val buttons

Season 23?

Week 1: Val sees mom & daughter at grove performance and face times Z, since girl is such a big fan. Thanks his “best friend,” oops I mean “babe” for taking the call.

Week 2: on her birthday, and realizing during the week how big of a Z fan Laurie is, face times Z to wish her a happy birthday and introduce his new partner to his “best friend,” “little big star,” “one who matters most.”

Week 3: Val sees a young family on an elevator and offers to FaceTime Zendaya so the little girl can meet Z. Mom says, “she’s only 14-months old - she doesn’t know who Zendaya is yet.” Val hits the stop button on the elevator and says “Well, she’s gonna learn TODAY!” while face timing her.

Week 4: Val wanders the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us, asking the kids if they’ve seen Zendaya’s Barbie, and would they like to FaceTime her.

Week 5: Val wanders into a local elementary school, opening random doors, yelling if anyone would like to FaceTime Zendaya with him. Teacher says: “Sir, I’m trying to give a spelling test here. You can’t just barge in here.” Val says: “pick up your pencils! Question #1, how do you spell ZENDAYA?”