val and me

Skavel + Socks = Ridiculousness

Of all the things I can pick for these two to bicker over constantly, it’s socks. Why?

Skulduggery refuses to leave the house until he finds a matching pair of socks. Erskine just doesn’t care; if he doesn’t have any in his dresser, he grabs whatever from the basket of clean laundry. If he gets lucky, they look similar enough that Skulduggery won’t gripe about it, but more often than not, he ends up going to work with the most outrageous combinations that drive Ghastly and Tipstaff up the wall as well (that makes it a little bit better, Skulduggery supposes). One time he came in with a rainbow-coloured one (which was either a gift from Valkyrie or actually one of hers) and the other decorated with skulls. Valkyrie wouldn’t stop grinning at him, and when he was awake enough to realise the joke, neither would he.

“Why do I stand for this?”
“Because you love me?”
“Valkyrie keeps quoting that musical.”
“Which one? ‘I love my dead gay son?’”
“… Yes… that one.”

Valkyrie starts buying him socks with increasingly ridiculous patterns and he begins to put effort into either making sure they match or putting them in stupid combinations that make Skulduggery’s toes curl.

“People aren’t going to take you seriously.”
“You say that like a pair of odd socks is going to offend someone. Come on, you can hardly see them.”
“You’d be surprised at the lengths people will go to pick a fight.”
“Skulduggery, no one is going to seriously consider starting a war over psychedelic rainbow skull socks.“

What I love about Renora is that, even though Nora loved the shit out of Ren for god knows how long.. Not once has she ever pushed it, or even bothered him with it. 

Not even once did we ever catch her forcing it on him at all.

(I mean, Rwby Chibi was cute, but not canon)

Sure, she did things out of love (Pushed him out of the Paladin’s path in Volume 3, held his hand in V4 E10 for comfort,)


She literally just waited patiently until he was the one to make the first move. She never asked him constantly about becoming a couple. His safety and happiness came first, and i think thats so adorable c: