure it’s a good idea.” Dom said as she was putting on her dress.

“Well too bad cause it’s too late to cancel plus I really need you there Dom for a moral support.” Zendaya grinned at her best friend.

“You and Val have been good for days I think you would handle it on your own.” Dom looked at her over her shoulder.

Zendaya looked down blushing lightly.

It was true. For past few days she really grew closer to Val. He called her almost every day asking how her day went and what she was doing. He also came by for her another dance lesson and they shared lunch after it just like the first time. It seemed he was really understanding her and trying to make up for how he behaved she couldn’t also get rid of the feeling she had every time she was around him. Something was changing between them.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that blush.” Dom smirked.

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A/N:  My other fic got deleted so here’s a Oneshot (Possibly 2 shot) 

“You’re so handsome”, Zendaya breathed a bit envious of Val as he walked around their bedroom getting ready. It was like everything he did was so effortless.

He hadn’t put on a shirt yet so she could see his chiseled abs and the deep ‘V’ cuts above his hips  as he fasten the buckle to his dress pants.

Val smirked a little. “ Thank you baby, you’re not so bad yourself”, He winked playfully pulling an undershirt over his head.

“Yeah right”, Z mumbled sarcastically running a small hand across the curve of her 5 month belly. Her face was pudgier, her hips had spread, and something was always sore, not to mention the bloating. She had never been the vain type, but being pregnant was really taking a hit on her self-esteem. 

“You look great”, Val reassured her leaning over the bed to kiss her pouted lips.

“I look like a blimp”, Zendaya sighed resting her head against the cushions of the king-size bed while she flicked the TV on. 

“A blimp of sexiness yes”, Val joked buttoning the last three holes on his shirt before moving to the cuff links. “ But seriously, are you sure you don’t want to come with me tonight?" 

He was on his way to a launch party one of his clothing investors was throwing. Usually, he spent every Saturday night with Z but the party was a great opportunity for him to network.

Zendaya gave him a stale face in return before focusing back on the reality show she was watching with an attitude. If he thought she’d go with him to a party full of beautiful thin women wearing  clothes she couldn’t fit anymore Val was sadly mistaken. 

Val sat on the edge of the bed running his hand along the swell of her stomach much to her annoyance, before peppering kisses at her navel.

"Babe, you’ve never looked fucking better to me”, He breathed honestly running his fingertips along her stomach hoping to feel his unborn child move.

Zendaya sat up against the headboard with another sigh. Sometimes she felt like he only said those things to please her. What could he possibly find sexy about morning sickness and swollen feet?

He was used to her slender figure, flat stomach, or “rocking bod” as he liked to call it.

If anything Zendaya thought he should have  felt cheated. He’d signed up for the Porsche and was currently sleeping with an over-sized mini van cranked up with mood swings. 

“How can you say that?” She said offended . “ I’m fat, i’m gassy, none of my clothes fit”, Z tugged on the collar of his t-shirt she was wearing for emphasis. “ I feel and look terrible”.

“Hey!” Val spoke sharply surprising both Z and Sir Sleep who was currently tucked away in the corner in his plush bed. 

“That’s my fiance you’re talking about”, He concluded pointing his finger in her face seriously.

“ You’ve listed all these negative things but you never  mentioned the fact that you’re pregnant. You say fat, but all I see is my son getting healthier and stronger . All you’re seeing is the new weight you’ve gained, but all that means to me is new curves for me to touch”, He whispered hovering his body over hers gripping her around the hips while his lips ghosted along her neck.

She could feel in his dress pants just how true that statement was and the notion of it all made her happy. Without warning, she felt herself smiling.

They hadn’t really been intimate in  weeks, and every time they were she insisted they had the lights out and the curtains drawn. She didn’t feel sexy anymore, it’d gotten so bad she didn’t even change in front of him anymore.

“God”, He moaned closing his eyes feeling how warm and soft she felt underneath him.  Val moved his lips across hers in a slow lazy kiss that lasted longer than he originally planed.

“Baby…”, Zendaya whispered when his kisses moved back to her neck.

“Val…”, she repeated his name again.

“Val!” She giggled pushing his persistent hands away when he tried to pull her t-shirt gown past her waist.

“Yes?” He asked innocently.

“Its…”, She pulled at his wrist to get the time of his watch. “ 8:00, the party starts at 8:30 you’ll be late”.

“Damn it”, Val hissed in Russian allowing his head to rest in the crook of Zendaya’s neck. 

“I know”, Zendaya whispered stroking his back. 

“I just won’t go”, Val mumbled capturing her lips again hungrily.

“No”, Z giggled sitting up straight. “ I want you to go. I feel gross I haven’t showered since this morning and my breath smells like peanut butter”.

“I honestly could careless”, Val shrugged honestly.

“You don’t”, Zendaya stood up helping him fix his tie. “ But I do”, she whispered pecking his lips. 

“But Babe…”, Val whined planting his hands on her hips. 

“I’ll be here when you get back”, Zendaya promised kissing his pillow soft lips. “ Showered, fresh-breathed, and… anxious. So the sooner you leave the faster you’ll get back to me ”. 

Val’s eyes widened. “ I’ll be back in a hour”, He quickly promised kissing her again before dashing out the door.

Season 23?

Week 1: Val sees mom & daughter at grove performance and face times Z, since girl is such a big fan. Thanks his “best friend,” oops I mean “babe” for taking the call.

Week 2: on her birthday, and realizing during the week how big of a Z fan Laurie is, face times Z to wish her a happy birthday and introduce his new partner to his “best friend,” “little big star,” “one who matters most.”

Week 3: Val sees a young family on an elevator and offers to FaceTime Zendaya so the little girl can meet Z. Mom says, “she’s only 14-months old - she doesn’t know who Zendaya is yet.” Val hits the stop button on the elevator and says “Well, she’s gonna learn TODAY!” while face timing her.

Week 4: Val wanders the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us, asking the kids if they’ve seen Zendaya’s Barbie, and would they like to FaceTime her.

Week 5: Val wanders into a local elementary school, opening random doors, yelling if anyone would like to FaceTime Zendaya with him. Teacher says: “Sir, I’m trying to give a spelling test here. You can’t just barge in here.” Val says: “pick up your pencils! Question #1, how do you spell ZENDAYA?”