val bettin

365 Film Challenge - 364

The Great Mouse Detective(1986)

Starring: Vincent Prince, Barry Ingham, Val Bettin

It was cute. I actually didn’t really pay attention to it because I’m trying to finish up my portfolio application for school. I always respect animations that were made by hand; those take a long time. I liked that it was basically Sherlock Holmes, too. I don’t know how much it followed the actual story, but it was still cool. And they were mice! Cartoon mice make everything better. I liked the scene when they were in the big clock because it just looked really cool. I like all of the color contrast shots where either the background is a solid color and the subject is in color or the other way around. Oh, and the dog was good, too! I liked that the little kid was the only one who could train it.

Overall: 5/10