val and kelly

Fix a Heart 17

Chapter 17 - Someone Somewhere Tonight.

Someone somewhere tonight
Is taking their first steps
Letting go of the hands that held them
And trusting themselves
While someone somewhere tonight
Is hearing their last rites
And hoping with all their might
That there’s something else
Well, babe, lie down here beside me
And let’s lie real still
And tell me you love me
And you always will  

“Okay munchkin, you ready to go down the slide?” Sharna asked her nephew.

“Yes! Yes!” He said clapping happily. Sharna smiled and followed him over to the slide that he kept returning to. She was keeping the three year old that day because his parents had their ultrasound to see if Mr. Shai was getting a brother or a sister in the fall.

“Is the slide your favorite little man?” Sharna said as he reached out his hand to hold hers.

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“Age takes a bite out of your ambition and your dreams and, you know, you get a little jaded and slowed down, but being around Zendaya, she inspires not only kids, but also adults. I feel like she’s made me dream bigger again, made me believe in myself again, and gives you purpose. And purpose is everything.” -Val Chmerkovskiy.  on anything you have learn from Zendaya. :)


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